Falguni & Shane Peacock Spring/Summer 2014

Dana Reszutek

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Falguni and Shane Peacock, known for their bold textile, color, and texture choices, did not disappoint in their Spring/Summer 2014 show at Lincoln Center.

As the runway lights turned on, models entered to upbeat hip hop and techno music, creating a fun, edgy atmosphere. Though the audience could feel the bass though the floor of the venue, it was the strong pieces of the collection that truly left an impact.

The technique of mixing floral with harsher textiles to create an edgy look was explored in this collection. Basic lines, such as fitted skirts, A-line dresses, and long gowns, in floral prints were enhanced by the use of mesh, metallic, and feather paneling. Though simple structure was used for most of the pieces, daring cuts, like plunging necklines, sheer skirts, and deep slits were also seen, marking a further contrast to the typical light and refreshing spring look.

Punk seemed to be a strong influence for Falguni and Shane Peacock this season. Models sported identical, platinum bobs, and dark navy lips with a simple lined eye, wearing thick leather cuffs and collars, adding instant edge to every look.  Yet the most dramatic accessory seen was the gold-plated metal leg harnesses. Worn in a gladiator-style manner, the solid metallic structures contrasted the femininity of the outfits with a futuristic feel.

A surprising textile seen on the runway was one usually seen in Fall/Winter seasons: plaids, used in a color-blocking technique, were used in a floor length dress, clearly accentuating the punk-rock inspiration of Falguni and Shane Peacock.

Spotted at the show was Paris Hilton and TV personality Giuliana Rancic.

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