How the Journalism Industry Obstructs Lower Income People

When I first got started in journalism, I was 14, and I thought putting pen to paper and furiously writing two articles a week...

Preparing to Lead WSN Through Journalism’s Darkest Days

Dear NYU, This has been a depressing week in the journalism world. Within just a few days, 1,000 reporters were fired from various news organizations,...

A Thank You to Dr. Blasey Ford

As the Opinion desk, we have run several articles on Dr. Christine Blasey-Ford's role in the Supreme Court confirmation hearings. With Hanna representing us, we're taking a moment to thank Dr. Blasey-Ford for her sacrifice.

Letter From the Editor: College Newspapers Are Dying, Let’s Save Them

Dear readers, Today, we’re having a conversation about journalism — a craft, a career path, an industry that is currently hemorrhaging before our eyes and at...