New York University's independent student newspaper, established in 1973.

Washington Square News

New York University's independent student newspaper, established in 1973.

Washington Square News

New York University's independent student newspaper, established in 1973.

Washington Square News


The exterior of Scarr’s Pizza, with a sign that says “Scarr’s Pizza,” and two people inside.

The best way to go on a pizza crawl across Manhattan

From the East Village to the Upper West Side, these classic shops are the perfect way to see the city through slices.
Stutee Oke, Contributing Writer April 19, 2024

New York City is the mecca of American pizza with over 2,000 shops across the five boroughs. From dollar-slice counters to brick-oven pizzerias, there is a pizza place for everyone,...

The exterior of a restaurant with a sign saying “CHOLA” and, below that, “COASTAL INDIAN CUISINE.

Chola brings elevated Indian flavors to seafood lovers everywhere

From curried coconut fish to tandoori malai chicken, Chola satisfies any palette — including Martha Stewart’s.
Teresa Mettela, Contributing Writer April 18, 2024

Chola Coastal Indian Cuisine, an upscale Indian dining experience located in Midtown, serves up coastal classics with a modern twist. The restaurant offers a menu made with ingredients...

A man uses a blowtorch on a piece of sushi.

Lunch at Kintsugi Omakase is simple yet magnificent

Tucked away in SoHo, Kintsugi Omakase provides an intimate $60 lunch omakase experience in traditional Japanese style.
Gabriel Giacomelli, Contributing Writer April 17, 2024

Kintsugi Omakase is a small space with minimalist decor, decorated by colorful Japanese alcohol bottles and pottery that fill the room. Behind a sleek countertop, chef Victor Chen...

(Julia Smerling for WSN)

A warm welcome to modern Asian fine dining with Hortus NYC

The Michelin-recognized Asian restaurant offers everything from sea urchins to bread pudding in its creative tasting menu.
Katie Liao, Staff Writer April 16, 2024

Nestled in the heart of NoMad, a two-story restaurant marked by its stylish logo “H” radiates a vibrant ambiance. Hortus NYC greets its customers at the ground floor with a...

Front of the bar The Happiest Hour which has a green facade and gold lettering.

Betting on burgers: A new take on the American classic from The Happiest Hour

The West Village bar has recently put its spin on the McDonald’s Happy Meal to create full-on burger beauty.
Aidan Levin, Contributing Writer April 12, 2024

Adorned with dimly lit globes, emanating a pink light with palm-tree wallpaper and dark-wood paneling, The Happiest Hour brings a tropical-vacation aesthetic to the Manhattan food...

Bobian Demce standing with his arms crossed, looking up in front of a wall of photos.

Dua Kafe is the heart and soul of Albanian food in the East Village

Meet Bobian Demce, the man introducing Albanian food to the East Village.
Carina Christo, Contributing Writer April 11, 2024

Growing up with Albanian roots from my dad’s side, I loved Balkan specialties like spinach byrek and savory phyllo dough pies, as they were staples in my household. Sunday services...

An illustration of a plate with yellow rice, chicken legs and red onion.

The only chicken biryani recipe you’ll ever need

There are many ways to make a tasty chicken biryani at home, but my mom’s South Indian-style dum biryani is always a hit. Bring it to your next potluck, dinner party or date night.
Teresa Mettela, Contributing Writer April 10, 2024

As with many immigrant families, food is often a labor of love — and my household is no exception. Growing up, it was pretty rare to hear my mom say the words “I love you.”...

Lower half of a person in front of a market holding a yellow Wegmans tote bag.

Is grocery delivery worth it?

If you find food shopping in New York City difficult, grocery delivery may be your saving grace.
Brianna Ly, Staff Writer April 5, 2024

Arduous, tiring and burdensome should not be words that describe grocery shopping, but sometimes in New York City they are. There are few things worse than that 15-minute walk...

Four girls occupy a dorm room kitchen with a coffee machine on the left, a dish rack next to it, a sink in the middle and an oven with food inside it on the right.

How a dorm kitchen brought me closer to my roommates

Emily Genova, Deputy Managing Editor March 31, 2024