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A person holding a sign that reads “不自由 毋宁死 (Give me freedom or give me death).” In the background is the Washington Square Arch lit up by lights.

At Washington Square, dissidents support historic protests across China

Hundreds of protesters challenged the Chinese government’s strict COVID-19 lockdown policies during a protest in Washington Square Park, joining a global wave of demonstrations.
Tori Morales, Deputy News Editor Nov 29, 2022

Read this article in Simplified Chinese or in Traditional Chinese. 点击此处阅读简体中文版 | 點擊此處閱讀繁體中文版 Hundreds of NYU students and local...

A person holding a sign that reads “不自由 毋宁死 (Give me freedom or give me death).” In the background is the Washington Square Arch lit up by lights.


Tori Morales, Deputy News Editor Nov 29, 2022

當地時間11月27日星期日,紐約大學學生及當地居民聚集在華盛頓廣場公園抗議中國政府的新冠防疫政策。此次抗議聲援中國國內的抗議者們。他們在近幾天罕見地走上街頭悼念在烏魯木齊居民樓火災中喪生的10名同胞,並表達對防疫亂象的不滿。許多人質疑當地的封控措施延誤了消防部門的救援,因此導致了原本可以避免的傷亡。 星期日的抗議吸引了約200名參與者,其中有很多人都是中國公民。一名匿名的活動組織者表示此次罕見的抗議行動不僅是關於防疫措施:「這些年來針對人民的不人道管理措施終於到達了爆發點。我從沒想過我們有這樣反抗的能力。」 中國的「動態清零」政策所導致的嚴苛封控措施和負面經濟影響已經招致了國內外的不滿。根據事發時的政策,在發現陽性病例後,當地政府及社區必須進行封控措施,居民居家或集中隔離、商店停業、學校轉為網課。封控措施往往會持續幾週甚至數月,直到新增病例清零。 此次抗議與當地時間下午4:30開始,參與者圍繞LED蠟燭燈站成一圈,悼念在新疆居民樓火災的10名遇難者。隨著活動的進行,抗議人群從開始時的幾個人逐漸增多。他們有些人手持空白的A4紙,還有人用攜帶的音箱播放國歌《義勇軍進行曲》和《Do...

A person holding a sign that reads “不自由 毋宁死 (Give me freedom or give me death).” In the background is the Washington Square Arch lit up by lights.


Tori Morales, Deputy News Editor Nov 29, 2022

当地时间11月27日星期日,纽约大学学生及当地居民聚集在华盛顿广场公园抗议中国政府的新冠防疫政策。此次抗议也意在声援中国国内的抗议者们。他们在近几天罕见地走上街头悼念在乌鲁木齐居民楼火灾中丧生的10名同胞,并表达对防疫乱象的不满。许多人质疑当地的封控措施延误了消防部门的救援,因此导致了本可以避免的伤亡。 星期日的抗议吸引了约200名参与者,其中有很多人都是中国公民。一名匿名的活动组织者表示此次罕见的抗议行动不仅仅是关于防疫措施:“这些年来针对人民的非人道管理措施终于到达了爆发点。我从没想过我们有这样反抗的能力”。 中国的“动态清零”政策所导致的严苛封控措施和负面经济影响已经招致了国内外的不满。根据事发时的政策,在发现阳性病例后,当地政府及社区必须进行封控措施,居民居家或集中隔离、商铺停业、学校转为网络教学。封控措施往往会持续几周甚至数月,直到新增病例清零。 此次抗议与当地时间下午4:30开始,参与者围绕LED蜡烛灯站成一圈,悼念在新疆居民楼火灾的10名遇难者。随着活动的进行,抗议人群从开始时的几个人逐渐增多。他们有些人手持空白的A4纸,还有人用携带的音箱播放国歌《义勇军进行曲》和《Do...

An illustration of a stack of paper documents against a purple background with a gradient.

How the pandemic affected NYU’s bottom line

NYU’s revenue increased by over $1 billion, despite costs incurred due to the pandemic, associated campus closures, and a year of mostly online instruction.
Carmo Moniz, Tori Morales Nov 23, 2022

As businesses nationwide struggled to stay afloat at the height of the pandemic, NYU’s income did too — revenue from the housing and dining services it provides decreased by...

A group of part-time faculty members on strike in a picket line. They carry signs that read U.A.W. on strike and Their working conditions are our learning conditions. Behind them is the entrance to The New School’s main building.

New School shutdown to continue after striking faculty dismiss latest offer

Part-time faculty at The New School are nearing the end of the first week of a strike for better compensation and workplace protections.
Abby Wilson, News Editor Nov 22, 2022

Negotiations between The New School and its part-time professors hit a standstill on Sunday, but faculty and their supporters were rallying in large numbers on Monday, the sixth...

The east-facing view from the intersection of Washington Square East and Washington Place. On the right is the N.Y.U. Steinhardt Pless Hall.

Teachers in training fight for future of NYU music education program

The Steinhardt music department announced that it will not accept new applications to an education program, sparking concerns among students studying to become music educators.
Bryn Borzillo, Senior Staff Writer Nov 22, 2022

The music education program at NYU’s Steinhardt school will stop accepting applications starting in the fall 2023 semester, according to administrators. Several students in the...

The exterior of NYU Lafayette Hall from the diagonal corner of the street.

Intruder removed after entering Lafayette Hall

An intruder entered Lafayette Hall and interacted with students before being removed by police on Sunday evening, in the fourth dorm trespassing incident at NYU in two weeks.
Carmo Moniz, Lauren Ashe, and Tori Morales Nov 21, 2022

An intruder bypassed security, jumped a turnstile and entered NYU’s Lafayette Hall dorm at around 5:40 p.m. on Sunday. He was found 20 minutes later by an officer from NYU’s...

A group of protesters marching down Seventh Avenue near Times Square. Some of them are holding posters with the Iranian flag on them.

At Times Square, NYU students join thousands to demand Iran regime change

NYU’s Persian Cultural Society took part in the largest Iranian protest in New York City on Saturday.
Yezen Saadah, Deputy News Editor Nov 21, 2022

The Persian Cultural Society at NYU joined over 10,000 people gathered in Times Square to protest against the Islamic Republic of Iran on the afternoon of Saturday, Nov. 19. The...

A collage of two photos: On the left is professor Viral V. Acharya wearing a brown shirt and a black jacket; on the right is professor Shane A. Liddelow wearing a shirt with green patterns and a blue jacket.

23 NYU professors named among world’s most cited researchers

The NYU professors were among 6,938 researchers recognized for publishing the most-cited papers of the past 10 years.
Grace Homan, Contributing Writer Nov 21, 2022

Twenty-three NYU professors were among 2022’s most-cited researchers worldwide, ranking in the top 1% of citations in their field over the past decade. The annual list, released...

An illustration of the Washington Square Arch. Behind the arch sits gray and brown alternating high-rises. On the top right are the words “The Daybook” in an arched shape.

What to do this week: Thanksgiving Day Parade and ‘The Nutcracker’

The Daybook is WSN’s weekly column listing in-person and online events at NYU and across New York City. This week: Nov. 21-27.
Carmo Moniz, Deputy News Editor Nov 20, 2022

A conversation with an Italian opera conductor 6:30 p.m. at 24 W. 12th St. Italian pianist-conductor Speranza Scappucci is playing her first show at the 3,800-seat Metropolitan...

A rectangular rooftop garden filled with greeneries is set against the backdrop of the midtown skyline views of Manhattan.

NYU disputes Reuters claim that its power plant ‘dirtiest’ among colleges

An investigation found that an on-campus power plant is less efficient than comparable sites. The university has since challenged the findings.
Kayla Hardersen, Senior Staff Writer Nov 18, 2022

NYU’s central power plant generates more carbon dioxide than 80% of other university power plants, a Reuters investigation found. But NYU has disputed the analysis, claiming...

A black and white photograph of the façade of 14 and 16 Gay Street. In front of the town houses is a sidewalk. Railed staircases lead up to the door steps. Adjunct to the doors are two windows.

Demolition of historic Gay Street building prompts public outcry

Greenwich Village residents gathered at a 200-year-old building slated for demolition after unapproved work left it unstable.
Adrianna Nehme, Deputy News Editor Nov 18, 2022

Hundreds gathered in front of a 200-year-old building in Greenwich Village on Monday, Nov. 14, to protest the demolition of a two-story building. Village Preservation, a group...