New York University's independent student newspaper, established in 1973.

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New York University's independent student newspaper, established in 1973.

Washington Square News

New York University's independent student newspaper, established in 1973.

Washington Square News

A portrait of Alexa Donovan.

Alexa Donovan, Deputy Arts Editor

Alexa Donovan is a sophomore majoring in Journalism and Art History and minoring in Creative Writing. Her favorite drink is lemonade and her party trick is listing the U.S. presidents in chronological order. You can find her in Bobst Library most hours of the day, on instagram @alexadonovan/@lemonadequeen5678 and on Goodreads @alexafdonovan.

All content by Alexa Donovan
A collage of four books. The top left is “Happy Hour” by Marlowe Granados. The top right is “Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow” by Gabrielle Zevin. The bottom left is “Okay, Cupid” by Mason Deaver. The bottom right is “Prep” by Curtis Sittenfeld.

Books beyond Bobst: A summer-set novel, an unconventional love story and more

Books beyond Bobst is a book-rec column highlighting what NYU students are reading now, outside of their classes. If you’re in need of a new read, look no further.

“Happy Hour” by Marlowe Granados — Alexa Donovan, Deputy Arts Editor New York in the summer has a particular feeling to it. The feeling may just be one of thick,...

A group of models walks down a runway in a line. At the front of the runway, a model opens a black and white checkered cape to reveal a blue ruched mini dress with red stars.

Cultural commentary meets couture at first day of Global Fashion Collective

A fusion of worldwide attire and casual streetwear reigns supreme at Global Fashion Collective’s NYFW shows.
Juliana Guarracino and Alexa Donovan Feb 12, 2024

A woman with dark skin and brown curly hair wearing a red sweater, a pair of blue jeans and red sneakers smiles as she lounges back on a pale pink couch. A bucket of popcorn is in her right arm and a book named “Love Stories” lies on her leg.

Staff Recs: Mwah!

WSN’s Arts Desk spotlight their favorite swoon-worthy books, tunes and films to celebrate this Valentine’s Day.

Whether you’re excited for or dreading Valentine’s Day, we at the Arts Desk have compiled a wide range of romance-related media to get you through the holiday. We’ve got...

A man and woman standing face-to-face on a street at night time.

5 NYC movies to get you excited about being back on campus

The best movies for living your main-character life.
Julia Diorio, Mick Gaw, and Alexa Donovan Jan 31, 2024

For many students, our first taste of New York City was through the silver screen. Whether it was watching the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man trample through Midtown or Meg Ryan climax...

A collage of four books: on the top left is a book titled “Daughter: A Novel” written by Claudia Dey, with an abstract pink, red, orange and yellow shape with white sparks on its black cover; on the top right is a book titled “My Husband” by Maud Ventura, with a face with blue eyes, blonde hair and red lipstick on its cover; on the lower left is a book titled “Know My Name: A Memoir” by Chanel Miller, with a dark turquoise cover with three yellow lines across corners; on the lower right is a book titled “Cleopatra and Frankenstein” by Coco Mellors with a close-up of a woman’s face on its cover.

Books beyond Bobst: A story about a father and daughter, a book narrated by an obsessive wife, and more

Books beyond Bobst is a monthly book-rec column highlighting what NYU students are reading now, outside of their classes. If you’re in need of a new read, look no further.

“Daughter” by Claudia Dey  — Alexa Donovan, Deputy Arts Editor  I am absolutely certain about only a few things in life, but one thing I am sure of is this: when...

Four book covers in four quadrants colored purple, sky blue, and black. In the top left the cover reads “THIRST FOR SALT” and “MADELINE LUCAS”. The bottom left cover reads “JUST KIDS” and “PATTI SMITH”. The top right reads “GEORGE R. R. MARTIN” and “FEVRE DREAM”. The bottom left reads “EMILY HENRY” and “BOOK LOVERS”.

Books beyond Bobst: A vampire novel, a literary-themed rom-com and more

Books beyond Bobst is a monthly book-rec column highlighting what NYU students are reading now, outside of their classes. If you’re in need of a new read, look no further.

“Thirst for Salt” by Madelaine Lucas — Alexa Donovan, Deputy Arts Editor “It’s in the water where she first sees him,” reads the blurb of “Thirst for Salt”...

A yellow trophy with multi-colored confetti on a purple background.

Staff Recs: la fin.

Join WSN’s Arts Desk in celebrating some of this year’s artistic triumphs.

The final stretch of the year is both cherished and chaotic with its never-ending festivities. Before you gorge yourself on Christmas cookies or get tipsy on spiked eggnog, though,...

An illustration of a megaphone with the phrase “Staff Rants” written on it. The megaphone wears a red Santa hat and the background is white with blue snowflakes.

Staff Rants: Holiday Overload

It's the end of the term, which means it's the holiday season! WSN staff shares their thoughts about it — the good and the bad, but mostly the bad.

On giving gifts Krish Dev — Deputy News Editor  Whenever I have to buy gifts for the holidays, I feel like I am walking on a tightrope — it’s a delicate balance between...

A pink book cover with a black and white illustration of a person turning to smoke on a blue background. The cover reads “SLOW DAYS, FAST COMPANY THE WORLD, THE FLESH, AND L.A.” above “EVE BABITZ” and “INTRODUCTION BY MATTHEW SPECKTOR.” An illustration of a book cover which reads “ELIZA CLARK PENANCE” featuring three people sitting on a dock with one of them scribbled over. The cover is on top of a light pink background. An illustration of a yellow book cover featuring a face covered with white and blue flowers with the text “IF I HAD YOUR FACE” and “FRANCHES CHA”. The cover is placed over a green background. An illustration of a book cover which reads “THE SECRET HISTORY” and “DONNA TARTT” over an illustration of a male sculpture’s face. The cover is placed over a brown background.

Books beyond Bobst: A fictionalized memoir, a true crime-inspired novel and more

Books beyond Bobst is a monthly book-rec column highlighting what NYU students are reading now, outside of their classes. If you’re in need of a new read, look no further.

“Penance” by Eliza Clark — Emily Genova, Copy Chief “Penance” is a dream read for those who love true crime podcasts. The novel centers around the night that...

Three colorful dresses are hanging on white hangers. The dress on the left is yellow with silver beads, the one in the middle is purple, pink, orange, and blue, and the one on the right is cream-colored with colorful stripes and circles.

Review: New House of Chloé exhibition guides us through groundbreaking fashion eras

"Mood of the moment: Gaby Aghion and the house of Chloé," currently on display at The Jewish Museum, chronicles the iconic brand’s different eras, from its 1952 creation to the present day.
Alexa Donovan, Deputy Arts Editor Nov 13, 2023

With banana hands holding up boobs, shrimp-printed jeans, dress-patterned dresses and hand-painted gowns, “Mood of the moment: Gaby Aghion and the house of Chloé” is the museum...

An illustration with a woman screaming while holding her head with her hands. Around her are the silhouettes of three birds. At the lower right side of the illustration is the title STAFF REC: Birds.

Staff Recs: Caw-caw!

WSN’s Arts Desk shares their fowl-themed favorites.

If you couldn’t tell, we had a little trouble coming up with a theme for this month’s staff recs. November is a strange month, awkwardly sandwiched between two of our favorite...

A collage of four illustrations of books titled Acts of Service, Couplets, everything I know about parties, dates, friends, jobs, life, love, and Stay True.

Books beyond Bobst: A novel in verse, a Pulitzer-winning memoir and more

Books beyond Bobst is a monthly book-rec column highlighting what NYU students are reading now, outside of their classes. If you’re in need of a new read, look no further.

“Stay True: A Memoir” by Hua Hsu  — Krish Dev, Deputy News Editor In his personal essay for The New Yorker, “My Dad and Kurt Cobain,” Hua Hsu discusses his experience...

A multimedia piece of an “Only Murders in the Building” poster, a portrait of musician John Maus, a red book cover titled “Berlin” by Bea Setton, a blue book cover for “In The Miso Soup” and a Yeah Yeah Yeahs album cover of a hand cracking open an egg.

Staff Recs: BOO!

With the Halloween season officially starting, WSN’s Arts Desk highlights books, songs and more to get you in the holiday spirit.

Trick or treat from WSN’s Arts Desk! We can’t give you candy, but we can give you something even more delicious — our Halloween-themed favorites.  In case you haven’t...

A photorealistic painting hangs on a white wall. The painting depicts an arts installation of several black-and-yellow dotted structures with people viewing them.

Painter and sculptor Joe Fig on the importance of seeing

The artist’s exhibition, "Contemplating Compositions," is open until October 21 at the Cristin Tierney Gallery on the Bowery.
Alexa Donovan, Deputy Arts Editor Sep 18, 2023

On the morning of his exhibition opening, artist Joe Fig told me that “Seeing is like a superpower.” Fig and I sat in the middle of the light and airy main gallery space and...

A collage of a copy of Either slash Or by Elif Batuman, a long playlist of “BELEZA PULA” by Masayoshi Takanaka and various black vinyls lay against a purple background.

Staff Recs: How to romanticize the start of a new term

WSN’s arts editors spotlight a range of media to help you fight those back to school blues and start your semester right.

We know what the first days of school are like. Whether you’re a first-year trying to navigate living in New York City for the first time or an overwrought senior ready to wrap...

An illustration of a smartphone with an alarm going off that reads “Alarm. Snooze,” a pair of wired headphones and a N.Y.U. shuttle that is titled “Route W” against a purple background.

What I learned during my first year at NYU

While I haven’t mastered everything during my first nine months at university, these nine tips will help any incoming student ease their first few semesters.
Alexa Donovan, Staff Writer Apr 28, 2023

Going to a rigorous college in New York City can be challenging, but I’ve learned certain things that have made the transition easier. College can be fun, academically challenging...

A red, brown and white painting hanging on a cream colored wall inside the Metropolitan Museum of Art. There is a cream colored railing around the base of the wall, and “Cecily Brown, Death and the Maid” is written in capitalized gray letters above the painting.

Review: ‘Death and the Maid’ breathes color into mundane inevitabilities

Cecily Brown’s solo exhibition can be viewed at the Metropolitan Museum of Art until Dec. 3.
Alexa Donovan, Staff Writer Apr 26, 2023

It is hard to miss the Cecily Brown exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum of Art; its advertising banner creates a stark contrast of color on the colossal and ornate building on...

A collage of two photos of six mannequins wearing different fashion clothes. The mannequins are exhibited inside the Museum at F.I.T.

FIT’s new exhibit explores the intersection of fashion and interior design

Showcasing designer's work alongside their living spaces, ‘Designing Women: Fashion Creators and their Interiors’ is on view until May 14.
Alexa Donovan, Staff Writer Apr 13, 2023

The most recent exhibit at the Museum at the Fashion Institute of Technology emphasizes the bridge between high fashion and interior design. Drawn from the museum’s permanent...

A white wall with three pieces of art displayed on it. On the left, a large textile artwork. In the middle, a small abstract black-and-white print. On the right, a slightly larger black-and-white print of silhouettes of two bodies facing each other.

‘Mostly New’ brings the best of NYU’s art collection into the spotlight

The latest exhibition at NYU’s Grey Art Gallery, which will run through May 20, shows a new breadth of work in the university’s collection.
Alexa Donovan, Staff Writer Apr 11, 2023

The humble exterior of the Grey Art Gallery, NYU’s fine arts museum located inside the university’s Silver Center, fails to convey the beauty of the spectacular pieces of art...

An illustration of writer Annie Ernaux wearing a green shirt and holding her head with her left hand.

Review: Annie Ernaux’s ‘Happening’ illustrates the necessity of reproductive care

The winner of the 2022 Nobel Prize in Literature retells her personal difficulties accessing healthcare in 1960s France.
Alexa Donovan, Staff Writer Mar 29, 2023

In October of 1963, a 23-year-old Annie Ernaux wrote in her diary, “I am pregnant. What a nightmare," an entry later featured in her 2000 book, “Happening.” Though at the...

A bar counter with several people sitting next to it. There is painted text reading “Nuyorican Poets’ Cafe” in all capital letters on the wall behind the counter.

Celebrate women’s history year-round at these local spots

Women's History Month is coming to a close, but you can commemorate feminism all year at these city spots.
Alexa Donovan, Staff Writer Mar 29, 2023

Women’s History Month may be ending soon, but appreciation for feminism and women’s empowerment is a year-long affair. With a storied past and thriving culture celebrating...

The nighttime skyline view of Downtown Manhattan.

How channeling my inner ‘Sex and the City’ changed my life

When I found myself with three single best friends at NYU, I turned to one of my favorite shows for inspiration.
Alexa Donovan, Staff Writer Feb 24, 2023

I like to consider myself to be one of the Carrie Bradshaws of the world. Perhaps we are not one hundred percent alike — where she falls victim to Manolo Blahniks, I fall victim...

An illustration of two figures conversing at the Guggenheim Museum. Various paintings are displayed on the walls above the spiraling, white balconies.

Review: ‘Alex Katz: Gathering’ balances natural and urban New York City

The downtown New York artist’s solo exhibition at the Guggenheim Museum is on display until Feb. 20.
Alexa Donovan, Staff Writer Feb 16, 2023

The entire rotunda of Frank Lloyd Wright’s iconic Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum is full of color and life thanks to artist Alex Katz. Katz is familiar with NYU’s surrounding...

A small christmas tree placed on top of a wooden shelf with two gift boxes wrapped with brown paper under it. The boxes are tied with red straps with text “FOR YOU” in all caps. In the background are shelves of indistinguishable goods.

The ultimate gift guide for the NYU student in your life

If you’re wondering what your Violet wants for the holidays, look no further.
Alexa Donovan, Staff Writer Nov 23, 2022

With the holidays just around the corner and Black Friday sales starting soon, you may find yourself wondering what to get that NYU student you know and love for the holidays....

The painting “New York Office” by Edward Hopper. A young woman stands next to a large window. She wears a blue dress and holds a letter. The room has light blue walls and warm lighting, and the building has a white marble facade. The sun shines diagonally into the scene, casting a shadow on the adjacent street.

Review: Edward Hopper’s art showcases his hatred for NYU

“Edward Hopper's New York,” a love letter to New York City, is on view at The Whitney until March 5, 2023.
Alexa Donovan, Staff Writer Nov 22, 2022

Edward Hopper’s 1945 painting “August in the City” depicts the side view of a rounded window protruding from an elegant brownstone. The urban house, adorned with yellow curtains...

An illustration of a female-presenting figure sits, with legs crossed, listening to music with black over-ear headphones. In the background, a urban landscape approximating Times Square in New York City. The signs in the background read “Cinema,” “Bank,” “Fitness Center,” “Tattoo,” “Art,” “Great Recipe,” “Green Tea,” “Restaurant,” “Jazz” and “Cupcake.”

How moving to New York helped me rethink my relationship with anxiety

I had expected my anxiety to get worse after moving to Manhattan. Instead, my relationship with it got exponentially better. 
Alexa Donovan, Contributing Writer Oct 28, 2022

I have always been more anxious than the average person. A panicker. A perfectionist. A people pleaser. I overthink, I overshare, I overexert myself.  New York City works better...

A weaving titled “Gretal Gretal” hangs on a white wall in an art exhibition space.

Christina Forrer’s exhibition nourishes your inner child

Los Angeles-based artist Christina Forrer’s weavings and drawings, on view at Luhring Augustine through Oct. 29, express relatable anxieties and fears through a childlike lens of the world.
Alexa Donovan, Contributing Writer Oct 24, 2022

Known for creating fantastical art that expresses chaos and evokes powerful emotions, Swiss-born and Los Angeles-based artist Christina Forrer is hosting her second solo exhibition...

Alexa Donovan stands in front of 211 Thompson St., an apartment building in Greenwich Village. Alexa is looking at the camera and wearing a navy shirt and denim skirt.

Born To Be at NYU

As this NYU student returned back to her family’s first stomping grounds, she finds her true self.
Alexa Donovan, Contributing Writer Oct 20, 2022

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