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Several clothes entangled with white chains hang from the ceiling at RizRiz’s show at Paris Fashion Week 2023.

Photo: Paris Fashion Week: RizRiz displays the liberty of loose attire

Mar 6, 2023

RizRiz’s show at Paris Fashion Week 2023. (Alisha Goel for WSN)

The storefront of Crêperie Genia in Paris with white text that reads “Crêperie Genia” next to a crown printed on its red and white sunshade. White text “Supermarket” is shown above the sunshade. Four customers stand outside of the bright yellow and red counter, and a male-presenting staff is inside next to a glass exhibition with bread shown inside.

Photo: Baguettes and beignets: Cheap eats around Paris’ Latin Quarter

Feb 20, 2023

7 Rue de la Harpe. (Alisha Goel for WSN)

A collage of four photos. The top right features a man wearing a mask with kiwis covering the mouth region and a cracker with kiwis covering the eye region. The top left features a man wearing a food mask with multiple slices or bread surrounding the head, leaving the eyes visible. The bottom right features a man wearing a food mask with multiple tomatoes and basil leaves near the head and mouth regions. The bottom left features a man wearing a food mask with a giant cracker topped with strawberries, a leafy green and green paste on top.

Q&A: Foodmasku on channeling emotions into food mask art

Instagram artist Foodmasku on turning isolation into funny food masks, gun violence in America, and his plans for the future.
Alisha Goel, Contributing Writer Dec 9, 2022

Content warning: This article contains descriptions of gun violence. I first saw Antonius Wiriadjaja, better known as Foodmasku, at The Invisible Dog Art Center located in Downtown...

Video: NYU greets Little Amal

Little Amal, a puppet of a 10-year-old Syrian refugee, visited NYU on Sept. 28.
Aria Young and Alisha Goel Oct 23, 2022

Little Amal, a 10-year-old Syrian refugee, walked around New York City. With her new friend, Little Amal walked through the streets of the East Village to Washington Square Park...

Artist Frida Foberg stands next to her exhibition installation of a wooden table with a mirror, utensils, and dush of plated food on it. WSN contributing writer Alisha Goel sits in a wooden chair by the table facing Frida.

‘Never Alone’ sets a table for one

Frida Foberg highlights the importance of taking a moment for yourself in our fast-paced society during a participative performance piece.
Alisha Goel, Contributing Writer Oct 21, 2022

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, eating alone has been an integral part of our lives. Swedish artist and architect Frida Foberg presented her take on solitary dining...