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New York University's independent student newspaper, established in 1973.

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New York University's independent student newspaper, established in 1973.

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Staff Rants: Springing in and out of spring

It’s the beginning of March, which means spring is just around the corner! WSN staff shares their thoughts about the changing season.
Max Van Hosen
(Illustration by Max Van Hosen)

On climate change:

Abi Rivera — Opinion Editor 

Spring? I think you mean false spring. Climate change is real.


On heroes:

Sebastian Cardena — Deputy Opinion Editor 

My friends asked me why I chose not to go away for spring break. It’s time for the truth to come out — the city needs me. Now this is unrelated, but I’m on the lookout for a cheap Batman costume and a fog machine, so email me if you know a guy.


On clothes:

Molly Koch — Opinion Editor 

False spring is my least favorite season ever. Why am I wearing a skirt and tank top one day and then leggings, jeans, a turtleneck and a sweatshirt the next? I look like I cannot make up my mind whether I want to be feminine or masculine.


On midterms:

Krish Dev — Multimedia Editor

Just as I think I can relax and enjoy a week off, midterm 2s — what does that even mean???  — come along to remind me that spring break is a cruel illusion.


On everyday: 

Mikaylah Du — Illustration Editor

Checking the weather app feels like Russian roulette. Why is it sunny one day and rainy the next?


On last springs:

Juliana Guarracino — Culture Editor

My progress in my courses may be strong but my will to keep it up is not. Thankfully, it’s my last midterm season. Soon, there’ll be no more late night studying or speed-running essays — just a bad habit of consuming way too much coffee.


On essays: 

Elena Portnoy — Beauty & Style Editor 

While essays are not the worst possible midterm assignment, essays that happen to be in MLA format are the absolute worst. Chicago or bust! 


On universal schemes:

Katherine Welander — Copy Chief

Between midterms and the gloomy weather, it feels like the universe has been plotting to make us all miserable. But I guess one benefit to being locked inside Bobst Library all day studying is that it keeps me out of the rain.

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About the Contributors
Abi Rivera
Abi Rivera, Opinion Editor
Abi Rivera is a CAS Junior and OP Scholar studying Environmental studies and Spanish. She loves leadership, the color purple and reptiles.
Molly Koch
Molly Koch, Opinion Editor
Molly Koch is a junior in Gallatin concentrating in journalism as an art form. They’re fascinated by classical literature and its influence on the power of the written word. When they are not writing, you can find them reading their way through their endless TBR, running along the Hudson or Facetiming their dog.
Krish Dev
Krish Dev, Multimedia Editor
Krish is a first-year planning to major in Computer Science and Linguistics at CAS. In his free time, he enjoys posting photos on @krish_dev.creations, obsessing over geography, watching new films with friends, taking public transport to new places and letting Arsenal make or break his week.
Mikaylah Du
Mikaylah Du, Illustration Editor
Mikaylah Du is a first-year studying Media, Culture, and Communication. She's a fine art nerd and one of the few people that actually likes writing essays. Follow her art account on Instagram @mikaylahdoodles to see her post once in a blue moon.
Juliana Guarracino
Juliana Guarracino, Culture Editor
Juliana Guarracino is a senior majoring in Global Media, Culture, and Communication and Romance Languages. Aside from writing, she has a passion for cooking, travel and art history. When she's not working, she enjoys reading, playing cozy video games and journaling at cafes. She will take any book recommendations, but cannot promise you that she will read them. You can find her @juliana.guarracino on Instagram.
Elena Portnoy
Elena Portnoy, Beauty & Style Editor
Elena Portnoy is a junior studying Dramatic Writing and Art History. As a Beauty and Style editor, she's combining her passion for fashion and her love of the written word. When she's not sifting through racks of vintage clothing or burying herself in a good book, she's telling people about her fabulous vintage finds and good books.
Katherine Welander
Katherine Welander, Copy Chief
Katherine Welander is a junior majoring in Art History and Anthropology. She is from the Bay Area, California and spends her free time reading, baking, wandering around art museums, playing Animal Crossing and drinking lots of iced lattes. You can find them on Instagram @kat.el3na.

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