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A small christmas tree placed on top of a wooden shelf with two gift boxes wrapped with brown paper under it. The boxes are tied with red straps with text “FOR YOU” in all caps. In the background are shelves of indistinguishable goods.

The ultimate gift guide for the NYU student in your life

If you’re wondering what your Violet wants for the holidays, look no further.
Nov 23, 2022

With the holidays just around the corner and Black Friday sales starting soon, you may find yourself wondering what to get that NYU student you know and love for the holidays....

The painting “New York Office” by Edward Hopper. A young woman stands next to a large window. She wears a blue dress and holds a letter. The room has light blue walls and warm lighting, and the building has a white marble facade. The sun shines diagonally into the scene, casting a shadow on the adjacent street.

Review: Edward Hopper’s art showcases his hatred for NYU

“Edward Hopper's New York,” a love letter to New York City, is on view at The Whitney until March 5, 2023.
Nov 22, 2022

Edward Hopper’s 1945 painting “August in the City” depicts the side view of a rounded window protruding from an elegant brownstone. The urban house, adorned with yellow curtains...

An illustration of a female-presenting figure sits, with legs crossed, listening to music with black over-ear headphones. In the background, a urban landscape approximating Times Square in New York City. The signs in the background read “Cinema,” “Bank,” “Fitness Center,” “Tattoo,” “Art,” “Great Recipe,” “Green Tea,” “Restaurant,” “Jazz” and “Cupcake.”

How moving to New York helped me rethink my relationship with anxiety

I had expected my anxiety to get worse after moving to Manhattan. Instead, my relationship with it got exponentially better. 
Oct 28, 2022

I have always been more anxious than the average person. A panicker. A perfectionist. A people pleaser. I overthink, I overshare, I overexert myself.  New York City works better...

A weaving titled “Gretal Gretal” hangs on a white wall in an art exhibition space.

Christina Forrer’s exhibition nourishes your inner child

Los Angeles-based artist Christina Forrer’s weavings and drawings, on view at Luhring Augustine through Oct. 29, express relatable anxieties and fears through a childlike lens of the world.
Oct 24, 2022

Known for creating fantastical art that expresses chaos and evokes powerful emotions, Swiss-born and Los Angeles-based artist Christina Forrer is hosting her second solo exhibition...

Alexa Donovan stands in front of 211 Thompson St., an apartment building in Greenwich Village. Alexa is looking at the camera and wearing a navy shirt and denim skirt.

Born To Be at NYU

As this NYU student returned back to her family’s first stomping grounds, she finds her true self.
Oct 20, 2022