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New York University's independent student newspaper, established in 1973.

Washington Square News

New York University's independent student newspaper, established in 1973.

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Photo of a large stage displaying red lips signing alongside a stage cam of a woman signing into a microphone on either side.

Review: Olivia Rodrigo spills her ‘GUTS’ at MSG

The singer-songwriter’s “GUTS World Tour” radiated energy that made teenagers and 8-year-olds alike scream the ballads with the same fervor as the rock songs.
Eleanor Jacobs, Staff Writer April 12, 2024

The second show of Olivia Rodrigo’s four-night sold-out escapade in New York City found the streets outside Madison Square Garden packed with purple. Rodrigo took to MSG on April...

A girl wearing a black shirt holds a camera at her side while posing in a sandy outdoor area.

Elinor Kry discusses visual artistry in a visual world

Within the fields of arts, fashion and culture, photographer and Tisch sophomore Elinor Kry discusses what keeps herself and her creative vision anchored.
Eleanor Jacobs, Staff Writer April 3, 2024

Elinor Kry received her first camera in fifth grade, a gray Sony digital picked out by her dad from a Black Friday sale. She took the camera on a trip to Japan that winter, during...

An illustration of a mouth smiling with a flower in it emerging from dirt.

Review: Hozier’s ‘Unheard’ draws fans deeper into his conceptual art

Consisting of outtakes from his most recent album, Irish musician Hozier’s newest EP captures audiences with sound as immersive and captivating as its storytelling.
Eleanor Jacobs, Staff Writer April 1, 2024

From the way Hozier’s lyrics have been analyzed and dissected with every release, one might assume him to be a modern bard, poet or well-established author — his songs often...

A woman with a shocked expression and covered in blood crouches in front of a door. She’s staring at someone lying on the floor out of frame with their feet exposed.

Review: ‘Love Lies Bleeding’ is a sultry slasher that disappoints

Within the brawn and blood of New Mexico in the ’80s, Rose Glass’ romantic thriller precariously balances romance and violence against a quickly paced plot.
Eleanor Jacobs, Staff Writer March 15, 2024

While “Love Lies Bleeding” succeeds in establishing its mood and creating endearing characters, it misses the opportunity to expound on its victories in pursuit of adrenaline. Directed...

Collage of four books: on the top left is “HEREAFTER: THE TELLING LIFE OF ELLEN O’HARA” in red and brown font on a burgundy background, with VONA GROARKE written in the bottom corner in red font. On the top right there’s a pink book on a light blue background, titled “THE EDIBLE WOMAN BY MARGARET ATWOOD” in white font. Bottom left there is a book cover titled “THEY’RE GOING TO LOVE YOU” in green font, with BY MEG HOWERY in pink font below. Bottom right is a white book cover on a red background titled “THE COURSE OF LOVE BY ALAIN DE BOTTON” in black and blue cursive.

Books beyond Bobst: Heartbreaking tales of family, an untraditional romance and more

Books beyond Bobst is a book-rec column highlighting what NYU students are reading now, outside of their classes. If you’re in need of a new read, look no further.

“They’re Going to Love You” by Meg Howrey — Alexa Donovan, Deputy Arts Editor The night I began reading “They’re going to Love You” by Meg Howrey, I knew...

The entrance of N.Y.U’s Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music, with glass windows, and plants on the street outside.

Clive Davis launches collaboration with Atlantic Records

Students at the Clive Davis Institute have opportunities to connect with executives at Atlantic Records through workshops and listening sessions.
Eleanor Jacobs, Staff Writer March 7, 2024

On Feb. 29, one of the first events conducted through the collaboration of NYU’s Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music and Atlantic Records was a listening session hosted by...

Six photos in white frames hang on a dark red wall.

Review: ‘In Loving Memory’ explores the veteran experience through photography

NYU’s Gallatin Galleries is currently showcasing Brooklyn-based artist Khidr Joseph’s solo exhibition that highlights his grandfather’s experiences in the Vietnam War.
Eleanor Jacobs, Staff Writer February 15, 2024

Brooklyn-based street artist Khidr Joseph’s photograph “Family Heirloom” depicts an extended hand with a military dog tag hanging from its fingers. The large scale and intense...

A teenage boy wearing leather armor over a t-shirt and jeans is standing on the edge of a cliff holding a shield. His back is facing the camera and there is a forest in the background.

Review: ‘Percy Jackson and the Olympians’ is an ode to loyal fans

The long-awaited adaptation of a childhood classic seems to have matured with its enthusiasts, while making room for the appreciation of a larger audience — still, some question if it has matured too quickly.
Eleanor Jacobs, Staff Writer February 12, 2024

I met up with hometown friends over winter break to watch the premiere of “Percy Jackson and the Olympians,” the same peers I had spent middle school rehashing its source material...

People standing in front of a stage with theater decor. There are brown cardboard that have trees and tree branches on them surrounding the stage.

Review: Rattlestick Theater holds first annual ‘Ratcracker’ fundraiser

Taking a comedic approach to a holiday classic, the theater reimagined “The Nutcracker” through the perspective of the ballet’s villain, the Rat King.
Eleanor Jacobs, Contributing Writer December 14, 2023

The Rattlestick Theater on Waverly Place between 11th and Perry Streets is inconspicuous, hidden behind a flight of stairs between taïm Mediterranean kitchen and Saint John’s...

A still from the animated TV show “Scott Pilgrim Takes Off.” A person with blue and purple hair and outfit runs towards a white door with a purple star on it. They are pulling a person with orange hair and a blue jacket.

Review: ‘Scott Pilgrim Takes Off’ actually cuts deeper than the movie

The newest leg of the beloved “Scott Pilgrim” franchise has recast its story in the form of an animated series, which succeeds both without and in spite of its titular protagonist.
Eleanor Jacobs, Contributing Writer December 11, 2023

Nineteen years, three iterations and seven evil exes since its initial conception, the “Scott Pilgrim” franchise continues with “Scott Pilgrim Takes Off,” an eight-installment...

An illustration of a woman with dark hair kneeling on the ground. She is wearing brown and looking down. The background is blue.

Review: Dove Cameron’s ‘Alchemical: Volume 1’ and the relationship between love and change

The singer-songwriter’s newest endeavor releases her from her past Disney persona, and redefines her as an emerging artist.
Eleanor Jacobs, Contributing Writer December 8, 2023

Dove Cameron has spent half of her life in the public eye. Starring in Disney Channel’s “Liv and Maddie” and “Descendants” franchise cemented her likeness into the childhood...

Two art prints hang on a white wall. They are both mustard yellow with the print on the right having the word “Adios”

Review: MoMA honors Ed Ruscha’s creative play on words

Created to commemorate six decades of artistic endeavors, “ED RUSCHA / NOW THEN” showcases the artist’s portfolio and impact within the pop art sphere.
Eleanor Jacobs, Contributing Writer December 1, 2023

For Ed Ruscha, words are more than captions or simply stylized prints on canvases — they serve as the art themselves. Ruscha’s creativity spans mediums and decades alike, and...

A woman with blond hair wearing a black shirt with her arms crossed across her chest. She has silver rings on her hands and is standing in front of a wall lit with blue lighting.

Every tiny thing: Chiara Collin-D’Augelli on balance and opportunity

From filming commercials to adorning concert venues, Tisch sophomore Chiara Collin-D’Augelli shares how experiences both in and out of the classroom have allowed her to flourish.
Eleanor Jacobs, Contributing Writer November 17, 2023

Upon meeting Chiara Collin-D’Augelli, I noticed that her nails were painted the exact same shade of blue as the scarf she wore. “I enjoy fashion a lot,” she said. “I think...

A black-and-white photograph of three men walking down the street in front of a house.

Review: Green Day’s reissue of ‘Dookie’ is equal parts dynamic and durable

The band’s 30th anniversary record is a three-and-a-half-hour testament to persistent feelings of turmoil that stand the test of time.
Eleanor Jacobs, Contributing Writer October 11, 2023

In 1993, Green Day recorded its third album, “Dookie,” during a period of three weeks — a stark comparison to the mere three days that they had worked to record their previous...

Singer-songwriter and N.Y.U. student Val Olson, or Deadbeat Girl, sings on a concert stage lit up in blue alongside a bass player. Under the stage, audience members record her performance on their phones.

Deadbeat Girl speaks on artistic collaboration and current tour

Singer-songwriter and NYU student Val Olson has turned their background in music production and passion for lyricism into a budding career.
Eleanor Jacobs, Contributing Writer September 27, 2023

Val Olson may be 20, but Deadbeat Girl has just celebrated their first birthday. In the whirlwind year since releasing their kickoff single, “Another Day,” the indie-rock artist...