The Tyranny of Vague Legislation

The 17th anniversary of the Patriot Act means it's time to reflect on how it has infringed on civil liberties.

Queer POC are Their Own Champions

Queer spaces for people of color are hard to find at NYU and New York City. In his column this week, Dyshere unpacks this issue as examines the history of the commodification of and lack of unity within the LGBTQ community.

Tax Traffic to Fix the Subway and Save the Environment

With the issue of climate change ballooning, New York City has no time to lose in passing congestion pricing legislation, a measure that would improve both sustainability and transportation through a tax system.

Staff Rants: Public Bathrooms, Revolving Doors and the AC in 25 W 4th Street

On Public Bathrooms By Melanie Pineda, Deputy Opinion Editor Now hear me out. I know that public bathrooms aren’t meant to be considered the cleanest and...

Letter to the Editor: “How Can NYU Mourn the Loss of a Student?”

In this response to our editorial discussing the loss of an NYU student, spokesperson John Beckman explains the university's stance on announcing student suicides when they happen.

NYU Grad Fights for #MeToo Movement — in the Courtroom

A litigator who argued before the Supreme Court visits NYU Law to discuss how to create social change in court.

Bonberi ‘Bodega,’ the West Village’s Newest Vegan Cafe

Are minimalist decorations and organic produce the future of bodega food culture? The short answer: nope.

Fake (ID) It ‘til You Make It

Some say you can't survive college in NYC without a fake — but is it true?

NYU First-Years Go the Distance for Love

Long distance relationships can be tough and could end in turmoil. But these NYU students are sticking it out.

Take Your Pick: Where to Pick Pumpkins and Apples This Fall

Fall is here in New York City; the air is crisp, and the smell of warm apple cider and pumpkin spice lingers in the...

Staff Fits: Sloppy and Stylish for the WSN Staff Party

A look at what WSN staff members wore to our first party of the semester.

From Decolonial Computing to Queer Theory, These Gallatin Students Are Concentrating on Change

At the Gallatin School of Individualized Study, students study everything from the study of love to the color blue and even Harry Potter. This...

Editor's Picks

NSA and CIA Whistleblowers Speak at Gallatin

Whistleblowers, historians and advocates visit NYU Gallatin to discuss the ethics of whistleblowing and national security.

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Marx Festival: “P-Project” Tests Capitalism Through Audience Immersion

Part of NYU's ongoing Karl Marx Festival, "P Project" is a completely immersive performance that puts Marx's theories of capitalism into practice through audience interaction and exchange of cash.

Staff Recs: Scariest Horror Movies

Halloween is creeping up, so here are our picks for Scariest Horror Movies to terrify you on a dark, lonely night.

A Starving Artist’s Guide to Arts Events this Weekend

Midterm season is in full swing which  means I’ll probably be spending most of my weekend hours in some corner of Bobst Library. But...

‘Stella’s Last Weekend’ Is a Family Film Project That Fails to Charm

"Stella's Last Weekend" is a nice family effort from Nat and Alex Wolff and their mother, Polly Draper, but it fails to build a sincere, emotional connection with the audience.

‘My Hero Academia’ Exceeds Fan Expectations

The latest season of popular anime "My Hero Academia" has fresh writing, heart and heroism and exceeds expectations.

‘First Man’ Is a Personal NASA Story

Damien Chazelle's newest film "First Man" takes the leap into space and brings the audience along for liftoff.

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