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New York University's independent student newspaper, established in 1973.

Washington Square News

New York University's independent student newspaper, established in 1973.

Washington Square News

SPONSORED: How do I sublet my apartment this summer?

Sponsored by: HousingPanda

Are you leaving the city for the summer and hoping to make a little extra cash? With HousingPanda, you can sublet your place safely, easily, and quickly, and actually make a lot of extra cash over the summer.

From personal experience, I know subletting has its risks— as I was once scammed by a dishonest landlord. That’s exactly why I started It’s a place for students and interns to find or offer safe, straightforward housing options without the uncertainty.

Renting out your off-campus student housing in New York City during the summer can be an excellent method to cut costs and provide another person with a comfortable place to stay while you’re not there. It’s important to consider legal and marketing aspects, and avoid scammers. With HousingPanda, you’ll find peace of mind with verified users and a community you can trust. Our platform is designed to prioritize your safety and security!

Legal Implications

The first question to ask: is it legal to sublet your apartment? In NYC, the housing laws are incredibly dense. But the simple answer is YES, and we’ll share an easy workaround for properties with strict rules. One easy way to sublet to a summer intern is simply to add them as an occupant to your property management’s registry. This is how HousingPanda helps hundreds of students sublet their apartments each summer.

Considerations for Apartment Photos and Listings

How to get a trustworthy summer sublease tenant? When promoting your apartment for subletting, numerous tactics can be utilized to draw in potential tenants. Showcasing the characteristics of your apartment, including its prime location, amenities, and bundled utilities, can enhance the attractiveness of your listing. Setting a competitive price for your sublet is also important.

Photos play a crucial role in boosting the attractiveness of your apartment listing. Utilizing top-notch photos that highlight the best aspects of your apartment can greatly improve its appeal. You’d be surprised it’s necessary to say this, but of course you need to make sure the kitchen is clean, the couch is straightened, and the bed is made before you take photos. And turn on all the lights before snapping photos so the apartment feels bright, clean and welcoming.

Using platforms such as HousingPanda is essential as they provide a dedicated marketplace for subletting student apartments. You can connect with a broader group of summer interns and students who are actively seeking medium-term housing solutions. The HousingPanda platform is tailored to meet the requirements of students, offering search filters for location, price, and amenities to facilitate connecting with potential renters seeking precisely what your apartment provides. You can communicate with potential guests, and decide who is a good fit for you to sublet your apartment over the summer.

The HousingPanda team is happy to help and is active in the NYU student community. Check out our website, or feel free to email us anytime: [email protected]

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