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An illustration of a woman with curly red hair and a gold hair decoration wearing a purple shell-shaped top.

‘The Little Mermaid’ will offer a window into a new world

How Halle Bailey’s portrayal of Ariel positively impacts Black girls and women.
Sydni Johnson, Contributing Writer May 5, 2023

The release of the new live-action “The Little Mermaid” on May 26 may not appeal to everyone, but it will definitely capture the eyes and hearts of many young girls who love...

In a still from “Succession,” in an auditorium, an image of Logan Roy is projected on a screen behind Kendall Roy, who is looking up at the screen.

Recap: ‘Succession’ S4E6: Granny prison camps

The most overtly comedic episode of the season yet illustrates the hollow schemes at the center of Waystar Royco.
Colleen Secaur, Contributing Writer May 2, 2023

Big tech hasn’t exactly garnered a significant amount of goodwill in the public consciousness as of late. One can vividly recall Mark Zuckerberg’s promises of a virtual future...

A doctor wearing a pair of black-framed glasses, a blue mask and scrubs.

Review: ‘De Humani Corporis Fabrica’ cuts deep into the human body

In their latest documentary feature, Véréna Paravel and Lucien Castaing-Taylor bring viewers on a transformational journey of human anatomy. “De Humani Corporis Fabrica” is currently showing at the IFC Center. 
Mick Gaw, Staff Writer May 1, 2023

The intrusive lens of the micro camera burrows through cavernous organs and once unseen crevices of the human body in “De Humanis Corporis Fabrica.” First premiered at the...

An illustration of a silver and black laptop with an image of a prisoner wearing a mask in a dimly lit room.

Off the Radar: 6 minutes of masks and fascism in ‘The Fall’

Off the Radar is a weekly column surveying overlooked films available to students for free via NYU’s streaming partnerships. “The Fall” is available to stream on Kanopy.
Mick Gaw, Staff Writer Apr 28, 2023

Jonathan Glazer’s short film “The Fall” depicts a spiraling descent into a macabre dimension of human barbarism and fascistic mob violence. Released in 2019, six years after...

An illustration of six identical female faces overlapping each other. The image has an orange hue and background, giving a tint of orange to each face.

Review: ‘The Five Devils’ stuns at some points and baffles at others

The fantasy drama is at times confusing, but ultimately a visually stunning and touching watch.
Saisha Kapoor, Contributing Writer Apr 27, 2023

Last May, Léa Mysius’ second feature film, “The Five Devils,'' screened at the Directors’ Fortnight section of the Cannes Film Festival and earned a five-minute standing...

A woman with blonde hair wearing a white dress with wings while being held up by strings above two gravestones bearing the words “MOTHER” and “FATHER” on a stage with opened red curtains. Curled in a ball in front of the gravestones lies a man in a tan shirt and brown pants.z

Review: ‘Beau Is Afraid’ is only occasionally frightening

Ari Aster’s new film is a big departure from his previous horror films, as he ventures into a long odyssey of surrealist comedy.
Justin Martinez, Contributing Writer Apr 25, 2023

“Beau Is Afraid,” and there’s no doubt about it. What exactly Beau is afraid of, though, is a question that director Ari Aster seems less interested in answering than he...

Kieran Culkin, Jeremy Strong and Alexander Skarsgård stand on grass and rocks in front of snow-capped mountains.

Recap: ‘Succession’ S4E5: Viking country

Waystar Royco goes to Norway for a deal, with middling results.
Colleen Secaur, Contributing Writer Apr 25, 2023

The Roy siblings have spent the entirety of “Succession” either parroting their father, doing his dirty work for bits of praise or claiming to be a radical departure from him,...

An illustration of white-colored barbed wire and chain links from a fence. They are silhouetted on a red background.

Review: ‘How to Blow Up a Pipeline’ is a sleek tale of environmental revolution

With Daniel Goldhaber’s stylish direction and a strong cast, “How to Blow Up a Pipeline” turns a story about property destruction into a tense thriller.
Ethan Beck, Contributing Writer Apr 25, 2023

What’s the cure for apathy? In “How to Blow Up a Pipeline,” the tight, new environmentalist thriller from “Cam” director Daniel Goldhaber, the answer is direct action....

Still from the film “Carmen.” Actress Melissa Barrera as Carmen in a black dress with bedazzled red accents. Actor Paul Mescal as Aiden wearing a tan t-shirt.

Review: ‘Carmen’ modernizes the iconic opera

In his directorial debut, renowned choreographer Benjamin Millepied created a dreamlike yet unsteady presentation of song, dance and word.
Madeline Kane, Contributing Writer Apr 24, 2023

Benjamin Millepied’s dynamic directorial debut “Carmen” is based on the acclaimed opera of the same name, by French composer Georges Bizet. While the original was set in...

A photograph of Director Benjamin Millepied in a gray t-shirt, against a blurred background of various buildings against the sky.

Q&A: Benjamin Millepied on bringing a classic love story into the 21st century

The French choreographer spoke with WSN to talk about his love of the original “Carmen” opera, his directorial debut in its new film adaptation and what he hopes audiences will take away from his interpretation.
Madeline Kane, Contributing Writer Apr 24, 2023

Born and raised in Bordeaux, France, Benjamin Millepied first started dancing at the age of 8 when his mother, a ballet dancer herself, became his first teacher. After spending...

An illustration of two faces in red against a black background.

Review: ‘Evil Dead Rise’ brings new life to the cult horror franchise

“Evil Dead Rise,” is in theaters starting April 21. This movie is ready to scare you and everyone else — no one is safe.
Chesney Graham, Contributing Writer Apr 24, 2023

In Lee Cronin’s new addition to the “Evil Dead franchise,” which now has five adaptations in addition to a TV show, “Evil Dead Rise” seems to be the first film that could...

A black-and-white image from the film “Vengeance of the Phoenix Sisters,” with three women holding swords in different postures.

Old School Kung Fu film festival returns to NYC

A collaboration between Subway Cinema, Metrograph and the Taipei Cultural Center, the Old School Kung Fu Fest is a curated series of rare and iconic films in the Taiwanese wuxia genre. Tickets are available on the Metrograph website.
Mick Gaw, Staff Writer Apr 21, 2023

On April 21, the annual Old School Kung Fu Fest makes a triumphant return to the Lower East Side’s Metrograph cinema, bringing a flurry of clashing steel and costumed vigilantes...