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An illustration of an Indian woman with long black hair. A pair of hands wash the hair. In the foreground is a blue bottle of hair care product and a bowl of white liquid. In the background are red flowers.

How to save your hair

If your hair is suffering from the damage of dyes, bleaches and heat, here are two of the best and most dependable hair treatments from India.
Aksha Mittapalli, Contributing Writer Nov 29, 2022

Growing up in India, I was told that healthy hair is just as important as a healthy body. Long, thick, voluminous hair is a great symbol of beauty that many strive to achieve....

The facade of a restaurant with brown-tinted windows and a retracted, blue sun shade with white text “208” and “JA MOY” in all caps.

Keep calm and eat at Ja Moy Kitchen & Bar

Ja Moy is your new midday getaway to enjoy meaningful conversations and mouthwatering meals near campus.
Jay Sophalkalyan, Contributing Writer Nov 29, 2022

In a city that’s constantly in motion with radical individualism raging on every street corner, New York can sometimes make you feel insignificant, lonely even. By default, no...

Are platform shoes still in style? The answer is definitely yes, and so are cargo pants and see-through knitwear. Pairing a couple of cant-go-wrong gold accessories, the cream-colored sweater achieves a vintage silhouette.

Subway stations: New Yorkers’ everyday runway

WSN photographers capture the creativity of subway passengers and their day-to-day commutes.
Jennifer Ren, Contributing Photographer Nov 25, 2022

A small christmas tree placed on top of a wooden shelf with two gift boxes wrapped with brown paper under it. The boxes are tied with red straps with text “FOR YOU” in all caps. In the background are shelves of indistinguishable goods.

The ultimate gift guide for the NYU student in your life

If you’re wondering what your Violet wants for the holidays, look no further.
Alexa Donovan, Staff Writer Nov 23, 2022

With the holidays just around the corner and Black Friday sales starting soon, you may find yourself wondering what to get that NYU student you know and love for the holidays....

Boxes of food are laid on a layer of a shelf. There is a tag in front of the center box that reads “TURKEY POTPIE dollar symbol 6.99” in all caps. Under the text is a list of ingredients. There is a photo of a turkey potpie on the box.

Trader Joe’s has the tur-key to Thanksgiving

These elite Trader Joe’s items complete any fall harvest feast.
Sara Sharma, Staff Writer Nov 23, 2022

I relish grocery shopping and am always enthralled by how put together it makes me feel. From jotting down a grocery list to rifling through aisles of produce, grocery runs are...

A performer in short golden hair wraps a red blindfold around the eyes of another female performer sitting down and wearing a red gown. The audience surrounds them on chairs in a room dimly lit by red lights.

‘Say Please’ to an entertaining evening of burlesque and sexuality

Wink and A Smile produces a tasting menu of kinks between sultry burlesque performances to develop your sexual palate. 
Shay Jones, Contributing Writer Nov 22, 2022

A framed sepia-tone photo of Joan Didion’s items in Stair Galleries is set against a black-and-white background of Didion book covers.

A day of magical thinking at the Joan Didion estate sale

The Nov. 16 auction of Joan Didion’s belongings marked a final, posthumous turning point in the legacy of the perennial idol of aspiring writers.
Alex Tey, Editor-at-Large Nov 21, 2022

I’m certain that, given the opportunity, Joan Didion would have attended her own estate sale. The writer was the definitive chronicler of disorder and decline in 20th-century...

Against a white white are plates of various desserts and a wooden peel with croissants and pieces of bread on it.

Pavé revitalizes the craft of European breadmaking

Pavé’s freshly made bread and quaint interior sets it apart from other cafes and bakeries in New York City.
Jasmine Venet, Staff Writer Nov 21, 2022

With November well underway, autumn leaves have blanketed the city streets and temperatures have dropped to a winter chill. As New Yorkers adjust to drearier days, they also seem...

A Victorian couch sits on top of a pile of trash in the 49th Street subway station.

Find your new favorite piece with the help of Stooping NYC

Almost every NYU student has heard of stooping to get free furniture. Here’s the story of how the popular Instagram account @StoopingNYC came to be.
Mitali Sapra, Contributing Writer Nov 21, 2022

Stooping NYC’s Instagram page is a staple for every New Yorker, especially college students. The account, run by an anonymous married couple, has been using the platform to help...

Text “FREE HONG KONG. REVOLUTION NOW” in both English and traditional Chinese projected onto the ground. In the background is a group of people standing under the Washington Square Arch and the Empire State Building. The photo is black and white.

Unity for Hong Kong ignites in the darkness

A photographic documentary of a vigil commemorating the 2019 Hong Kong university sieges in Washington Square Park.
Washington Square News Nov 20, 2022

An illustration of Washington Square Park with the Washington Square Arch in the background. Couples sit on the ground or on seats in the park. Above the Park is white text that reads “Sex on the Square.”

Sex on the Square: NYU-themed sex positions

What better way to show school spirit than by adding some NYU flavor to your sex life?  
Rachel Fadem and Shreya Tomar Nov 18, 2022

College is a great time to explore your sexual preferences, and trying out new sex positions can be a great way to switch things up. Here are nine NYU-themed sex positions for...

Andrew Kwon poses next to a mannequin in a black dress.

Q&A: Designer Andrew Kwon on fashion and the internet

Evening and bridal wear designer Andrew Kwon spoke to WSN about his design process, his time at the Parsons School of Design and the influx of influencers in fashion.
Olivia Liu, Beauty & Style Editor Nov 18, 2022

Andrew Kwon oozes intimacy. The Korean American designer recently launched his newest bridal collection, Rarefied, which was held in a private suite in the Peninsula Hotel on Fifth...