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Zach Martin, Editor-at-Large

Zach Martin, former Arts Editor, is an Editor-at-Large for the Washington Square News. He is a junior in CAS studying Comparative Literature with minors in Metropolitan Studies and Cinema Studies. He enjoys watching movies and then thinking about them too much, eating ice cream, and complaining about the continual failure of various D.C. sports teams. When not in the office, he can usually be found in bed, eating pasta or in bed with pasta. His parents assure him that he’s a good writer. Follow him on Twitter.

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The Cibele Palace in Madrid

Photo: Madrid: Silencio Sobre Trump?

Feb 3, 2017

The Cibele Palace in Madrid

Natalie Portman portrays First Lady Jackie Kennedy, in Jackie.

Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells JFK’s Story

Zach Martin, Editor at Large Dec 7, 2016
The new biopic "Jackie" pays respect to the legacy not only of one of America's most iconic presidents, but the woman who orchestrated his memorial.
2016: A Year in Review

2016: A Year in Review

Zach Martin, Editor-at-Large Dec 5, 2016
As the year comes to a close, the WSN staff takes a look back at some of our favorite parts of 2016.

Mia Hansen-Love’s film “Things to Come” challenges emotional norms through the subtlety of a Parisian phiilosophy teacher’s life.

Isabelle Huppert Shines in ‘Things to Come’

Zach Martin, Editor at Large Nov 28, 2016
Mia Hansen-Love's new French drama "Things to Come" brings out the subtleties of heartbreak when one least expects it.
Located in Downtown Brooklyn, the Alamo Drafthouse integrates food and film for an interesting experience.

Alamo Drafthouse Brings the Luxe You’re Looking For

Zach Martin, Editor at Large Nov 8, 2016
The Texas-based chain of dine-in movie theaters Alamo Drafthouse has officially opened its doors to the new downtown Brooklyn location, and it's the best thing for movies since hot popcorn.
German filmmaker Werner Herzog explores the philosophical and cultural influence of volcanoes on their surrounding communities in the documentary “Into the Inferno.”

Volcanoes Are Lit, ‘Inferno’ Is Not

Zach Martin, Editor at Large Oct 31, 2016
With all of the fiery potentional that a film about volcanoes presents, "Into the Inferno" was disappointingly distracted throughout its construction.
Tisch alumni Antonio Campos sat down with WSN to discuss his ventures in founding Borderline Films and his recent work with “Christine,” his third feature film.

Campos’ Third Film Explores Nuance of Mental Health

Zach Martin, Editor at Large Oct 11, 2016
Director and NYU Tisch alum gives WSN a look into his raw and powerful film about Christine Chubbuck's suicide on live television in "Christine."
Kim A Snyder’s documentary, “Newtown” focuses on the aftermath of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting in Newtown, Connecticut back in 2012 by exploring the lives of victim’s family members, as well as the greater community.

“Newtown” Highlights the Aftermath of Mass Shootings

Zach Martin, Editor-at-Large Oct 7, 2016
In a stunningly poignant portait of grief, Kim A. Snyder's documentary of the Sandy Hook shooting brings us back to the awful fact that the events that day were not just a stunning addition to a saddening statistic, but real people who lost their lives.
Director Andrew Neel’s “Goat” features two brothers and their experiences in a fraternity during Hell Week.

“Goat” Illuminates Hazing But Fails to Account for Greater Issues

Zach Martin, Editor-at-Large Sep 23, 2016
Andrew Neel's new film "Goat" brilliantly addresses the issue of hazing within university Greek life, but falls shorts in more than a few other ways.
D.R.A.M. performed at this years South by Southwest music festival in Austin, Texas.

Mystery Concert Lineup Revealed, Features Three Up-and-Coming Artists

Zach Martin, Editor-at-Large Sep 3, 2016
This year's Mystery Concert features an eclectic group of musicians, including a pair of fast-rising female artists.
The Tribeca Film Festival Issue

The Tribeca Film Festival Issue

Zach Martin, Arts Editor Apr 25, 2016

Each year, the Tribeca Film Festival showcases hundreds of new films and draws million of people from all over the world. This year, the festival is celebrating its 15th anniversary....

TKTK Sessions: The Misters

Zach Martin, Arts Editor Apr 23, 2016
The Misters stopped by the WSN office to give us a taste of their alternative rock/pop/jazzy vibes.

Alec Baldwin and Billy Crystal Headline Tisch 50th Anniversary Gala

Zach Martin, Arts Editor Apr 13, 2016
The Tisch 50th Anniversary Gala honored the Tisch family as well as the school's notable alumni.
The Arts Issue: Digital Age

The Arts Issue: Digital Age

Zach Martin, Arts Editor Apr 7, 2016

Letter From the Editor   Earlier this year I watched a film that perfectly demonstrated the ways in which the creation and expression of art has shifted in our current cultural...

The water dispensers in the NYU Kimmel dining hall sucks.

BREAKING: 69 Hour Protest to Fix Kimmel Water Dispensers Ends

Zach Martin, Arts Editor Apr 1, 2016
NYU students take issue with the faulty water dispenser in the Kimmel Center.
LCD Soundsystem played at Webster Hall on the 27th of March for their loyal fans, five years since their last show.

LCD Soundsystem Returns to Webster Hall After Five Years

Zach Martin, Arts Editor Mar 30, 2016
LCD Soundsystem is back and better than ever after five years off.

SXSW All the Rest: Earl Sweatshirt, Neon Indian, D.R.A.M. and more

Zach Martin, Hannah Shulman, and Alex Bazeley Mar 25, 2016
The last few days of SXSW were jam-packed full of artists new and old.
Vince Staples

5 Artists From SXSW Who Are About to Blow Up

Zach Martin, Arts Editor Mar 21, 2016
Here are the five up-and-coming acts we saw at SXSW that you should keep an eye on.
Anderson .Paak & the Free Nationals

SXSW Day 4 Recap: Vince Staples, Acid Dad, Field Trip and more

Zach Martin, Hannah Shulman, and Alex Bazeley Mar 19, 2016
The WSNxSW crew had a big day four, seeing artists like Anderson .Paak and Vince Staples.
Get Inuit

SXSW Day 3 Recap: Get Inuit and Get Some Rest

Zach Martin, Arts Editor Mar 18, 2016

Tuesday was a rest day for the group, recovery from Monday and in anticipation of the insane number of shows on Wednesday. However, we did have time to sit down for a chat...

Into It. Over It.

SXSW Day 2 Recap: Into It. Over It., Car Seat Headrest

Zach Martin, Arts Editor Mar 15, 2016
Monday's excursion featured sets from Car Seat Headrest and Into It. Over It., as well as an oddly-planned free food giveaway.
Raekwon and Ghostface Killah

SXSW Day 1 Recap: Ghostface Killah + Raekwon, Oberhofer and Declan McKenna

Zach Martin, Arts Editor Mar 14, 2016
Day one of South by Southwest featured artists from all over the map — including one hailing from NYU a few years back.
Nicole Quintero Ochoa

Nicole Quintero Ochoa

Zach Martin, Arts Editor Mar 10, 2016

On a Friday night in February, Tisch senior and Fusion Film Festival co-director Nicole Quintero Ochoa stood at the front of a Tisch theater filled with over 150 people, picking...

TKTK Sessions: Field Trip

TKTK Sessions: Field Trip

Zach Martin, Arts Editor Mar 4, 2016
WSN launches the first in our TKTK Concert Series, featuring NYU band Field Trip in an in-office concert and Q&A.
The Silver Lounge is a great place to take a quiet nap.

Quiet Spaces, Napping Places

Zach Martin, Arts Editor Feb 29, 2016
Five best napping places on campus.

Weinstein Hall

Zach Martin, Arts Editor Feb 25, 2016

Residency: Freshmen Estimated yearly cost: $12,496 - $16,712 Low-cost rooms available: Yes Commute to class: 1 minute Nearby subways: A,C,E,F,N,R,6 Shuttle: Yes Located...

Future is preparing to go on tour in support of his new mixtape Purple Reign, released last month. He is shown performing in Toronto in 2014.

Future to Perform at This Year’s Violet 100 Concert

Zach Martin, Arts Editor Feb 9, 2016
Future will be coming to Terminal 5 on Feb. 24 in a concert exclusively for NYU students.
This years Sundance Film Festival showcased the works of many NYU alumni.

NYU Faculty and Alumni Shine at Sundance Festival

Zach Martin, Arts Editor Feb 1, 2016
Filmmakers from the NYU community generate huge buzz at film festival.
Staff Recs: David Bowie Songs

Staff Recs: David Bowie Songs

We'll miss you Ziggy Stardust.
NYU alumnus, Spike Lee, is one of the several prominent members of the film industry boycotting the Oscars this year.

Hashtagging for a More Diverse Oscars

Zach Martin, Arts Editor Jan 25, 2016
The Oscars are facing are changing their membership rules after controversy over lack of diversity.
Mansi Prakash

Mansi Prakash

Zach Martin, Film Editor Dec 10, 2015

Being named one of the Top 10 College Women in the United States by Glamour Magazine has the potential to go to someone’s head. When you ask CAS senior Mansi Prakash about it,...

Five films to catch over winter break

Five films to catch over winter break

Wondering what films to watch over winter break? Check out these five new films coming out this December.
Ellen McLaughlin and Rinde Eckert were one of the many duos to play Elizabeth Bishop and Robert Lowell in the Women’s Project Theatre’s production of the play “Dear Elizabeth”.

20th century poets shine on stage

Zach Martin, Film Editor Nov 30, 2015
"Dear Elizabeth" uses the letters between 20th century poets Elizabeth Bishop and Robert Lowell to frame a play about anxiety and friendship.
NYU Tisch Alumni, Josh Mond, has directed his first feature film, James White, set to be released on the 13th of November, 2015.

Filmmaker alum talks Tisch, production company

Zach Martin, Film Editor Nov 16, 2015
Tisch alumnus Josh Mond discusses how he used his time at NYU to launch his successful film career, most recently shown in his directorial debut, "James White."
The WSN Staff recommends comedy shows and stand-up specials.

Staff Recs: Comedy Series

The WSN staff recommends their favorite stand-up comedy specials and TV shows.
The WSN staff recommends their favorite high school movies.

Staff Recs: High school films

Reminisce your high school memories with these staff-recommended high school movies like "Ferris Bueller's Day Off" and "Heathers."
Staff Recs: Spooky Halloween movies to binge-watch

Staff Recs: Spooky Halloween movies to binge-watch

Celebrate Halloween with a seasonal movie binge with staff-recommended movies. The list includes the musical "Hocus Pocus," the nostalgic "Halloweentown" and the racy "Rocky Horror Picture Show."
Room is a 2015 Canadian-Irish drama film directed by Lenny Abrahamson based on Emma Donoghue book of the same name.

Larson and Tremblay shine inside the ‘Room’

Zach Martin, Film Editor Oct 14, 2015
In "Room," a child provides a jarring perspective into captivity and domestic abuse, with stunning performances by Brie Larson and Jacob Tremblay.
“Beasts of No Nation” is a 2015 American war drama film portraying the experiences of a young boy who survives as his country, Ghana, goes through a horrific war.

Idris Elba shocking in ‘Beasts of No Nation’

Zach Martin, FIlm Editor Oct 12, 2015
"True Detective" director Cary Fukunaga turns to Netflix in "Beasts of No Nation," a harrowing tale about a child's recruitment into a mercenary, with Idris Elba as the ruthless Commandant.

Meta-play ‘Play’ proves improv is not just for comedy

Zach Martin, FIlm Editor Oct 7, 2015
NYU students Jason Boxer and Duncan Gregory perform their play "Play" exclusively in darkened theaters.
The New York Film Festival

The New York Film Festival

Zach Martin, Film Editor Oct 5, 2015

There’s nothing better than seeing a film months before its release date and talking about it incessantly until your friends stop inviting you out. Every autumn, the Film Society...

The 53rd New York Film Festival runs September 25 - October 11 at the Film Society of Lincoln Center.

Seven movies to look forward to at this year’s NYFF

Zach Martin, Film Editor Sep 24, 2015
The New York Film Festival showcases some of the most promising Oscar-winning movies. Here's what to look forward to in this year's festival:
Dirty Weekend is a Comedy-Drama released September 4th starring Matthew Broderick and Alice Eve.

‘Dirty Weekend’ proves lackluster

Zach Martin, Film Editor Sep 8, 2015
"Dirty Weekend," starring Matthew Broderick and Alice Eve as romantic leads, stretches one hackneyed joke into 93 minutes.

Movies you may have missed this summer

Zach Martin, Film Editor Aug 28, 2015
These movies may not be blockbusters, but they are certainly worth your attention.
Romanowsky directed “The Adderall Diaries,” a memoir by Stephen Elliott.

Alumna adapts memoir for film

Zach Martin, Staff Writer Apr 22, 2015
NYU alumna Pamela Romanowsky, director of the Tribeca Film Festival film "The Adderall Diaries," spoke with WSN to reflect on her time spent at NYU and how it helped her form pivotal relationships and collaborations.
Alicia Vikander stars as Ava in “Ex Machina.”

‘Ex Machina’ takes serious look at AI

Zach Martin, Staff Writer Apr 15, 2015
Alex Garland's new sci-fi thriller, "Ex Machina," ultimately avoids clichés through unexpected, clever plot twists.
‘Ghostbusters’ shows gender divide

‘Ghostbusters’ shows gender divide

Zach Martin, Staff Writer Apr 8, 2015
The announcement of all-female remake of the family favorite "Ghostbusters" leads to backlash and controversy. Sony responds in a non-progressive manner.
Bill Plympton’s “Cheatin’” has been nominated for three Annie Awards, the highest honor in animation.

Animated film beautiful but flawed

Zach Martin, Staff Writer Apr 8, 2015
Though Bill Plympton's new animation film "Cheatin'" is a love story with no dialogue, its presentation of surrealist imagery creates beautiful scenery.
Jack O’Connell, left, plays Gary Hook in “71,” a 2014 film about the 30-year conflict in Northern Ireland.

Irish film has trouble depicting Troubles

Zach Martin, Staff Writer Mar 3, 2015
Yann Demange's new film "'71," which features Jack O’Connell, provides insight into Northern Ireland's 30-year conflict. Though the film is aesthetically-pleasing, its narrative falls short.
Wild Tales combines six stand-alone short films into an anthology centered on the theme of violence and vengence.

Damián Szifrón explores his ‘Wild’ side

Zach Martin, Staff Writer Feb 18, 2015
The Oscar-nominated film, "Wild Tales" provides dark humor, derived from its over-the-top nature. As well, the film features a mixture of violent and comedic content.

“Gett: The Trial of Viviane Amsalem” Review

Zach Martin, Staff Writer Feb 13, 2015
The film “Gett: The Trial of Viviane Amsalem," explores and exposes critical issues pertaining to women's rights in the Israeli judicial system.
Noir film evokes Lynch, Jarmusch

Noir film evokes Lynch, Jarmusch

Zach Martin, Staff Writer Nov 19, 2014
"A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night" is a moody horror film that succeeds because of its atmosphere
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‘Gone Girl’ depicts strong antihero

Zach Martin, Staff Writer Nov 6, 2014
"Gone Girl" deconstructs female stereotypes
Historical film lacks  in depth

Historical film lacks in depth

Zach Martin, Staff Writer Nov 5, 2014
"The Invisible Front" is only a serviceable look at a forgotten piece of history
Wyatt Cenac recently released a Netflix stand-up special  on Oct. 21.

Cenac reveals passion for city in Netflix special

Zach Martin, Contributing Writer Oct 23, 2014
Stand-up comedian Wyatt Cenac parodies gentrification in Brooklyn in a new special