Alexandre Herchcovitch Spring/Summer 2014

Dana Reszutek

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With the help of dramatic classical music in the background, Alexandre Herchcovitch utilized his Spring/Summer 2014 show, located at Milk Studios, to take us on a journey through an evolution of fabrics.

Wearing little to no makeup, with bare eyes and lips, the models walked at a quick pace to the tempo of the violin and cello music, their hair slicked back except for a dramatic wave placed to one side of their face.

From the start, it was clear that Herchcovitch planned to utilize clean lines in his pieces. Starting with a plain black dress with thin white stripes, the models presented the same fabric in a variation of designs. From simple A-line skirts paired with sleeveless cropped tops to the classic coat dress shape with a cut-out back detail, the cuts of the garments themselves remained quite simple and uniform throughout the show.

Some higher structured pieces, including a peplum skirt, a Peter Pan-collared shirt, and the addition of a thin caped jacket to create a three-pieced look were also seen, further highlighting the simple, rigid, and structured motif of the collection.

Yet as the show went on, the fabrics of the pieces began to change, as if Herchcovitch wanted a slow presentation of his personal spectrum of color and pattern. Beginning with black and grey-patterned fabrics, and transitioning to cream, and white, the addition of a striking metallic purple fabric towards the middle of the show brought an air of versatility to the collection, standing out from the rest of the pieces. Herchovitch then began transforming the visual look of the pieces, while maintaining the same cuts as before, by adding leather, lace, and zipper details to certain looks.

By the end of the show, the pieces seemed to fade back to black, as leather became the primary fabric used. From start to finish, the use of Herchcovitch’s fabric spectrum accentuated the endless versatility of the classic cuts of garments.

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