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(Illustration by Adelaide Magdalene Miller)

Voicemail Message #1: Burnout

By Bianca de Ayala, Contributing Writer September 13, 2021

. . . . Not available. . At the tone, . Please P l e a s e  Please.  . Record your message. . . . . Hello? . . . . I’m still here. . . . . It’s been a while. . 55 days, 1320...

(Staff Photo by Julian Hammond Santander)

Conflict in the search for permanency

By Julian Hammond Santander, UTA Exposures Editor September 3, 2021

Impermanency is exhilarating, terrifying. Change equally so. Sometimes, I think, the more you know something is going to change, the more you hold tight to it, knuckles white. Memories become the present,...

A portrait of Dr. John Michael Halpin. (Photo courtesy of John Michael Halpin)

From Walter Reed to Ph.D.: How a motorcycle crash catalyzed an NYU professor’s chemistry career

By Ivy Zhu, Under the Arch Senior Editor August 30, 2021

With only six and a half months left of his time in the U.S. Army, John Michael Halpin woke up in a hospital bed at Walter Reed Medical Center with a shattered left wrist, fractured pelvis, broken shoulder,...

An exploration of the impact a global pandemic can have on one's body and self-image. (Illustration by Natalie Olaya/natalieolaya.com)

Flaca o gorda: My struggle with pandemic weight gain

By Lorraine Olaya, Copy Chief August 30, 2021

Content warning: This piece discusses weight gain and body image issues. I stand in front of the mirror, my hands on the jeans bunched up around my thighs. They refuse to be pulled up any higher. My...

Here’s a look at Times Square through the lenses of two photographers during the pandemic and the thought process behind the shots. (Staff Photos by Alexandra Chan, Jake Capriotti)

Exposures: Jake and Alex capture Times Square in 2020

By Alexandra Chan and Jake Capriotti August 29, 2021

  Follow the photographers on Instagram at @noelle.png and @capriotti.jake. Contact Alexandra Chan at [email protected] and Jake Capriotti at [email protected] 

(Staff Photo by Jake Capriotti)

Slices of Home

By Ashley Wu, Caitlin Hsu, and Alexandra Chan August 25, 2021

China Chalet By Ashley Wu, Editor in Chief The first thing I remember about China Chalet is the sidewalk. Cigarette butts and loose sequins scattered the pavement outside of the Financial District...

Despite the wave of hate crimes and the history of xenophobia against their community, Asian Americans remain strong. (Illustration by Sally Chen.)

Even before they were a headline

By Lorraine Olaya, Deputy Copy Chief May 6, 2021

Disclaimer: This collaborative work was not created by someone of Asian or Pacific Islander descent; however, it was compiled using the words of contributors, credited at the end, who are of Asian or Pacific...

A seemingly idyllic sidewalk in Middletown, Connecticut. (Photo by Eugene Hu)

The Foreigner

By Eugene Hu, Contributing Writer May 3, 2021

                      “I’m boycotting your Chinese bricks!” Tim said to me. It was dusk in Middletown,...

First-year Gallatin student Ian Partman. Decolonization in art as a conversation. (Image courtesy of Ian Partman)

Rewriting the narrative: Conversations on decolonization in art

By Sade Collier, Contributing Writer May 3, 2021

INTRODUCTION Against an orange oak-tinted backdrop, a Black revolutionary holds up a newspaper bearing a blunt message: “ALL POWER TO THE PEOPLE.” There is a shout coming from their mouth and a...

Bipolar Disorder: A Radiator and a Window

Bipolar Disorder: A Radiator and a Window

By Abbey Whelan, UTA Voices Editor April 27, 2021

The second I heard the radiator creak and groan on the first day of winter, I knew I was screwed. I had never seen a radiator before moving to New York City. I hadn’t given it much thought until that...

A representation of Wu's Shanghai. Ashley reflects on her grandparents and feelings of loss. (Photo by Ashley Wu)


By Ashley Wu, Deputy Managing Editor April 23, 2021

In summers, you used to visit your Wai Po at her small condo in a complex of identical buildings interlaced with ponds. Most of the ponds were pale green and smattered with algae. Stones made footpaths...