New York University's independent student newspaper, established in 1973.

Washington Square News

New York University's independent student newspaper, established in 1973.

Washington Square News

New York University's independent student newspaper, established in 1973.

Washington Square News


Two people, one in a dress and the other in a skirt, in a photo that cuts off below their heads. The fabric of their clothing is moving in the wind as they move in a grassy field.

Sharing creativity throughout the NYU abroad experience: NYU Paris’s student-run magazine

À Partager is a newly founded zine providing a space for creative expression in a city all too unfamiliar.
Makayla Brown, Staff Writer May 2, 2024

Global Liberal Studies junior Elsy Bonilla-Aguilar saw students seeking a space to engage in their creative endeavors alongside their peers, and decided to bridge the gap herself...

A group of flyers on a wall, flyers reading: “FREE CONGO,” “FREE SUDAN,” “FREE PALESTINE,” “DISMANTLE THE POLICE STATE. END WAR,” “NYU FUNDS GENOCIDE,” and “ABOLISH THE CARCERAL WORLD,” with pieces of paper on the ground and a sign that says “FREE PALESTINE” below it.

Students organize sit-in at NYU London in solidarity with protesters arrested across the US

Over a dozen students demonstrated at NYU’s study abroad sit in London, expressing solidarity with student protesters across U.S. colleges and demanding that the university cut ties with Israel.
Connor Patton, Staff Writer May 2, 2024

Around 15 students at NYU London held a sit-in at the study away site’s academic center Wednesday to call for the university to divest from Israel and express solidarity with...

A person taking down a poster that was on a staircase.

Students abroad organize sit-ins to support those arrested in Gaza Solidarity Encampment

The demonstrations, organized at NYU Berlin and NYU Buenos Aires, called on the university to suspend ties to Israel and protect those arrested at Monday’s encampment from any disciplinary action.

Around 40 students at NYU Berlin and NYU Buenos Aires occupied the sites’ main academic centers on Thursday to support the students and faculty arrested at the Gaza Solidarity...

The front facade of the Casa Rosada in Buenos Aires.

Tips and tricks for your time abroad at NYU Buenos Aires

From partying with the locals to the desserts you have to try, here’s what you should know about Argentina from someone who’s been here for two semesters.
Sandy Battulga, Staff Writer April 17, 2024

About 100 students make the trip to NYU Buenos Aires each year, prepped only with a handful of tips from an NYU orientation on Argentina's capital city. Nothing prepares you for...

An illustration of a map of Europe with the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Czech Republic, Italy and Spain painted purple with white N.Y.U. emblems. Each country has one city labeled: London, Paris, Berlin, Prague, Florence and Madrid. Illustrations of N.Y.U. global sites’ buildings are included next to each country on the map.

5 inevitable study abroad mistakes

As you buckle up for your long-anticipated study abroad experience, be sure to avoid these common slip-ups.
Naisha Roy, Editor-at-Large April 2, 2024

As someone who’s roughly halfway through her study away semester at NYU Madrid, let me be the first to tell you: You will make bad decisions. Going to NYU makes us all think...

A sewing machine on a desk with a peg board of other tools hanging above it.

Q&A: Cool-girl designer Kenza Iatrides on her clothing brand

Iatrides spoke with WSN about building her clothing brand in Paris, the benefits of sustainable fashion and the power of social media.
Makayla Brown, Contributing Writer March 28, 2024

Paris-based designer Kenza Iatrides’ versatile pieces made from upcycled materials represent a wondrous rethinking of clothing. Iatrides started selling her designs a year and...

A collage of three photographs. In the left photo, a model wears an off-white, woven dress with black metallic flowers that branch off of it. In the middle photo, a model wears white pants and a white woven top with metallic flowers branching from her back. In the right photo, the model wears a beige, woven dress with a large bow on the front.

Haute couture touched by Spanish roots at Paris Fashion Week

In Juana Martín’s “La Rosée” collection, a floral theme blends with the latest trends of the season.
Nicola Verani, Contributing Writer January 29, 2024

PARIS - At Juana Martín’s haute couture Fall/Winter 2024 show, guests entered underneath the infamous inverted pyramid in the Carrousel du Louvre carousel. The catwalk in the...

A collage of three photographs. The left model wears a large hoodie and baggy ripped jeans. The middle model wears a black, pink and green blazer and pants, a leather choker and a fluffy hat. The right model wears a black jacket and full body jumpsuit with a deer print.

Kidill brings punk and nostalgia to Paris Fashion Week

Designer Hiroaki Sueyasu pays homage to '70s fashion and punk in his Fall/Winter 2024 collection.
Makayla Brown, Contributing Writer January 29, 2024

PARIS - Kidill opened Fall/Winter 2024 Paris Fashion Week with a teenager’s punk fantasy. The brand seeks to revive the British punk scene and the ‘70s fashion movement and...

Tel Aviv seaside. There is a beach and people swimming in the sea. There are tall buildings in the background.

NYU Tel Aviv students continue classes remotely with potential return in spring

Following the start of the Israel-Hamas war, students at NYU’s program in Tel Aviv have been continuing classes online from either Manhattan, Abu Dhabi or their homes.
Elle Liu, Contributing Writer November 2, 2023

Students who were studying abroad at NYU Tel Aviv will complete the rest of the semester online due to safety concerns in the region over the Israel-Hamas war. The university said...

A view out of a window of a N.Y.U Tel Aviv residence hall showing smoke rising from the ground, among two buildings in construction and several cranes.

Mills responds to recent Hamas and Israeli attacks

Students at NYU’s Tel Aviv program sheltered amid recent airstrike and rocket attacks from the Israeli military and a militant group in the Gaza Strip, before embarking on a trip to Abu Dhabi.
Yezen Saadah, News Editor October 8, 2023

Students studying away at NYU Tel Aviv were told to remain in their dorms following a Hamas-led rocket attack in occupied Palestine yesterday, which was met with Israeli...

From left to right: a model wearing a gray oversized jacket and a pair of gray oversized pants with white and yellow accents; a model wearing a free-form, white knitted top and a pair of gray shorts; a model wearing a black sequin dress with white accents.

Not your traditional runway show: Flying Solo breaks barriers at Paris Fashion Week

Fashion collective Flying Solo showcased up-and-coming independent designers at Paris Fashion Week.
Ishani Paul, Staff Writer October 5, 2023

PARIS — A line of elegantly dressed attendees stretched down the Avenue Marceau, only a few steps away from the Arc de Triomphe, waiting to enter La Galerie Bourbon for Flying...