NYU Urges Betsy DeVos Not to Change University Sexual Misconduct Policies

NYU declared its opposition to Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos’ proposed changes to how universities deal with cases of sexual misconduct under Title IX in a letter sent Tuesday, adding to the 100,000 comments...

Progressive Politicians Plan to Mold New York City Into a Model for the Nation

For the first time in a decade, democratic politicians have a majority in the New York State Senate, opening up the opportunity for more progressive policies. Powerhouses of the New York City political scene...

At Langone, a Doctor Gives a Gunshot Victim a New Face

Inside the operating room during a 25-hour face transplant surgery, Dr. Eduardo Rodriguez had time to take just one bathroom break and a quick sip of coffee. The rest of his time consisted of...

Queens Residents Protest Amazon’s Arrival

Protestors gathered on a rainy Monday afternoon in Long Island City to protest the impending arrival of Amazon's new headquarters.

Man Threatens to Jump From Building Near Alumni Hall

After a man threatened to jump from his three-story apartment, students near Alumni Residence Hall and the Barney Building stopped in their tracks.

Gays Against Guns Holds Rally for Thousand Oaks Shooting Victims

Dozens of people gathered in Times Square on Sunday afternoon to celebrate the lives of the 12 people killed in the mass shooting in Thousand Oaks, California, on Wednesday and to call for gun control reform moving forward.

NYU to Open New Medical School on Long Island

With a shortage of primary care physicians across the country, NYU’s new medical school will exclusively train students for primary-care work.

Midterm Results Signal a New Wave of Progressive Policies for New York

Featuring momentous local and national results, the 2018 midterm elections are poised to have a tangible effect on NYU, New York and the nation as a whole.

Thousands Nationwide Protest Country’s New Attorney General

Approximately one thousand people poured into the streets of Times Square on Thursday evening to protest President Donald Trump’s appointment of Matt Whitaker, a critic of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into Russian meddling...

Transgender Activists Protest Trump, Prepare to Vote

With a push to rollback Obama-era policies that had expanded transgender rights, activists are protesting Trump and looking to elect representatives that oppose the possible changes.

New York Prepares for Pivotal Elections

Ahead of Tuesday’s midterms, a preview of the races most pertinent to the NYU community.

New Yorkers Let Loose at Packed Halloween Parade

At the annual New York City Village Halloween Parade, WSN met a queen from Colombia, Bob and Linda Belcher and a cotton candy-costumed foodie.