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A collage of three images. On the left, three students chat outside Tisch. In the middle, a CAS student stands wearing a floral maxi dress. On the left, a nursing student in scrubs exits a building.

Who Are You?

Sep 25, 2022

(Illustration by Susan Behrends Valenzuela for WSN)

Welcome Home, Class of 2026

A guide to your first semester at college from WSN.
Aug 16, 2022

The logo of WSNs 2022 While You Were Here graduation-themed special issue.

While You Were Here

May 6, 2022
A WSN special issue commemorating the graduating class of 2022. Seniors review their college application essays four years later, student athletes reflect on how sports influenced their college experiences, we celebrate graduating members of our staff — and more!
On the NYU basketball court, the NYU Women’s Basketball team stands in a line. Players are clapping the other basketball team’s hands as they walk in the opposite direction.

Graduating from school and from sports

Kiersten Dugan, UTA Portraits Editor May 6, 2022
Though NYU isn’t known for its athletics, being on sports teams has been transformative for these three seniors.
UTA Publishing Editor Caitlin Hsu in a red and blue striped shirt with her sticker-filled laptop against the WSN red background.

Letter from the soon-to-be former editor

Caitlin Hsu, UTA Publishing Editor May 6, 2022

Declassified: An NYU Survival Guide

Declassified: An NYU Survival Guide

Apr 18, 2022
So you got into NYU. Congratulations! Now what? Let us tell you all about the nitty gritty details of changing your major, navigating the Liberal Studies Core program, celebrating the weekend in NYC, and making lasting friendships.
A Tiffany-blue Fender Stratocaster, two slices of pepperoni, a disco ball and an old TV with antenna against a light-pink background.A tiffany-blue Fender Stratocaster, two slices of pepperoni, a disco ball and an old TV with antenna against a light pink background.

How NYU students spend their weekends

Students from various backgrounds share their Friday night activities: the highlights, the lowlights and everything in between.
Apr 18, 2022

Flashing lights It's what we prepare for all week. Friday afternoon, you can see me ready on the Palladium court playing volleyball. I break a quick sweat while I laugh with friends....

An illustration of a black-and-light-purple direction pole against a dark purple background. The pole has five different signs that individually read: “What is L.S?,” “G.L.S.?,” “Transfer?,” ‘Major?” and “r/nyu.”

The case for Liberal Studies

One Liberal Studies first-year on the program that so many newly accepted NYU students find themselves in.
Mellak Abduelal, Staff Writer Apr 18, 2022

On Dec. 15 of my senior year of high school, I opened an acceptance letter to the school of my dreams: NYU. “Congratulations” jumped out of the phone screen. I rejoiced, but...

A collage of icons symbolizing college social life (from top to bottom, left to right): a simple “what’s up” text message, a symbol for joining Greek organizations reading “I pledge ZTA”, a room plaque and notes.

How to win friends at NYU

Forming meaningful connections in the big city is no small task. Here are a few ways to meet people.
Nikkala Kovacevic, Staff Writer Apr 18, 2022

At some point on your NYU campus tour, your admissions ambassador probably uttered the words “the city is our campus” with an overly exaggerated gesture to the surrounding...