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New York University's independent student newspaper, established in 1973.

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New York University's independent student newspaper, established in 1973.

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Staff Rants: Spooky season

Our staff shares their thoughts on Halloween.
Max Van Hosen
(Max Van Hosen for WSN)

On still having class

Molly Koch — Opinion Editor

It’s simple, wear your halloween costume to class. 


On trick-or-treating — or the lack thereof

Krish Dev — Deputy News Editor

Why go through all the effort of putting on the costume with no sweet reward at the end? It’s like staying up all night cramming for a test only for it to get canceled.


On Halloweekend

Nikkala Kovacevic — Deputy Opinion Editor

Let’s normalize wearing one costume all weekend long. How am I supposed to curate three equally cute and niche costumes that all reference a movie that’s not too popular but still popular enough that people know who I am but not so much that the film students will think I’m too mainstream? 


On fear

Yezen Saadah — News Editor 

You know you’re an adult when your greatest fears go from ghosts to being a mere cog in the corporate machine, also known as being confined to the blood-red walls of the WSN basement.


On costumes 

Kevin Wu — Digital Director 

I’m gonna dress up as a senior who is totally not stressed out about life after graduation.


On inflation 

Naisha Roy — Deputy Managing Editor

My friends and I wanted to coordinate Bridgerton costumes, but the only coordinating we did was dropping the idea when we learned that gloves at the Dollar Tree were actually ten dollars. The scariest thing this year is how expensive everything’s gotten.


On group costumes

Ania Keenan — Features Editor 

My roommates wanted me to be the father of The Powerpuff Girls. I love them. 


On origin

Abi Rivera — Opinion Editor 

Did you know that back in the day, the Irish carved turnips instead of pumpkins? 


On holidays

Julia Diorio — Music Editor 

I am counting down the days ‘til it’s socially acceptable for me to listen to Christmas music.


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About the Contributors
Molly Koch
Molly Koch, Opinion Editor
Molly Koch is a junior in Gallatin concentrating in journalism as an art form. They’re fascinated by classical literature and its influence on the power of the written word. When they are not writing, you can find them reading their way through their endless TBR, running along the Hudson or Facetiming their dog.
Krish Dev
Krish Dev, Multimedia Editor
Krish is a first-year planning to major in Computer Science and Linguistics at CAS. In his free time, he enjoys posting photos on @krish_dev.creations, obsessing over geography, watching new films with friends, taking public transport to new places and letting Arsenal make or break his week.
Julia Diorio
Julia Diorio, Music Editor
Julia Diorio is a sophomore studying journalism at CAS. When not reminiscing about 2000s pop-punk music, she can normally be found drinking copious amounts of Dunkin' iced coffee, curating hyper-specific Spotify playlists or struggling with the NYT crossword. Find her variations of all-black outfits and dog pictures on Instagram @juliadiorio_. Send song suggestions to [email protected].
Yezen Saadah
Yezen Saadah, Editor-in-Chief
Yezen Saadah is a junior studying cinema studies, journalism and Middle Eastern studies. He's a lover of cinema, history, art and literature, and he enjoys writing about pretty much anything. If he isn't in the newsroom or at the movies, he's probably just trying to enjoy his day off. Contact him on Instagram @yezen.saadah or send tips to [email protected]
Kevin Wu
Kevin Wu, Digital Director
Kaiyu (Kevin) Wu is a senior double-majoring in Media, Culture, and Communication and Journalism. He directs everything digital at WSN. You can directly reach him digitally at [email protected].
Nikkala Kovacevic
Nikkala Kovacevic, Deputy Opinion Editor
Nikkala Kovacevic is a senior majoring in Journalism and Cinema Studies originally from San Diego, California. You can reach her on Instagram @nikkalak or [email protected].
Abi Rivera
Abi Rivera, Opinion Editor
Abi Rivera is a CAS Junior and OP Scholar studying Environmental studies and Spanish. She loves leadership, the color purple and reptiles.
Naisha Roy
Naisha Roy, Editor-at-Large
Naisha Roy is a second-year studying journalism and Spanish & Linguistics. She loves covering topics like immigration issues and NYU policies. In her free time, she's probably doing the daily crossword or cooking while listening to Taylor Swift. She loves spending her weekends finding cheap food spots around the city with her four best friends. You can reach out to her on Instagram @naisharoy9 if you ever need to rant about how AP Style doesn't use the Oxford Comma.
Ania Keenan
Ania Keenan, Features Editor
Ania Keenan is a sophmore double majoring in Journalism and Data Science. She is from California and loves black coffee, long walks, writing poetry and reading non-fiction. When she is not working on the next features investigation, you can find her running along West Side Highway, listening to audiobooks or complaining about the cold.

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