New York University's independent student newspaper, established in 1973.

Washington Square News

New York University's independent student newspaper, established in 1973.

Washington Square News

New York University's independent student newspaper, established in 1973.

Washington Square News


A wrecking ball comically shatters the Washington Square Arch into pieces. An X shape of yellow-and-black striped tape is behind the image, in front of a paler yellow background.

Off-Third: NYU to demolish Washington Square Park for campus expansion

With more event space, a fine-dining cafeteria and an institute for jaywalking strategies, who would miss the park anyway?
Kaiyu (Kevin) Wu, Digital Director Sep 21, 2023

Off-Third is WSN’s satire column. As long lines to enter the John A. Paulson Center rivaled the usual queues in front of the Iris & B. Gerald Cantor Film Center, NYU announced...

The “swap” and “drop” buttons on Albert displayed on a laptop screen, with the mouse hovering above the “swap” button.

Opinion: The case for extending the add/drop period

Two weeks is not enough time for students to determine if their courses are right for them.
Molly Koch, Opinion Editor Sep 20, 2023

I remember thinking that I had a perfect schedule during course registration last semester, but I was plainly mistaken and found myself wanting to change course after the first...

Protesters walk down University Place holding large signs that read ”N.Y.U. OWES ADJUNCTS” and “UNION POWER.”

Guest Essay: A letter from NYU’s adjunct union to president Mills

Following changes to adjuncts’ schedules, their union is demanding that NYU restore all adjunct teaching positions.
ACT-UAW Local 7902 Members Sep 19, 2023

An Open Letter to Linda Mills, President, New York University: We appreciate your commitment to leading by listening to the diverse voices of the university. We took it to heart...

A wall covered with purple wallpaper and text saying “REIMAGINING THE LIBRARY’S FIRST FLOOR” above “MID-OCTOBER 2023.”

Opinion: Bobst’s construction is too disruptive for studying

Between taking away places to study and making it hard to focus in class, construction in the library is doing students more harm than good.
Molly Koch, Opinion Editor Sep 13, 2023

The first week of classes is typically a favorite among students, as assignments tend to be lighter and exams are still months away. For the unlucky students who already have labs...

A shot of the Paulson Center gym. Students are standing and looking around. There is a sign for the Pakistani Student’s Association to the right and a Greek flag to the left.

Opinion: NYU Club Fest was far too chaotic to enjoy

Wednesday's humidity made Club Fest seem like a promising escape, but what should have been a chill and fun event turned out to be a complete mess.
Abi Rivera, Opinion Editor Sep 8, 2023

NYU’s Club Fest at the Paulson Center was hosted for students to find their place among the over 300 clubs offered at the university. Instead, students found themselves corralled...

Multiple students sit at long tables working on their computers. To the right is a long window facing Washington Square Park.

Opinion: Dear NYU, upperclassmen are students too

Just because we’re no longer first-years, doesn't mean we don’t deserve support as the semester begins.
Molly Koch, Opinion Editor Sep 5, 2023

As a peer mentor for a pre-orientation program, I had the privilege of moving in two weeks prior to regular move-in for upperclassmen students. I was so excited to be back on campus...

Letter from the editor: On change

Letter from the editor: On change

Welcome to Washington Square News, NYU’s independent undergraduate newspaper.
Manasa Gudavalli, Editor-in-Chief Aug 4, 2023

Dear Readers, When thinking about my own first year at NYU, I vividly remember the mix of emotions that filled my heart — the excitement of meeting new friends and the thrill...

An illustration of a black car with N.Y.U. Safe Ride logos on the hood and side. On top of the illustration is a smartphone displaying an application called “N.Y.U. Safe Ride.”

Off-Third: NYU Safe Ride adds skateboard service

Students need reliability when it comes to their safety. Who’s more cautious than New York Skaters?
Lily Ritterman-Peña, Contributing Writer May 8, 2023

Off-Third is WSN’s satire column. It’s almost the end of the semester, which means that everyone’s money is running out, and they’re all going out as much as they can....

A photo of Andrew Hamilton, the president of N.Y.U., wearing a brown suit with red glowing eyes. Above his left hand is an illustration of a paper box with red glowing lights.

Off-Third: Hamilton is behind storage company email spam

The soon-to-be-former NYU president has cast his chemistry accolades aside for a new entrepreneurial endeavor ― storing his students’ belongings.
Mayee Yeh, Editor-at-Large May 5, 2023

Off-Third is WSN’s satire column. While NYU students fight each other for a seat in Bobst and practically shove each other into West Fourth Street while walking to class,...

An illustration of a building with a glass exterior with green plants growing. There are two pots of green plants drawn next to the building, all against a green background. The building is N.Y.U.’s Paulson Center.

Sad in the Paulson Center? There’s a solution.

NYU’s sustainability initiatives should extend beyond reducing our carbon footprint. We should have a visually lush and verdant campus.
Derek Kamakanaaloha Soong, Identity & Equity Editor May 4, 2023

As you enter the revolving doors of the new, billion-dollar Paulson Center, New York City's vibrant energy seems to fade away, revealing the new building's ineffectual space. The...

A flag with N.Y.U.’s logo hangs from a red brick building.

Off-Third: NYU to adopt Ticketmaster strategy for housing and course selection

Think getting into the Eras Tour is hard? Try getting into a Texts and Ideas class.
Naisha Roy, Deputy Opinion Editor May 3, 2023

Off-Third is WSN’s satire column. After a week full of chaotic at best and absolute failure at worst housing and course registrations, NYU has decided to adopt the Ticketmaster...

Exterior of an N.Y.U. building.

Opinion: NYU should be more transparent about its investments

Three out of five of the New York City Comptroller pension funds have divested from the fossil fuel industry. It’s not perfect, but at least it’s honest. NYU should follow their lead.
Clara Scholl, Arts Editor May 3, 2023

From 2040 Now to RA-hosted events, NYU’s sustainability efforts have come to the forefront of university news recently. When it comes to climate change, the university has no...

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