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Dana Reszutek, Editor-At-Large

Dana Reszutek is a Senior in CAS studying Journalism and Psychology. Formerly Managing Editor and Beauty & Style editor, she's excited to take on the role as Editor-at-Large for WSN. Besides writing, her main loves in life are scrunchies, Billy Joel, her dog Lou, and non-professional tweeting.

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Dana Reszutek, CAS, Journalism & Psychology

Dana Reszutek May 5, 2016

It all starts with erasing. Whittling down your wooden pencil’s eraser in 6th grade math class when you don’t know the answer. Crossing out half a Blue Book page during a Texts...

The Body Issue

The Body Issue

Dana Reszutek, Editor-at-Large Nov 16, 2015

Victoria’s Secret changes are positive, but not enough

Victoria’s Secret changes are positive, but not enough

Dana Reszutek, Editor-at-Large Nov 16, 2015
Models like Maria Borges and Gigi Hadid still boast beautiful bodies, but the fact that they have to defend their bodies to others reflects clearly that the brand’s body standard is far from accepting a better range of silhouettes for the runway.
The WSN Staff recommends comedy shows and stand-up specials.

Staff Recs: Comedy Series

The WSN staff recommends their favorite stand-up comedy specials and TV shows.
Silence on harassment allegations is unacceptable

Silence on harassment allegations is unacceptable

Dana Reszutek, Editor-at-Large Oct 13, 2015
In the wake of a professor's domestic abuse allegations, NYU's silence is distressing. NYU should make more of an effort to keep the students informed about the criminal records of their professors.

Collina Strada Spring/Summer 2016

Dana Reszutek, Editor at Large Sep 13, 2015
Collina Strada Spring/Summer 2016
NYU should avoid marketing their current celebrity students

NYU should avoid marketing their current celebrity students

Dana Reszutek, Editor-at-Large Sep 8, 2015
NYU should not overuse its famous students for the sake marketing profit. They are students first, irrespective of their relative successes.

Fake it unitl you make it: French

Dana Reszutek, Global Editor Feb 26, 2015

As one of the most prominent cities on the world, Paris boasts a population that speaks a multitude of languages, including English. But exploring this European city is still less...

Influential 2014

Influential 2014

Emily Bell and Dana Reszutek Dec 11, 2014

NYU is not a bubble. Students are confronted with issues larger than an individual or a university, and discussions about these topics are not only growing, but also are being...

Catcalling epidemic must be recognized

Catcalling epidemic must be recognized

Dana Reszutek, Managing Editor Oct 8, 2014
Catcalling is a form of harassment that is a daily struggle for many students. This issue needs to be addressed by universities in the form of education policies.

Guide to birth control

Dana Reszutek and Hannah Treasure Sep 25, 2014

A version of this article appeared in the Thursday, Sept. 25 print edition. Email Dana Reszutek and Hannah Treasure at [email protected]

Common causes of anxiety, tips on how to alleviate them

Dana Reszutek, Managing Editor Sep 25, 2014

Approximately 40 million Americans experience anxious feelings, many of whom include college students. In such a fast-paced environment it is unsurprising that students often feel...

Lacoste Spring/Summer 2015

Lacoste Spring/Summer 2015

Dana Reszutek, Managing Editor Sep 6, 2014

Predictable concepts were matched with surprising cuts as Lacoste presented its contrasting Spring/Summer 2015 collection at Lincoln Center. The collection’s yachting theme...

Felipe De La Hoz/WSN

Gallatin School of Individualized Study Commencement

Dana Reszutek, Beauty/Style Editor May 21, 2014
"12 Years a Slave's" Oscar-winning screenwriter addressed the class of 2014.
Jonathan Tan and Rachel Kaplan/WSN

182nd All-University Commencement

John Ambrosio and Dana Reszutek May 21, 2014
Janet Yellen addressed the graduating class of 2014 at Yankee Stadium.
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Top 5 ways to make cash flow over summer

Dana Reszutek, Beauty/Style Editor May 1, 2014
Pick up some extra money with these get-rich-quick strategies.
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How to go green for Earth Day on, around campus

Dana Reszutek, Beauty/Style Editor Apr 14, 2014
Celebrate Earth Day with these events and activities.
Lady Gaga performs intimate set at Roseland Ballroom

Lady Gaga performs intimate set at Roseland Ballroom

Dana Reszutek, Beauty/Style Editor Apr 2, 2014
Gaga participates in a week-long residency at the venue, which will close down permanently after her last performance.
Honor Fall/Winter 2014

Honor Fall/Winter 2014

Dana Reszutek and Ariana DiValentino Feb 11, 2014
As snow began to fall in front of the entrance and playfully mysterious music began to play, models drifted around the space at Eyebeam showing off the equally playful and intriguing designs of Honor's Fall/Winter 2014 collection.
Quarter Water Fall/Winter 2014

Quarter Water Fall/Winter 2014

Ariana DiValentino and Dana Reszutek Feb 8, 2014
Setting itself apart from the overwhelmingly self-indulgent air that so often drafts through the fashion world, Quarter Water’s Fall/Winter 2014 debut was steeped in unpretentious enjoyment both in its presentation and design.
Create standout wardrobe with bright, bold colors

Create standout wardrobe with bright, bold colors

Dana Reszutek, Beauty/Style Editor Jan 27, 2014
Make your wardrobe pop with these bold choices.
Danielle Drumgoole for WSN

Glasses create opportunities to experiment with eye makeup

Dana Reszutek, Staff Writer Dec 4, 2013
Use your glasses to your advantage by experimenting with makeup to complement your eyes.
Courtesy of Serena Guen

FRINGE Q&A: Serena Guen, Editor-in-Chief

Dana Reszutek, Staff Writer Nov 21, 2013
Founder of London-based fashion publication SUITCASE gives insights on her journey.
via yelp.com

Top 5: Best spots for vegan dishes

Dana Reszutek, Staff Writer Nov 12, 2013
While New York City is one of the more vegan-friendly cities, finding the perfect restaurant can still be a challenge. These our WSN's top-five choices.
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Skin care products prevent damage from winter weather

Dana Reszutek, Staff Writer Oct 23, 2013
As the winter season approaches, be sure to protect your skin with these tips.
Nomko Baatar/WSN

New York perfumeries provide individualized scent options

Dana Reszutek, Staff Writer Oct 16, 2013
Find a scent you can call your own at these New York locations.
Dana Reszutek for WSN

Deviate from typical eyeliner shape with geometric look

Dana Reszutek Oct 9, 2013
This season's runways introduced more unusual, geometric eyeliner shapes that balance edginess and wearability.
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Fashion blogs contribute to, expand image-driven industry

Dana Reszutek Oct 2, 2013
Fashion bloggers attract a wide variety of viewers, creating a subculture of style.
Dana Reszutek for WSN

Get cozy in fashionable fall coats

Dana Reszutek Sep 25, 2013
As the temperatures start to drop and the wind picks up, investing in cute, cozy coats is essential.
Daniel Cole/WSN

Adolfo Sanchez Spring/Summer 2014

Dana Reszutek Sep 11, 2013
Adolfo Sanchez’s Spring/Summer collection, presented at The Out NYC, took audiences to the metallic world of a regal garden party. Surrounded by mirrors, black and white curtains, and grass that climbed from the ground to the walls surrounding the stage, viewers were able to observe Sanchez’s statuesque pieces, which featured a palette of metallic, white, black, and teal.

Archie brings classic lunch fare to St. Marks

Dana Reszutek Sep 10, 2013
Classic New York luncheonette fares are back into the city’s dining scene.
Marni Wasserman for WSN

Falguni & Shane Peacock Spring/Summer 2014

Dana Reszutek Sep 9, 2013
Falguni and Shane Peacock, known for their bold textile, color, and texture choices, did not disappoint in their Spring/Summer 2014 show at Lincoln Center.
Kristian Heijkoop for WSN

Alexandre Herchcovitch Spring/Summer 2014

Dana Reszutek Sep 8, 2013
With the help of dramatic classical music in the background, Alexandre Herchcovitch utilized his Spring/Summer 2014 show, located at Milk Studios, to take us on a journey through an evolution of fabrics.
Rachel Cabitt/WSN

Sukeina Spring/Summer 2014

Dana Reszutek, Staff Writer Sep 8, 2013
Sukeina by Omar Salam’s Spring/Summer show, labeled “Porcelain,” lived up to its namesake as delicate fabrics and tailoring combined to create a structured yet soft line, exploring the idea of movement and its variations.
Dana Reszutek for WSN

At-home manicure quick-drying tips

Dana Reszutek, Staff Writer May 6, 2013
Use these quick-tips to speed up the process of your personal manicure process.
Chuck Kuan for WSN

Tres Carnes dishes out fresh Tex-Mex

Dana Reszutek, Staff Writer May 1, 2013
Enjoy Texas-style hardwood smoked brisket, pork or chicken in the form of burritos, tacos or rice bowls... at Tres Carnes, Flatiron's new Tex-Mex fusion joint.
Keerthi Harishankar for WSN

Finding sole-ace for your feet

Dana Reszutek, Staff Writer Apr 30, 2013
As summer approaches, everyone's starting to strut their stuff with their best pairs of shoes. See this list on how to best show your style while maximizing comfort.
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Face gems shine as trending accessory

Dana Reszutek, Contributing Writer Mar 5, 2013
Face gems are a trend that will surely add a sparkle to your typical style.