New York University's independent student newspaper, established in 1973.

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New York University's independent student newspaper, established in 1973.

Washington Square News

New York University's independent student newspaper, established in 1973.

Washington Square News

A portrait of Naisha Roy.

Naisha Roy, Editor-at-Large

Naisha Roy is a second-year studying journalism and Spanish & Linguistics. She loves covering topics like immigration issues and NYU policies. In her free time, she's probably doing the daily crossword or cooking while listening to Taylor Swift. She loves spending her weekends finding cheap food spots around the city with her four best friends. You can reach out to her on Instagram @naisharoy9 if you ever need to rant about how AP Style doesn't use the Oxford Comma.

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An illustration of a map of Europe with the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Czech Republic, Italy and Spain painted purple with white N.Y.U. emblems. Each country has one city labeled: London, Paris, Berlin, Prague, Florence and Madrid. Illustrations of N.Y.U. global sites’ buildings are included next to each country on the map.

5 inevitable study abroad mistakes

As you buckle up for your long-anticipated study abroad experience, be sure to avoid these common slip-ups.
Naisha Roy, Editor-at-Large April 2, 2024

As someone who’s roughly halfway through her study away semester at NYU Madrid, let me be the first to tell you: You will make bad decisions. Going to NYU makes us all think...

An illustration of Ariana Grande facing away and leaning against another version of herself.

Review: Ariana Grande isn’t perfect, and neither is ‘eternal sunshine’

The pop diva’s latest album is raw, emotional and compelling, but suffers from repetitiveness and the rumors surrounding its release.
Naisha Roy, Editor-at-Large March 13, 2024

If I had to pick one word to describe the public opinion on Ariana Grande right now, it would be controversial. She has one of the most loyal fan bases across the music industry,...

A white banner with the words N.Y.U. HAS BLOOD ON ITS HANDS with the word BLOOD written in red. Surrounding the words are multiple red handprints. Above it is a Palestinian flag. They are laid on a grey tile floor next to small pieces of paper with slogans on them.

Pro-Palestinian students hold daylong strike in Paulson Center

Members of pro-Palestinian student groups on campus organized a daylong strike in the Paulson Center lobby, during which both Campus Safety and police officers were stationed at the building.
Naisha Roy, Deputy Managing Editor December 12, 2023

Dozens of students filled the lobby of the Paulson Center for nine hours on Monday, joining a global strike calling for a permanent cease-fire in the Israel-Hamas war. The students...

An illustration of a megaphone with the phrase “Staff Rants” written on it. The megaphone wears a red Santa hat and the background is white with blue snowflakes.

Staff Rants: Holiday Overload

It's the end of the term, which means it's the holiday season! WSN staff shares their thoughts about it — the good and the bad, but mostly the bad.

On giving gifts Krish Dev — Deputy News Editor  Whenever I have to buy gifts for the holidays, I feel like I am walking on a tightrope — it’s a delicate balance between...

Opinion: The student government should spend its money better

Opinion: The student government should spend its money better

Last year’s student government spending shows a misunderstanding of student needs. There are better uses for our tuition dollars.
Naisha Roy, Deputy Managing Editor November 30, 2023

For an organization that is unfamiliar to much of the student body, our student government gets a lot of money — last year, the Student Government Assembly had an operating...

A girl with blond hair is holding a fruitcake in front of her face. She has a red top and white headband.

Review: Sabrina Carpenter delivers evergreen holiday hits with ‘fruitcake’

Carpenter’s latest EP, packed with witty lyrics and angelic runs, embodies everyone’s mixed feelings on the holiday season.
Naisha Roy, Deputy Managing Editor November 21, 2023

There comes a time in every pop diva’s career when they must release their version of Christmas music, whether it be through a single, EP or an entire album.  On Nov. 17,...

The storefront of the restaurant which has “KOLACHI” and “ROLLS AND FRIES,” written in yellow text.

Kolachi’s rolls put Pakistani food on the campus map

The newly-opened Karachi-inspired restaurant in the East Village serves up affordable yet filling parathas and fries.
Krish Dev and Naisha Roy November 15, 2023

Kolachi, a new Pakistani restaurant in the East Village, brings the taste of Karachi to NYU students with its simple menu of hearty paratha rolls and spicy fries.  The restaurant,...

An illustration of a purple and orange megaphone that reads ‘STAFF RANTS’ in green letters. There are purple and green lines coming out of the megaphone. The background is black.

Staff Rants: Spooky season

Our staff shares their thoughts on Halloween.

On still having class Molly Koch — Opinion Editor It’s simple, wear your halloween costume to class.    On trick-or-treating — or the lack thereof Krish Dev —...

A glass sign that says “Walker Hotel” illuminated by yellow light bulbs above the entrance of the Walker Hotel.

Housing overflows returned to NYU, despite additional residence hall

This year was the latest where the university moved some students to temporary housing to alleviate overflow in its on-campus housing system.
Naisha Roy, Deputy Managing Editor October 26, 2023

Every year, student registration for university housing outpaces available rooms, and every year some students who are unable to register are placed in off-campus hotels. This...

From left to right: A representative from Wheated in a black shirt, a representative from Olmo in a blue shirt, Sam Silverman the founder of New York BagelFest in a beige pullover hoodie, and a representative from O’Bagel in a black shirt and black baseball cap with a green apron.

New York BagelFest taught me I was doing bagels wrong

Not only are you allowed to put chili-garlic crunch on your bagels, you absolutely need to.
Naisha Roy, Deputy Managing Editor October 26, 2023

An interviewer holding a microphone is asking four panelists a question on a stage. The panel is named “Clocking Out: From Cubicles to Content.”

Making a career out of cooking at the first annual FoodieCon in New York

Hosted by Food Network’s New York City Wine & Food Festival, FoodieCon brought together some of Instagram’s leading food influencers in an eventful yet chaotic experience.
Naisha Roy, Deputy Managing Editor October 19, 2023

Some of the city’s leading food journalists and Food Network chefs hosted panels at the Wine and Food Festival’s first annual FoodieCon on Oct. 14, working with influencers...

Fans sang, danced and cheered throughout the film. (Manasa Gudavalli for WSN)

Review: Taylor Swift brings the stage to the big screen in The Eras Tour concert film

In this cinematic cut, the Eras Tour “Hits Different.”

Since Taylor Swift last filled stadiums with her “Reputation” tour, she has released four new albums: “Lover,” “folklore,” “evermore” and "Midnights.” Due to...

A crowd of people gathering at an Italian food-tasting event at Pier 86 in New York City.

A paradise of pizza and pasta at Food Network’s NYC Wine & Food Festival

Peroni’s Taste of Italy on Oct. 12 brought together New York City's most iconic Italian bakeries, restaurants and cocktail bars under one night sky along the Hudson River. Here’s where you can try them for yourself.
Naisha Roy, Deputy Managing Editor October 16, 2023

The New York City Wine & Food Festival hosted by Food Network took diners on a tour of the city’s best Italian establishments with their Peroni’s Taste of Italy event,...

A man wearing a backwards cap, a white shirt and a black jacket stands behind a D.J.’s turntable. Behind him is a wall decorated with records.

Producer and NYU junior Ryan Jacob on his musical journey

The British American musician and DJ is adding to his list of successful projects while studying at NYU.
Naisha Roy, Deputy Managing Editor October 4, 2023

When Ryan Jacob was 3 years old, he heard “Ode to Joy” ringing out of his nanny’s phone. He was sitting by the piano and, intrigued by the tune, started playing it back,...

An illustration of a black megaphone that reads ‘STAFF RANTS’ in white letters. There are black and white lines coming out of the megaphone. The background is red.

Staff Rants: School-life balance

As the semester starts to kick in, the WSN staff shares their experiences with balancing — or at least trying to balance — their academic and social lives.

On self-care Molly Koch — Opinion Editor Between going to class and working 20 hours a week, I never have time for myself. I have to pick and choose my battles between doing...

N.Y.U. Welcome Week ambassadors stand on the steps in the lobby of the Kimmel Center for Student Life waving and cheering to passersby.

What to expect when you’re expecting: NYU Welcome edition

Here’s our guide to preparing for your first week on campus.
Manasa Gudavalli and Naisha Roy August 4, 2023

In the days following the chaos and excitement of your dorm move-in, you’ll get to experience NYU’s version of student orientation — NYU Welcome. From Aug. 26 to Sept. 15,...

A flag with N.Y.U.’s logo hangs from a red brick building.

Off-Third: NYU to adopt Ticketmaster strategy for housing and course selection

Think getting into the Eras Tour is hard? Try getting into a Texts and Ideas class.
Naisha Roy, Deputy Opinion Editor May 3, 2023

Off-Third is WSN’s satire column. After a week full of chaotic at best and absolute failure at worst housing and course registrations, NYU has decided to adopt the Ticketmaster...

A stylized illustration of a building with collaged newspaper clippings from old WSN printed issues. (illustration by Aaliya Luthra)

Celebrating 50 years of the Washington Square News

When staying up to date with current events becomes a personal crisis, it’s clear it is time to make a change.
Naisha Roy, Deputy Opinion Editor April 30, 2023

An interior view of the Palladium dining hall with wooden counters, white columns, tiled floors and white ceilings.

Opinion: NYU’s markets are unusable with their expensive prices

The university’s campus convenience stores: a concept that only works in theory.
Naisha Roy, Deputy Opinion Editor April 28, 2023

NYU’s dining hall hours suck. The good locations are never open late, and even the mediocre ones run out of food long before they close. That’s part of the reason why NYU has...

An aerial view of the Washington Square Arch with a crowd of N.Y.U. students wearing purple outfits in front.

Opinion: Bring back the ‘Why NYU?’ essay

It makes sense that NYU has decided to go test-optional. Essay-optional, however, is a whole different story.
Naisha Roy, Deputy Opinion Editor April 7, 2023

Just about all of us remember sitting down at the computer, staring at the “Why NYU?” supplemental essay on the Common Application, and asking ourselves that very question:...

A paper straw with blue stripes in a plastic cup against a red wall.

Off-Third: The last straw: Dining hall paper straws turn students into climate deniers

Save the turtles — or don’t. Just give us our plastic straws back, climate-denying students say.
Naisha Roy, Deputy Opinion Editor March 29, 2023

After spending months grappling with dysfunctional paper straws, some NYU students are rejecting the university’s sustainability measures — and the idea of climate change as...

A classroom filled with students, who are wearing masks, working on their laptops. An analog clock hangs on the wall behind them.

Opinion: Stop making classes longer than they need to be

Most NYU classes are 75 minutes long. The ones that are longer shouldn’t be.
Naisha Roy, Deputy Opinion Editor March 24, 2023

There’s only one thing worse than sitting in a murky auditorium, listening to a professor lecture for 75 minutes: sitting there for double that time. That’s what I had to do...

Two students at a salad bar with dining tables to the right.

Opinion: Crave NYU is better because it has a different food provider

The new Crave NYU dining hall proves that the university can do food right. Why not have Sous Vide Kitchen as the primary provider in the rest of the dining halls?
Naisha Roy, Deputy Opinion Editor March 9, 2023

After the third time I received burnt Cluckstein chicken nuggets, I promised myself I would never eat there again. When NYU announced the opening of a new dining hall in the Paulson...

An image of two levels of Bobst Library, with students studying at tables on both floors.

Opinion: Finals week schedules shouldn’t be a mystery

I’m not saving any money on tuition, so the least NYU could do is let me save money on flights home.
Naisha Roy, Deputy Opinion Editor February 28, 2023

The end of the spring semester involves a lot of moving parts. Students have to worry about surviving finals week, packing and leaving dorms and — for those who live outside...

A student dressed in a black t-shirt and black checkered sweatpants does laundry in the Coral Tower residence hall laundry room. The laundry room consists of two rows of white washers and dryers.

Off-Third: Students wash clothing one article at a time to protest laundry conditions

The only thing Herculean about the Hercules laundry app is that it should be abandoned, protesters say.
Naisha Roy, Deputy Opinion Editor February 28, 2023

Off-Third is WSN’s satire column. After struggling with the excess cost of laundry, the scarce amount of machines in each dorm and the glitchy Hercules app, which serves as...

An illustration of a roll of paper, tied with a purple ribbon in front a black graduation cap. It is pictured sitting atop a stack of four books of different academic subjects against a purple background.

Opinion: CAS needs to offer more joint majors

Let me live my wannabe Gallatin dreams.
Naisha Roy, Deputy Opinion Editor February 23, 2023

From specializations to double majors, minors to concentrations and more, NYU has a ton of confusing terminology when it comes to defining what students are studying. In the midst...

A box of emergency contraceptive pills on a white tabletop. The box reads “Plan B. One-Step.”

Off-Third: NYU takes ‘the city is our campus’ literally, offers off-campus tours to visitors

As university buildings take over the city, leadership ambassadors are taking over the city’s tourism industry.
Naisha Roy, Deputy Opinion Editor February 16, 2023

Off-Third is WSN’s satire column. After constant complaints that campus tours were smelly, boring and prone to assault-via-egging, the university has finally announced the...

The facade of a building with orange and red bricks. A white flag with the N.Y.U. logo hangs from the wall. Underneath the flag is the entrance to N.Y.U.’s Lipton residence hall.

Opinion: Why does NYU make it so hard to apply for housing?

NYU’s housing application process forces students to commit to dorms without giving them the information they need to be able to make an informed decision about where they want to live.
Naisha Roy, Deputy Opinion Editor February 9, 2023

One of the biggest stressors about going to college in a big city — or anywhere, really — is finding housing. When I first completed the housing application, during my last...

Two students lining up in front of a food station inside a university dining hall. A television above the counter shows that the counter serves Indian food.

Opinion: Dear NYU Eats, samosas are not protein

Chaat House, the newest addition to Palladium dining hall, makes avoidable mistakes in its take on Indian cuisine.
Naisha Roy, Deputy Opinion Editor February 1, 2023

When I said my goodbyes at the end of winter recess, all I could think about was everything I would miss: my mom, her cooking, my dad, his cooking, my grandma, her cooking, my...

A blue, plastic recycling bin with a white U+2672 Universal Recycling Symbol printed on it. A red Santa hat illustration is overlaid on the recycling bin.

This holiday season, take your trash out the right way

Here’s a few ways to give back to Mother Earth before you leave for winter break.
Naisha Roy, Staff Writer December 13, 2022

With winter break approaching, most of us are just trying to make it through finals week long enough to see the holiday lights at the end of the tunnel. However, with all the excitement...

A man in a blue shirt and a brown tie holds his right arm up while speaking to a group of students. Behind him, there is a slide that is drawn over that reads: “Stern Best, thumbs up emoji.”

Off-Third: Sternies are better than us, actually

Leave the finance bros alone. Everyone knows you’re just jealous of them.
Naisha Roy, Staff Writer December 7, 2022

Off-Third is WSN’s satire column. Last week, the undergraduate dean at Stern School of Business answered questions during a town hall with dozens of students to discuss anti-Stern...

A hand holding a small, pink canister of pepper spray that shoots out liquid.

Opinion: Strike down pepper spray restrictions

In a time of increased break-ins, attacks and safety violations, students need better access to self-defense devices. New York state needs to reconsider its pepper spray laws.
Naisha Roy, Staff Writer November 29, 2022

As I finalized my Amazon shopping cart for my first year at NYU, I realized I forgot to add one item: pepper spray. Although it wasn’t as exciting as dorm decorations, I knew...

An illustration of two people’s silhouette talking in front of a blackboard with the text “COLLEGE OF blank line?” “C.A.S. vs C period A period S period,” and “SOLUTION two question marks” against a purple background.

Off-Third: CAS needs a name

CAS first-years have faced this dilemma for way too long. We need a name.
Naisha Roy, Staff Writer November 16, 2022

Off-Third is WSN’s satire column. As a wide-eyed and eager first-year ready to take New York City by storm, you gather all of your belongings and move into your first dorm....

The red facade and sidewalk entrance of Bobst Library is decorated with ornaments and garland. N.Y.U. president Andrew Hamilton puts ornaments on two Christmas, which are side by side.

Off-Third: NYU should celebrate Christmas even earlier

November isn’t soon enough. We need to celebrate Christmas for the entire second half of the year.
Naisha Roy, Staff Writer November 3, 2022

Off-Third is WSN’s satire column. As soon as the clock strikes midnight on Nov. 1, Instagram stories everywhere go from pictures of lingerie-with-animal-ears costumes to red...

A hand holding a smartphone displaying TikTok’s splash screen. In the background is a laptop with N.Y.U.’s log-in webpage open.

Opinion: Class of 2026, there’s nothing wrong with slacking off

With midterm season in full force, a lot of first-years are feeling the same pressure to constantly work like in high school. I’m here to tell you it’s OK to slack off.
Naisha Roy, Staff Writer October 24, 2022

Dear fellow first-years, let’s be honest. If you’re a student here, it’s because you didn’t slack off in high school — you were one of those child prodigies who cured...

Exterior photo of the N.Y.U. Office of Global Services with white text reading “383 Lafayette” on the window.

Opinion: NYU needs to support its documented dreamers

International students come from different backgrounds, and it’s time NYU provides resources for all of us.
Naisha Roy, Staff Writer October 21, 2022

When most people think of international students, they imagine them moving across the world with their suitcases in hand, saying goodbye to their family and friends, ready to begin...

An image of an elevator button panel with a red X drawn over it.

Off-Third: NYU removes elevator buttons in bid to boost student fitness

After months of complaints by higher-floor residents and an uptick in student laziness, residence hall elevators will no longer stop on lower-level floors.
Naisha Roy, Staff Writer September 23, 2022

NYU recently announced that residence hall elevators would no longer have buttons for the second through fifth floors, the latest in a series of actions aimed at improving student...

A hand with purple fingernails holds a New York University campus card near a card reader at a dining hall kiosk.

Opinion: Meal Plans aren’t useless — you’re just using them wrong

Yes, the Lipton toaster somehow burnt only the left side of my bagel. No, I still won’t get rid of my meal plan.
Naisha Roy, Staff Writer September 21, 2022

As an incoming first-year, one of the most complicated things that I had to go through was navigating NYU’s meal plan — rivaled only by trying to figure out how to manage the...

The entrance of Rubin Hall with an NYU flag and a green overhang.

Opinion: NYU is eliminating its cheapest dorm option

The first-year dorm notorious for its lack of air conditioning is finally getting a long-awaited renovation, but it makes an already pricey college experience even pricier.
Naisha Roy, Staff Writer September 16, 2022

When I was scrolling through housing options back in June, the low prices of Rubin Hall immediately caught my eye. Often the butt of housing jokes for first-years, the residence...