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Graduate Ayham Adawi in purple graduation robe holds the NYU Abu Dhabi banner. A crowd of graduates in purple robes are seen in the background.

Abu Dhabi, Shanghai seniors come together at NYC commencement

NYU Abu Dhabi and NYU Shanghai seniors represented their schools during the university commencement ceremony for the class of 2022.
Roshni Raj, Culture Editor May 20, 2022

For most students, commencement is a day to bring everyone together. Some families drive from New Jersey, while others fly from across oceans, all to watch their loved ones graduate....

Two graduates in purple graduation robes crouch in front of a ring light camera to take a picture. There are other graduates, friends and family members walking around them. In the background, there banners for NYU Connect.

Advice for incoming first-years from NYU’s newest graduates

NYU grads from the classes of 2020, 2021 and 2022 shared memories and wisdom while attending their commencement ceremonies at Yankee Stadium on May 18.
Abby Wilson and Rachel Fadem May 20, 2022

Tens of thousands of NYU graduates came together to celebrate their achievements and reflect on their time at the university during two commencement ceremonies held at Yankee Stadium...

Lexie Alford, the youngest person ever to visit every country, holds up a sign that reads Country #111 in front of the The Forbidden City palace complex in Beijing, China.

Q&A: Guinness World Record holder Lexie Alford on traveling to every country

After studying away, we thought we were expert solo travelers — until we sat down with the youngest person ever to visit every single country.
Anthony Ferrara and Roshni Raj May 6, 2022

Last semester, we studied away at NYU Abu Dhabi and NYU London, where we fully immersed ourselves in the local cultures. Over 40% of NYU students study away for at least one 16-week...

An illustration of a cell phone on a yellow background. Text bubbles are featured on the screen.

The yasses and flops of Grindr, as told by its NYU users

NYU students share their experiences with looking for fun and more on the Grindr app.
Derek Kamakanaaloha Soong, Staff Writer May 5, 2022

Content warning: this article mentions sexual assault. Whether you’re using it to find love, lust or some much-needed validation, dating apps are a quintessential part of...

A beret, a top hat, a cowboy hat, a floppy hat and a sun hat against a light green background.

Through the looking-hat: What we as a society can learn from hats

My journey from hattraction to hatdiction to hatving no more puns to put in this description.
Max Tiefer, Copy Chief and WSN’s Unofficial Rabbi May 4, 2022

You all read the headline. You know what I’m about. Yes, for the past semester, I have embodied that most loathsome of college archetypes — second only to the fiscal conservative...

A mocktail glass with a dried citrus fruit on top against a yellowish background.

A hangover remedy guide

We’re not trying to enable you, but here are some ways to help that headache.
The Culture Desk May 4, 2022

Cassidy Crockett sifting through racks of colorful printed wrap dresses.

How an LS first-year scored an internship with designer brand Diane von Furstenberg

An in-person visit gave first-year Cassidy Crockett the opportunity to stand out among hundreds of applicants for an internship with the high-end luxury brand.
Olivia Liu, Contributing Writer May 4, 2022

Perhaps you first heard of the name Diane von Furstenberg being tossed around during a shopping montage on “Gossip Girl.” Perhaps you’ve perused Nordstrom only to linger...

An illustration of two people facing away from one another. One person is on the floor sitting on the shadow of the other person. The shadow and the person on the floor are holding onto the same bouquet of flowers.

5 ways to cope with unrequited love

Here’s some tips to get over that person who doesn’t feel the same way as you do, so you can make the most of hot girl summer.
Ava Duchin, Contributing Writer May 3, 2022

There is a new warmth in the air. As the trees begin to bud again, summer flings and new relationships are also blooming. I see countless couples, doe-eyed and hands interlocked,...

A yellow bag, rolling papers, an orange lighter, a dollar bill, and a small green grinder on top of a red bag.

Ranked: Quintessential NYU experiences

Because they do exist!
Joey Hung and Sabrina Choudhary May 2, 2022

Our Managing Editor did not believe we could make a list of quintessential NYU experiences  — he’s a philosophy bro. We’ll leave it for you to decide. 11. Listening to...

A boy and two girls stand side by side smiling at the camera. Each holds different styles of food shopping bags. Behind them, the green trees of Washington Square Park.

Gallatin first-years mobilize students to donate meal swipes to mutual aid

XR University NYC, revived in March, is challenging students to address issues ranging from climate change to food insecurity.
Tori Morales, Staff Writer May 2, 2022

It’s no secret that NYU has a food insecurity problem. The university’s Swipe it Forward program, which allows students to donate meal swipes that would otherwise go to waste,...

Mandala-style wooden blinds decorated with floral designs and short notes in the foreground and a poster saying “Grief Garden” in the background.

Reflecting on life and love at the ‘Grief Garden’

Artist-in-Residence Khaty Xiong’s poetry installation at the Asian/Pacific/American Institute offers those grieving a place of solace and comfort.
Sunny Sequeira, UTA Staff Editor April 29, 2022

Grief arrives differently for everyone. It’s sometimes expected, other times sudden, but never without impact. Whether it strikes, constricts or swallows, loss produces all-consuming...