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Despite the wave of hate crimes and the history of xenophobia against their community, Asian Americans remain strong. (Illustration by Sally Chen.)

Even before they were a headline

By Lorraine Olaya, Deputy Copy Chief May 6, 2021

Disclaimer: This collaborative work was not created by someone of Asian or Pacific Islander descent; however, it was compiled using the words of contributors, credited at the end, who are of Asian or Pacific...

A seemingly idyllic sidewalk in Middletown, Connecticut. (Photo by Eugene Hu)

The Foreigner

By Eugene Hu, Contributing Writer May 3, 2021

                      “I’m boycotting your Chinese bricks!” Tim said to me. It was dusk in Middletown,...

First-year Gallatin student Ian Partman. Decolonization in art as a conversation. (Image courtesy of Ian Partman)

Rewriting the narrative: Conversations on decolonization in art

By Sade Collier, Contributing Writer May 3, 2021

INTRODUCTION Against an orange oak-tinted backdrop, a Black revolutionary holds up a newspaper bearing a blunt message: “ALL POWER TO THE PEOPLE.” There is a shout coming from their mouth and a...

Bipolar Disorder: A Radiator and a Window

Bipolar Disorder: A Radiator and a Window

By Abbey Whelan, UTA Voices Editor April 27, 2021

The second I heard the radiator creak and groan on the first day of winter, I knew I was screwed. I had never seen a radiator before moving to New York City. I hadn’t given it much thought until that...

A representation of Wu's Shanghai. Ashley reflects on her grandparents and feelings of loss. (Photo by Ashley Wu)


By Ashley Wu, Deputy Managing Editor April 23, 2021

In summers, you used to visit your Wai Po at her small condo in a complex of identical buildings interlaced with ponds. Most of the ponds were pale green and smattered with algae. Stones made footpaths...

Staff Illustration by Susan Behrends Valenzuela

Forgotten dreams come back as inspiration

By Vaishnavi Naidu, Under the Arch Managing Editor April 12, 2021

It was a blisteringly hot summer day in June of 2019. The jasmine flowers populating the terrace wilted from the heat. Beads of sweat rolled down our tanned faces. Pari Naidu, my mother, balanced on her...

UCCS senior Arantxa Chavez in her apartment’s balcony in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Chavez had recently moved in with her partner when the stay-at-home order began so they spent their quarantine unpacking and decorating their new place

Turning Zoom Into My Artistic Tool

By Alejandra Arevalo, Contributing Writer September 21, 2020

Illustration by Charlie Dodge.

What Does It Feel Like To Lose a Best Friend?

By Vaishnavi Naidu, Under the Arch Deputy Editor September 8, 2020

What does it feel like to lose a best friend?  One you thought you couldn’t possibly lose. The best friend who managed to stand the test of time, who was constant even as everyone else walked in...

Rising Tandon sophomore Alexis Williams posing for a photo in her backyard. Williams coded her website, pb-resources.com, as a tool to get people engaged in the Black Lives Matter movement. (Photo by Alexis Williams)

Tandon Student Speaks Out in Code Rather Than Words

By Mandie Montes, Under the Arch Managing Editor August 25, 2020

While everyone in the U.S. sleeps, rising Tandon sophomore Alexis Williams codes for 10 hours straight with a darklight in her room that projects an ocean, illuminating under the moonlight type of hue....

A lounge at John F. Kennedy International Airport. (Staff Photo by Julia McNeill)

It Isn’t Over Yet: Eight Days of Mayhem and Misinformation

By Moosa Muzaffar Waraich, Contributing Writer July 23, 2020

Before July, the only stress-inducing item on Oishika Chaudhury’s agenda was figuring out how to impress her supervisor at her new job. Despite the nine-and-a-half hour time difference between her residence...