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A performance protestor whose body is covered in red liquid has a pained facial expression.

How to never forget what happened on Sept. 11

A photographer explores acts of reflection two decades after the attack.
Jason Alpert-Wisnia, Staff Photographer Sep 27, 2022

A close-up photograph of a crowd of concert attendees playing with bubbles. One attendee uses a bubble gun to make bubbles.

A photo recap of Electric Zoo 3.0

A photographer’s memorable three-day festival experience.
Michelle Zhou, Contributing Photographer Sep 20, 2022

The World Trade Center Man: 21 years after 9/11

Harry John Roland, known as the World Trade Center Man, reflects on the Sept. 11 attacks and the impact the day has had on his life.
Edward Franco, Video Director Sep 11, 2022

Sept. 11 marks 21 years after the 9/11 attacks in New York City, Washington, D.C. and a field in Pennsylvania. Here at the September 11th Memorial and Museum, people have gathered...

A group of photographers standing and crouching on the zebra-striped crosswalk.

How to get away, even if you’re stuck

A glimpse into how our photographers de-stressed during the summer.

Rewind: Protests around NYU after Supreme Court overturns Roe v. Wade

Thousands of abortion rights supporters protest in NYC after Roe v. Wade was struck down.
Edward Franco, Video Director Sep 2, 2022

After the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade on June 24, thousands of protesters took to the streets across New York City to oppose the decision. Large gatherings were held in...

What you missed around NYU this summer

Roe v. Wade protests, the adjunct faculty union contract extension, pride celebrations and everything else you need to know from over the break.
Carmo Moniz and Edward Franco Sep 1, 2022

As thousands of NYU students return to campus for the fall 2022 semester, here are the top stories that WSN followed this summer. Adjunct faculty union contract extended for 30...

A crowd of people and cyclists walking across an intersection.

A photo hoarder’s monologue: streets IN digital & ON analog

Finding beauty in capturing the streets of New York City through digital and film photography.
Kevin Wu, Staff Photographer Apr 30, 2022

As someone who has spent most of his life in cities of different shapes and sizes, street photography almost feels like the default category of photography for me. I didn’t start...

Will Wood wants to be authentic, whatever it takes

Avant-pop musician Will Wood talked with WSN about the perils of social media, his upcoming album, “In Case I Make It,” and how his mental health has shaped his music.
Caitlin Hsu, UTA Publishing Editor Apr 29, 2022

Songwriting inspiration can come from odd places — even from trapping and poisoning a mouse in one’s kitchen. When musician and artist Will Wood first found the creature last...

The ceiling of Bobst Library atrium overlaid with a picture of the Empire State Building.

New York cannot be the city of your dreams

Millions flock to New York every year to witness one of the greatest cities in the world — and perhaps be a part of it. Idealism for New York might have gotten you here, but you need to abandon it to move on.
Samson Tu, Photo Editor Apr 23, 2022

A blurred biker rides along the Hudson River Park piers. On the left, a white banner hangs on a rail with the words “#NewYorkTough” in royal blue. Behind both is the Jersey City skyline.

The allure of the pause

Nine photographers show the slower side of New York City.
The Multimedia Desk Apr 2, 2022

School of Global Public Health unveils new building, welcomes incoming dean

The school held a ribbon-cutting ceremony to officially open its new building at 708 Broadway.
Gabriel Hawthorne, Deputy News Editor Apr 1, 2022

Dozens of NYU community members, including President Andrew Hamilton, gathered for a ribbon-cutting ceremony to unveil the School of Global Public Health’s new building at...

A black-and-white image showcasing the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory located in what is now the Brown Building. Two rows of factory workers sit in a long-desk formation working at sewing machines.

Video: 111th anniversary of Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire to be commemorated

A ceremony for the anniversary of the fire, which took place in NYU’s Brown Building, will be held online on Friday, March 25.
Evan Watanabe, Contributing Writer Mar 25, 2022

March 25 marks the 111th anniversary of the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire, a tragic incident that killed 146 workers and led to a public outcry against unsafe working conditions...