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Photo Essay

A pair of hands tightly gripping a piece of white paper.

Protesters demand freedom in China

Washington Square News Dec 5, 2022
Photographers document numerous zero-COVID policy protests in New York City in the past week.
A large, gold, star-shaped balloon floats above the street with skyscrapers in the background. On the balloon there is red text that reads “Macys.”

Waking up to big branded balloons on Thanksgiving Day

A first-year international student’s first experience at the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.
Augustin Langlet, Staff Photographer Nov 28, 2022

Are platform shoes still in style? The answer is definitely yes, and so are cargo pants and see-through knitwear. Pairing a couple of cant-go-wrong gold accessories, the cream-colored sweater achieves a vintage silhouette.

Subway stations: New Yorkers’ everyday runway

WSN photographers capture the creativity of subway passengers and their day-to-day commutes.
Jennifer Ren, Contributing Photographer Nov 25, 2022

Becca Panes wears a neon green knitted sweater. Becca holds a metallic crochet hook and pink yarns.

A focus on the process: Behind the scenes with studio art students

A WSN photographer captures the creative process of Steinhardt studio art students.
Yuna Baek, Contributing Photographer Nov 21, 2022

Text “FREE HONG KONG. REVOLUTION NOW” in both English and traditional Chinese projected onto the ground. In the background is a group of people standing under the Washington Square Arch and the Empire State Building. The photo is black and white.

Unity for Hong Kong ignites in the darkness

A photographic documentary of a vigil commemorating the 2019 Hong Kong university sieges in Washington Square Park.
Washington Square News Nov 20, 2022

Sofia Saleh with her arms and legs covered by the text “WOMEN” written with black chalk.

The resonant silence of performance artist Sofia Saleh

WSN photographers capture a performance artist protesting against the Iranian regime in silence in Washington Square Park on Nov. 4.
Shirene Anand and Qianshan Weng Nov 11, 2022

Iran erupted into mass political unrest after the death of Mahsa Amini — a 22-year-old woman who died after reportedly not wearing her hijab in accordance with government...

A concrete road that has a blue poster on the ground that reads in white colored font “2022.” Multiple people are running on the road and poster, and two males hold their hands up as they run.

Joy and community at the New York City Marathon

A look at the New York City Marathon on Nov. 6.
Camila Ceballos, Multimedia Editor Nov 9, 2022

Photograph of a boy holding a bright green shovel standing in a garden overlooking the ocean with a floating hose wrapped around him. The boy is watering a bed of flowers. A white fence, palm trees and a blue sky are in the background.

Peeking into the surreal

Enter the fantasy worlds of several Photography and Imaging students at New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts.
Ryan Rogers, Photo Editor Oct 30, 2022

A man wearing a red hooded zip-up sweatshirt smiles for a photo in Tompkins Square Park, holding a Citi Bike that has a gray basket attached to the front. A black pug with its tongue out sits inside the basket. A gray knit blanket is draped over the dog, and theres a hand holding a phone on the right taking a photo of the dog and the owner.

New York’s snazziest pooches: Halloween edition

From Elvis and Priscilla Presley to “Miss New Yorkie,” here’s how dogs and their owners celebrated Halloween at the 32nd annual Tompkins Square Dog Parade.

A collage composed of nine black-and-white photographs.

The future of…

WSN photographer Emily Sorkin follows nine NYU students who may be the future of their chosen industries.
Camila Ceballos and Emily Sorkin Oct 23, 2022

A dorm room with a girl laying down in the lower bunk bed. Another girl sits at an adjacent desk, wearing blue jeans, a white t-shirt, and pink headphones. The girl at the desk is looking at her computer screen.

Low-cost housing doesn’t mean low-quality living

A photographer captures how residents in lower-cost housing turn their small rooms into cozy homes.
Natalia Kempthorne-Curiel, Contributing Photographer Oct 19, 2022

Rui Lin Feng and Olivia Gan sit next to each other at a chess board. Rui Lin Feng is writing in a booklet while Olivia Gan is moving a chess piece.

Unruly Queens give young girls a seat at the chess table

The Unruly Queens, a team of four female chess masters, hosted a chess festival at the Washington Square Park Chess Plaza on Sunday, Oct. 9.
Manasa Gudavalli, Editor-at-Large Oct 17, 2022