New York University's independent student newspaper, established in 1973.

Washington Square News

New York University's independent student newspaper, established in 1973.

Washington Square News

New York University's independent student newspaper, established in 1973.

Washington Square News

Fall 2023

Manasa Gudavalli

Manasa Gudavalli

Manasa Gudavalli is a super senior studying a super strange combination of psychology, mathematics, journalism, and chemistry. When they are not editing the Washington Square News, they are probably reading Freud, watching college...

A portrait of Maria do Carmo Macedo Chaves Cardoso Moniz.
Managing Editor

Carmo Moniz

Carmo Moniz is a junior studying journalism and politics. She enjoys covering city news and dabbling in data journalism, and aspires to one day join the journalism-to-law-school pipeline. When she's not in classes or at the Washington...

A portrait of Gillian Blum.
Deputy Managing Editor

Gillian Blum

Gillian Blum is a junior studying journalism and politics. She is originally from Baltimore, Maryland, and loves words, stories and grammar. When not working at WSN, Gillian works as a writer for The Direct. She loves puns, always...

A portrait of Naisha Roy.
Deputy Managing Editor

Naisha Roy

Naisha Roy is a second-year studying journalism and Spanish & Linguistics. She loves covering topics like immigration issues and NYU policies. In her free time, she's probably doing the daily crossword or cooking while lis...

A portrait of Natalie Thomas.
Deputy Managing Editor

Natalie Thomas

Natalie Thomas is a senior studying psychology and chemistry. Despite treating WSN like a full-time job, she has aspirations to attend medical school and one day become a pediatrician. Here are some peer reviews: "The office does ...

A portrait of Samson Tu.
Creative & Multimedia Director

Samson Tu

Samson Shing-Chen Tu is finishing his B.A. degree in politics. Samson is an aspiring-street-photographer-turned-law-school-applicant. The development of civil societies in occupied countries and regime transitions in young democra...

A portrait of Kaiyu (Kevin) Wu.
Digital Director

Kaiyu (Kevin) Wu

Kaiyu (Kevin) Wu is a senior double-majoring in Media, Culture, and Communication and Journalism. He directs everything digital at WSN. You can directly reach him digitally at [email protected]....

A portrait of Yezen Saadah.
News Editor

Yezen Saadah

Yezen Saadah is a sophomore studying cinema studies, journalism and Middle Eastern studies. He's a lover of cinema, history, art and literature, and he enjoys writing about pretty much anything. If he isn't in the newsroom or at...

A portrait of Adrianna Nehme.
News Editor

Adrianna Nehme

Adrianna Nehme is a sophomore still trying to decide what to major in. Originally from a small town in Indiana, she moved to Chicago, Illinois for high school — where she was also the news editor for the school paper! She loves ...

A portrait of Bruna Horvath.
Deputy News Editor

Bruna Horvath

Bruna Horvath is a sophomore studying journalism and English at CAS. When she’s not a Deputy News Editor, she’s a "Gone Girl" enthusiast, a Goodreads lover, and a Barnes & Noble frequenter. You can usually find her orde...

A portrait of Krish Dev.
Deputy News Editor

Krish Dev

Krish is a first-year planning to major in computer science at CAS. In his free time, he enjoys posting photos on @krish_dev.creations, obsessing over geography, watching new films at AMC Theatres, taking public transport to new pla...

A portrait of Maisie Zipfel.
Deputy News Editor

Maisie Zipfel

Maisie Zipfel is a first-year student at NYU's College of Arts & Science. She plans to study journalism and politics, and she hopes to integrate a minor in gender studies. When she's not writing, you can find her dancing, ta...

A portrait of Ania Keenan.
Features Editor

Ania Keenan

Ania Keenan is a sophomore double majoring in Journalism and Data Science. She is originally from upstate New York, but grew up in the Bay Area. She loves storytelling and research and is interested in covering stories related t...

A portrait of Qianshan (Ben) Weng.
Photo Editor

Qianshan (Ben) Weng

Qianshan Weng is a junior studying Media, Culture and Communication and Journalism. You may pronounce his name as "chi''en-shan", or, if it makes your life easier, just call him "Ben." He grew up in Shenzhen, China, and has spent...

A portrait of Danny Arensberg.
Photo Editor

Danny Arensberg

Danny Arensberg is a junior majoring in photography and imaging at Tisch School of the Arts. With a primary focus on photojournalism and current affairs, he is constantly chasing breaking news within New York City. Covering everythi...

A portrait of Doga Usanmaz.
Video Director

Doga Usanmaz

Doga Usanmaz is a senior, double majoring in Broadcast Journalism and Politics, with a minor in Creative Writing. She is from Istanbul, Turkey, but grew up in a small town in Switzerland. She loves writing and videography, and i...

A portrait of Shiphrah Moses.
Social Media Editor

Shiphrah Moses

Shiphrah Moses is a sophomore studying dramatic writing at Tisch. She lives in the Bay Area in California, but is originally from Bangalore, India. She loves writing, acting, music and pretty much anything that involves storytel...

Photo of Eileen Liu
Social Media Editor

Eileen Liu

Eileen Liu is a junior majoring in Media, Culture, and Communication and minoring in Business of Entertainment, Media, and Technology. She is from a small town in northern Connecticut, famous for its amazing cow manure smell and corn...

A portrait of Max Van Hosen.
Art Director

Max Van Hosen

Max Van Hosen is a junior studying dramatic writing at Tisch with minors in studio art and Business of Entertainment, Media, and Technology. He is originally from Agoura Hills, California but has grown up in Fayetteville, Arkansas....

A portrait of Emily Genova.
Copy Chief

Emily Genova

Emily Genova is a junior studying Media, Culture, and Communication at Steinhardt. She spends her free time reading, obsessing over pop artists, and speed walking around campus. You can find her on Instagram @emilygenova or email h...

A portrait of Anna Baird-Hassell.
Deputy Copy Chief

Anna Baird-Hassell

Anna Baird-Hassell is a junior studying Sociology in the College of Arts and Science. She is an at-home barista fond of hugs, a good ocean float, meditation, and posting pictures of things that aren’t her on instagram @annabairdh...

Adrita Talukder
Culture Editor

Adrita Talukder

Adrita Talukder is a sophomore at CAS planning to major in Comparative Literature and International Relations. Outside of the paper, she's usually photographing her friends, watching movies, or polishing her NYU French award. ...

A portrait of Juliana Guarracino.
Deputy Culture Editor

Juliana Guarracino

Juliana Guarracino is a senior majoring in Global Media, Culture, and Communication and Romance Languages. Aside from writing, she has a passion for cooking, travel and art history. When she's not working, she enjoys reading, ...

A portrait of Andrea Lui.
Dining Editor

Andrea Lui

Andrea Lui is a sophomore in Stern studying finance and data science with a minor in the business of entertainment, media and technology. She developed a profound love for the written arts while performing poetry, prose, monologu...

A portrait of Sabrina Lee.
Identity & Equity Editor

Sabrina Lee

Sabrina Lee is a senior majoring in Journalism and Public Policy. Born and raised in Singapore, she is interested in evaluating questions of culture, identity and community in our changing world. Outside of work and school, she’s bu...

A portrait of Elena Portnoy.
Beauty & Style Editor

Elena Portnoy

Elena Portnoy is a junior studying Dramatic Writing and Art History. As a Beauty and Style editor, she's combining her passion for fashion and her love of the written word. When she's not sifting through racks of vintage clothin...

A portrait of Stephanie Wong.
Arts Editor

Stephanie Wong

Stephanie Wong is a junior double-majoring in Media, Culture, and Communication and Journalism, with a minor in English Literature. Born to Japanese and Chinese parents, she grew up in Hong Kong for most of her life. In her spare t...

A portrait of Clara Scholl.
Arts Editor

Clara Scholl

Clara Scholl is a junior studying art history, politics and economics. She’s from New York City and hosted a radio show called Female Hysteria on the music movement of Riot Grrrl. You can find her on Twitter @scholl_clara or o...

A portrait of Alexa Donovan.
Deputy Arts Editor

Alexa Donovan

Alexa Donovan is a sophomore majoring in Journalism and Art History and minoring in Creative writing. Her favorite drink is lemonade and her party trick is listing the U.S. presidents in chronological order . You can find her...

A portrait of Mick Gaw.
Film & TV Editor

Mick Gaw

Mick Gaw is a junior double-majoring in History and Public Policy. When he’s not holed up in a cinema, he's probably perusing the aisles of an Asian grocery store, wandering around museums or taking ugly pictures of his meals...

A portrait of Julia Diorio.
Music Editor

Julia Diorio

Julia Diorio is a sophomore studying journalism at CAS. When not reminicisng about 2000s pop punk music, she can normally be found drinking copious amounts of Dunkin' iced coffee, curating hyper specific Spotify playlists, or st...

A portrait of Molly Koch.
Opinion Editor

Molly Koch

Molly Koch is a sophomore in Liberal Studies planning to study journalism, art history, and archeology. They’re fascinated by classical literature and its influence on the power of the written word. When they are not writing, ...

A portrait of Abi Rivera.
Opinion Editor

Abi Rivera

Abi was here. ...

A portrait of Valentina Plevisani.
Deputy Opinion Editor

Valentina Plevisani

Valentina Plevisani is a junior majoring in Politics and Journalism and minoring in Italian. Born and raised in Peru she hopes to be a political journalist and is obssessed with reading. When she's not writing you can find her baking,...

A portrait of Nikkala Kovacevic.
Deputy Opinion Editor

Nikkala Kovacevic

Nikkala Kovacevic is a senior majoring in Journalism and Cinema Studies originally from San Diego, California. You can reach her on Instagram @nikkalak or [email protected]. ...

A portrait of Sydney Barragan.
Sports Editor

Sydney Barragan

Sydney Barragan is a senior majoring in Journalism and Public Policy. She spends her free time reading, rewatching the same TV shows, and talking about the Dodgers. Find her on Instagram @sydneybarragan. ...

A portrait of Honor Culpepper.
Sports Editor

Honor Culpepper

Honor Culpepper is a senior majoring in Media, Culture, and Communication, minoring in playing women's basketball, talking about law school, listening to yacht rock and also journalism!...

Olivia Liu
Abroad Editor

Olivia Liu

A portrait of Joshua Plutchik.
Under The Arch Editor

Joshua Plutchik

Joshua Plutchik is a junior at Gallatin pursuing the intersection of psychology and media, culture, and communication. He intends to earn a doctoral degree in psychology. Joshua is passionate about portrait and landscape photography...

Ryan Rogers
Deputy Under The Arch Editor

Ryan Rogers

A portrait of Samay Dhawan.
Web Director

Samay Dhawan

A portrait of Alex Tey.

Alex Tey

Alex Tey was previously WSN’s editor-in-chief. She is now at large. Watch out!...

A portrait of Tori Morales.

Tori Morales

Tori Morales is a junior studying politics and journalism, with minors in German and web programming. They like spreadsheets more than people. In their spare time, they enjoy reading sci-fi, hanging out with their two cats an...

A portrait of Ariana Wahab.

Ariana Wahab

Ariana Wahab is a junior studying psychology, with minors in CAMS and public health. Her main personality traits are being from just outside the city (Westchester, New York) and functioning on no sleep. In her spare time, you...