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The exterior of Le Fournil bakery. A banner with white text reads “Boulangerie” in blue, red and white, the color of the French flag, sits above the entrance.

The best French bakeries in New York City

These authentic French bakeries in the city will transport you to Paris.
Leila Anderson, Contributing Writer May 5, 2023

During the fall 2021 semester, I studied abroad at NYU Paris. Since then, I have not stopped talking about all the amazing French bakeries I ate at while across the Atlantic. I...

An illustration of a plate with four pieces of Ecuadorian bread, or “panes” on it against a red background.

Ecuadorian cheese bread and the silent labor of love 

How my abuelita's panes recipe helped me connect with my cultural heritage.
Tahra Khanuja, Contributing Writer May 3, 2023

I remember visiting my abuelitos’ place as a child in Sunnyside, Queens, running upstairs to their sunlit two-bedroom apartment. Though we only visited a few times a year, the...

A cup of coffee and a bouquet of flowers placed on a wooden table outdoors.

Celebrate spring at these floral cafes

As spring flowers bloom, city cafes offer floral treats and beverages evocative of the changing seasons.
Daeun Lee, Staff Writer Apr 26, 2023

During the pandemic, a flower subscription service went viral in Korea, my home country, allowing me to decorate homemade tiramisu and rice cakes with edible flowers, simply because...

An illustration of Sahana Vij in an apron with a platter on a pedestal. On the pedestal is a menu which reads “BAKE AWAY” and “SAHANA VIJ” which is covered in imagery of silverware .

How an NYU student raised funds for 500,000 meals by publishing a cookbook

Sahana Vij shares how she raised funds for more than 500,000 meals for children in need with her cookbook, “Bake Away.”
Rose Clarke, Contributing Writer Apr 25, 2023

When Sahana Vij, a sophomore who transferred to NYU, released a short cookbook in her senior year of high school, she didn’t expect it to raise enough money to donate over hundreds...

The exterior of a white food truck covered in menu items and signs that read “ten percent off, N.Y.U. Cash only. Twelve dollar ziti. Fourteen dollar veg lasagna.”

Cheap, off-campus cravings: 5 lunch specials near NYU

If you only have a few minutes between classes to grab a bite, here are five of the best deals near campus. 
Liz Lindain, Contributing Writer Apr 24, 2023

It can be overwhelming to find a quick, affordable place for lunch. There are countless places to eat around NYU, but it can be hard to remember which student discounts apply where....

Baker Sakura Smith holds two bagels with her right hand while holding her head with her left hand. She is wearing a green shirt and looking into the camera.

Sakura Smith is reinventing the New York City bagel

Fermented yeast from the mountains of Japan finds its way to Brooklyn through Bagel Bunny.
Olivia Liu, Beauty & Style Editor Apr 19, 2023

Malibu-raised baker Sakura Smith woke up at 4 a.m. today to feed her bunny. But Smith’s “bunny” is actually a bagel, and was born out of fermented vegetable yeast from a...

Two glasses of wine and a half-full wine bottle placed on a restaurant table with plates and utensils.

Make your table for two a table for 23 at Brooklyn’s Dinner Party

The Fort Greene restaurant curates community through family-style dining.
Anja Westhues, Contributing Writer Apr 17, 2023

A group of strangers. A carefully selected menu featuring mindful, fresh and seasonal ingredients. A night you’ll never forget. Welcome to Dinner Party, a homey take on the restaurant...

A taste of home: Reminiscing with Turkish chicken noodle soup

It’s never easy being far away from home, but my mom’s cold remedy dish, chicken noodle soup, gives me a sense of comfort when I need it most.
Doga Usanmaz, Contributing Writer Apr 12, 2023

Growing up in Istanbul, I never experienced a shortage of Turkish cuisine in my household. Thanks to my mom being an incredible cook, we ate Turkish dishes regularly, ranging from...

An illustration of three burritos with different packaging against a pink circle with a checkered, green-and-white background.

8 NYC burritos worthy of the West Coast 

The endless hunt for good burritos on the East Coast can be exhausting. Here are some spots around the city that might just stop your search, just in time for National Burrito Day.
Clara Spray, Staff Writer Apr 6, 2023

As a New Mexico native, I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect burrito on the East Coast — one that might just live up to those I can find on the other side of the Mississippi....

Spaghetti for the soul

A classic spaghetti recipe that will have your inner child twirling faster than your fork.
Evan Watanabe, Contributing Writer Apr 4, 2023

Growing up, one of my favorite dishes was spaghetti. My mom used to make it for me all the time. She would bustle about the kitchen, carefully boiling the spaghetti noodles and...

A collage of two photos. On the left is a book cover with the title “MAYUMU” and a photo of a slice of cake. On the right is the book’s author, Abi Balingit, wearing a colorful apron and smiling at the camera.

‘Mayumu:’ a fresh take on Filipino American desserts

Blogger and baker Abi Balingit discusses her FIlipino fusion desserts and the inspiration for her new cookbook, “Mayumu.”
Olivia Condell, Contributing Writer Mar 30, 2023

Abi Balingit sat in her Bedford-Stuyvesant apartment, clad in a mustard yellow graphic tee, thick winged eyeliner and dangling, plush pizza earrings. She is as intentional with...

Finding nostalgia through noodles

If you’re tired of cup noodles from Sidestein, try these homemade ramen recipes.
Kaisei Arai, Contributing Writer Mar 28, 2023

As a Japanese person, ramen holds a special place in my heart. While ramen is often consumed in the United States in the form of instant packets, it has a far richer, deeper history...