Staff Rants: Public Bathrooms, Revolving Doors and the AC in 25 W 4th Street

On Public Bathrooms By Melanie Pineda, Deputy Opinion Editor Now hear me out. I know that public bathrooms aren’t meant to be considered the cleanest and...

Letter to the Editor: “How Can NYU Mourn the Loss of a Student?”

In this response to our editorial discussing the loss of an NYU student, spokesperson John Beckman explains the university's stance on announcing student suicides when they happen.

Girls Who Code Isn’t About Stealing Jobs From Men

After a jarring conversation with a fellow Tandon student who invalidated the Girls Who Code movement, our columnist Serena aims to explain what the Girls Who Code movement is and what it isn't, while incorporating her own experience with the organization.

We Need to Talk About the Dangers of Journalism

It is our duty as a nation with free speech to pay attention to the violence against journalists occurring internationally.

Some Justice, No Peace

On P(optics) this week, Mickey contemplates how police officer Jason Van Dyke was convicted of second degree murder for the death of Laquan McDonald. Unlike previous instances of police brutality, Van Dyke is being held accountable, but an emptiness overwhelms Mickey. What will happen from here?

Don’t Punish Me for My Commute

We're not able to control or predict subway delays, so why should we as students be held academically accountable for them?

Grappling With Self-Blame After Being Sexually Assaulted

Earlier this fall, I was walking along 10th Street, minding my own business, when some guy ran up behind me, grabbed my buttocks and...

The Climate Change Report Is Harrowing — But Is It Our Fault?

We have an institutional responsibility to help resolve climate change, but the emphasis on individual actions to reduce waste is not enough.

Abolishing ICE Is Not a Radical Idea

The U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement has been in the spotlight as a result of the widespread coverage of the separation of immigrant families,...

A Thank You to Dr. Blasey Ford

As the Opinion desk, we have run several articles on Dr. Christine Blasey-Ford's role in the Supreme Court confirmation hearings. With Hanna representing us, we're taking a moment to thank Dr. Blasey-Ford for her sacrifice.

Identifying Your Individual Color on the Ethnic Palette

We often tend to assume that all those who identify with one ethnicity share similar cultures and experiences. But this assumption can be harmful and limit artists' ability to freely express who they are.

Why Do We Force Sex and Crime on Black Children?

Black children are often the victims of sexualization and violent crimes. Why do we treat them as adults, and how can we stop this predatory behavior?