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New York University's independent student newspaper, established in 1973.

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New York University's independent student newspaper, established in 1973.

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An illustration of a blue book cover with a woman wearing a large dress with a sunset and people on it. It says “NATIONAL BOOK AWARD FINALIST NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER PACHINKO Min Jin Lee”.

6 page-turners to get you out of a reading slump

These gripping reads are full of short chapters, fluid prose and enthralling plots, which will kick-start your reading era just in time for summer.
Lulu Chatterjee, Staff Writer April 25, 2024

“Severance” by Ling Ma “Severance,” published in August 2018, is eerily evocative of the COVID-19 pandemic that followed two years later. The book follows Candace...

A sweaty man with blood on his face glares through a curtain in purple lighting.

Review: ‘Monkey Man’ powerfully reinvents the underdog action film

Dev Patel’s groundbreaking directorial debut breathes new life into the action genre through gruesome fight scenes, Hindu folklore and social commentary.
Lulu Chatterjee, Staff Writer April 9, 2024

The Dev Patel drought has finally come to an end — the British actor booms back into the scene with his debut feature, “Monkey Man.” The Jordan Peele-produced film is a harrowing...

A photograph of a screaming woman running through a green, empty field in a white blood-stained dress.

Review: Unfortunately, ‘Immaculate’ doesn’t live up to its name

With “Immaculate,” Michael Mohan delivers an imperfect, try-hard horror film that redeems itself by being somewhat fun and occasionally comedic.
Lulu Chatterjee, Staff Writer March 27, 2024

With the horror bar set lower than the depths of hell, Michael Mohan’s and Sydney Sweeney’s newest project, “Immaculate,” is at least well-paced, gripping and not entirely...

A man in a white shirt and black pants sings into a microphone and plays a yellow electric guitar on a stage with red lighting.

Review: ‘Bleachers’ is the band at its most personal and in love

The latest Jack Antonoff-led project continues to hone the Bleachers sound through clever writing on grief, love and maturity.
Lulu Chatterjee, Staff Writer March 12, 2024

Many pop listeners have grown weary of American record-producer Jack Antonoff’s presence in the pop space. After over a decade of collaborations with artists like Taylor Swift,...

Two people standing outside. The person on the left is holding a large canvas with an egg painted on it.

Review: ‘Problemista’ and the laughable absurdity of the immigrant experience

Salvadoran comedian Julio Torres’s promising directorial debut humanizes the immigrant identity in a wonderfully surreal and innovative tale.
Lulu Chatterjee, Contributing Writer March 5, 2024

It’s no secret that obtaining a visa in the United States is a bureaucratic nightmare. The entire process is often recounted as a strenuous uphill battle where all odds are against...

An illustration of a white book cover with colorful squares and a person putting socks on. “GOOD MATERIAL” and “DOLLY ALDERTON” are written in the colorful squares.

Review: Dolly Alderton’s ‘Good Material’ turns heartbreak into comedy

The bestselling “Everything I Know About Love” author adds clever twists to the romantic comedy by exploring 30-something life, the male psyche and romantic failure.
Lulu Chatterjee, Contributing Writer February 21, 2024

Author Dolly Alderton is no stranger to spinning life’s misfortunes into comedic gold, and her newest novel, “Good Material,” — released at the end of January — is a...

A pink book cover with a black and white illustration of a person turning to smoke on a blue background. The cover reads “SLOW DAYS, FAST COMPANY THE WORLD, THE FLESH, AND L.A.” above “EVE BABITZ” and “INTRODUCTION BY MATTHEW SPECKTOR.” An illustration of a book cover which reads “ELIZA CLARK PENANCE” featuring three people sitting on a dock with one of them scribbled over. The cover is on top of a light pink background. An illustration of a yellow book cover featuring a face covered with white and blue flowers with the text “IF I HAD YOUR FACE” and “FRANCHES CHA”. The cover is placed over a green background. An illustration of a book cover which reads “THE SECRET HISTORY” and “DONNA TARTT” over an illustration of a male sculpture’s face. The cover is placed over a brown background.

Books beyond Bobst: A fictionalized memoir, a true crime-inspired novel and more

Books beyond Bobst is a monthly book-rec column highlighting what NYU students are reading now, outside of their classes. If you’re in need of a new read, look no further.

“Penance” by Eliza Clark — Emily Genova, Copy Chief “Penance” is a dream read for those who love true crime podcasts. The novel centers around the night that...

A close up of someone’s face, holding their hand over their mouth. Their face appears red due to the light.

Review: ‘It Lives Inside’ delivers on Indian representation despite falling flat on its execution

Bishal Dutta’s debut film makes strides for South Asian representation in Hollywood, but doesn’t tap into its full potential for an exploration of cultural identity.
Lulu Chatterjee, Contributing Writer October 5, 2023

Released on Sept. 22, “It Lives Inside” is the story of a suburban Indian American teenage girl, her waning connection to her culture and the demonic Hindu spirit that haunts...