New York University's independent student newspaper, established in 1973.

Washington Square News

New York University's independent student newspaper, established in 1973.

Washington Square News

New York University's independent student newspaper, established in 1973.

Washington Square News


A group of people gathered in Washington Square Park for a protest.

Opinion: NYU is neglecting students by delaying proposal on pro-Palestinian speech

The decision to postpone the Student Government Assembly resolution concerning pro-Palestinian speech and on-campus activity leaves students marginalized by university administration.
Molly Koch, Opinion Editor Feb 23, 2024

Earlier this month, NYU leadership made the executive decision to postpone a resolution proposed by the Student Government Assembly to “reaffirm protection” of pro-Palestinian...

People are standing in front of the Washington Square Arch beneath a large Palestinian flag.

Guest Essay: Palestinian lives ignored as students fight for free speech protection

Lamisa Khan is the Student Government Assembly senator-at-large for Muslim women.
Lamisa Khan, Guest Contributor Feb 22, 2024

Guest essays reflect opinions from writers beyond WSN. If you’d like to submit a guest essay for consideration, please email [email protected]. It took President Linda Mills...

Street view at night of a tall geometric building with lights shining through the windows.

Opinion: The case for renaming the Paulson Center

The building’s namesake, investor John Paulson, has a problematic history that NYU has yet to reckon with.
Molly Koch, Opinion Editor Feb 21, 2024

The Paulson Center has faced no shortage of criticisms, from concerns over its contributions to gentrification and construction delays to worries over water leaks in its residential...

An illustration of an older man with a mustache and glasses, wearing a light blue shirt and navy blazer. Behind him are antiques and face designs.

Opinion: Renaming the Steinhardt school is long overdue

It’s about time the Steinhardt School of Culture, Education, and Human Development changed its name.
Molly Koch, Opinion Editor Feb 16, 2024

Michael Steinhardt, the namesake for the Steinhardt School of Culture, Education, and Human Development, was found with $70 million worth of antiquities after a four-year investigation...

A crowd of students and three police officers stand outside Alumni Hall.

Opinion: NYU needs to refine its emergency communication

In the wake of Alumni Hall being evacuated due to a false bomb threat, the university needs to take steps to hasten communication with students during emergencies.
Noah Zaldivar, Staff Writer Feb 16, 2024

Last Thursday, residents at Alumni Hall were told to evacuate the building, anxiously waiting in the cold from 11 p.m. to around 1:45 a.m. while the New York City Police Department...

A neon purple L.E.D. sign saying “N.Y.U. TISCH” in a hallway that has white walls with several framed pieces hung on it.

Opinion: Drama students should be able to choose their preferred studio

Tisch should allow drama students the ability to rank their choices of studios during the application process.
Jack Sloan, Staff Writer Feb 15, 2024

The Tisch School of the Arts drama program boasts global recognition, but its structure, particularly its studio placement process, remains a subject of disagreement. As a friend...

An illustration of a black graduation cap with a purple tassel on top of three books in a pile. The books are blue, red and green and the pile is falling over. The background is purple with dollar bills scattered all around.

Opinion: Covering course fees is a necessary step toward affordability

If students are paying over $90,000 to attend the university, the least it can do is cover a few extra fees.
Molly Koch, Opinion Editor Feb 8, 2024

My most anticipated class of the semester was my multimedia journalism class. As someone who is always writing for WSN, I was excited to delve into a different kind of journalistic...

Three security guards in blue uniforms congregate in front of the Grand Staircase in the Kimmel Center for University Life. A barrier is placed both on the top and bottom of the staircase.

Opinion: Students deserve to know why the Kimmel staircase is closed

The university’s decision to close the Grand Staircase in Kimmel last October is a nuisance for students trying to get to class.
Katherine Welander, Copy Chief Feb 2, 2024

Since Oct. 12, 2023, the Grand Staircase in the Kimmel Center for University Life has been closed to students. For the last three and a half months, NYU students have had to work...

N.Y.U. president Linda Mills sitting in a chair alongside three other people on a stage.

Opinion: NYU needs to talk about its upcoming Tulsa program

If the university wants this study away initiative to succeed, it's time it starts talking more, a lot more.
Molly Koch, Opinion Editor Feb 1, 2024

Nothing made me close an email faster than when I saw a headline that NYU would be establishing a new study away program in Tulsa, Oklahoma. It wasn't just the seemingly random...

Cartoon illustrations of students walking through a dining hall added to a photo of students sitting on chairs.

Opinion: Don’t give up on community at NYU

Creating community at NYU can be a challenge, but being more intentional about how we interact with each other can start to change that.
Abi Rivera, Opinion Editor Jan 31, 2024

As I enter my junior year, the dull and isolating nature of NYU's open campus has become a familiar reality. For many, walking past another NYU student on campus is just like an...

An illustration of a black megaphone that reads ‘STAFF RANTS’ in white letters. There are black and white lines coming out of the megaphone. The background is red.

Staff Rants: New beginnings or old complaints?

WSN staff shares their thoughts on the beginning of the 2024 spring semester.

On time: Yezen Saadah — Deputy Managing Editor  It has only been a week, and yet I feel like I’m already halfway through the semester.   On course schedules: Molly...

A white banner with purple letters that read N.Y.U. and a symbol of a torch hangs from the facade of the Silver Center.

Opinion: NYU’s search committees are failing to get the student perspective

The engagement sessions the university has relied on to gather student input on the hiring of high-ranking administrators are not working. It’s time for a new approach.
Molly Koch, Opinion Editor Jan 29, 2024

Like many other of NYU’s endless emails, a recent communication about the start of a search for the university’s new provost had been sitting in my inbox — unread. It probably...

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