At-home manicure quick-drying tips

Dana Reszutek, Staff Writer

Dana Reszutek for WSN

Painting your nails can seem like a long process, but there are ways to avoid making an at-home manicure a time-consuming task. Here are some tips on how to make your polished nails to dry much faster.

Cold temperature

Although it might make you a bit chilly, this trick is sure to dry your nail polish quickly. Add some cold water to a bowl, and place your freshly polished nails into the water, allowing the low temperature to harden the polish faster. Make sure the nail polish has a tacky consistency when you place your nails in the water to prevent the polish from ridging or warping. For better results, add ice to the cold water, which will dry your nails even faster.

Dana Reszutek for WSN

Fan or hair dryer

Many salons use the classic method of fan-drying. For your at-home manicure, you can use a small fan or a hair dryer on the cool air setting. Use this technique between each coat of polish, which should trim your drying time by minutes.

Dana Reszutek for WSN

Olive oil

Natural oils, like olive or canola oil, are great for the health of your hands and nails. Not only do these oils prevent skin from becoming dry or cracked, but they also aid with quick drying. Apply olive oil to your polished nails using a small nail brush. Not only will it speed up your manicure, but it will also add some shine.


Thinner coats

Try applying thin coats of nail polish, letting each layer dry completely before adding more. This will prevent a thick, wet layer of polish from forming, which will makes you wait nearly twice as long.

Quick-drying products

There are many products on the market targeted to making an at-home manicure faster process. OPI’s Drying Drops ($14 at Sephora), a favorite among customers, completely dry your nails in five minutes with just one drop. Ingredients like vitamin E and jojoba oil in the formula help nails look shiny and nourished.

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