Student Government Passes BDS Resolution After Shouts, Screams and Snaps

A resolution that would have NYU divest from companies associated with Israel and institute a socially responsible investment policy passed on Thursday. Of the 63 members of student government voting, 14 abstained,...

Student Government to Vote on BDS Resolution Today

Six students for and against the resolution will voice their thoughts before a vote by secret ballot.

IEC Moves Days Long Occupation to Kimmel Stairs

Members of the IEC have now moved their occupation of Bobst to Kimmel, hoping to escalate their protest of NYU’s dining services.

IEC Continues 40-Hour Sit-In at Bobst

Since 8 a.m. on Monday morning, the IEC has occupied Bobst for almost 40 hours to protest NYU’s dining services.

Realize Israel Video Says Jewish Students Feel ‘Threatened, Attacked’

With an upcoming vote in NYU’s student government on a resolution that has been associated with the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement, pro-Israel feels under attack.

Faculty Discuss NYU’s Ties to Abu Dhabi

Faculty members decided to host an open forum to discuss NYU’s relationship with the UAE and the existence of academic freedom at NYU Abu Dhabi.

Students Protest NYU’s Involvement in Yemeni Humanitarian Crisis

40 protestors called on the university to take steeper action on the war in Yemen.

At Langone, a Doctor Gives a Gunshot Victim a New Face

Inside the operating room during a 25-hour face transplant surgery, Dr. Eduardo Rodriguez had time to take just one bathroom break and a quick sip of coffee. The rest of his time consisted of...

BDS Resolution Meets Resistance

Some students studying away at NYU Tel Aviv wrote a letter in response to a resolution that would have NYU sever ties with companies tied to Israel.

Faculty To Discuss Academic Freedom at NYUAD

Professors hope to take action where they feel NYU’s administration has not in regards to the universities relationship with the United Arab Emirates.

Rick Santorum Talks Freedom, Civil Liberties and Trump at NYU

College Republicans invited former Senator Rick Santorum to NYU to discuss civil liberties on Thursday night.

Student Government Initiatives Gaining Traction, But Not Passed Yet

At a Student Senators Council meeting various resolutions, some of which had been introduced as early as mid-September, received updates from the student government president.