182nd All-University Commencement

Jonathan Tan and Rachel Kaplan/WSN

John Ambrosio and Dana Reszutek

Wednesday, May 21
11 a.m. 

Yankee Stadium 
1 E. 161st St.  

Yankee Stadium once again turned violet for the 182nd All-University Commencement ceremony. Students, faculty and family gathered in the Bronx to celebrate the official confirmation of student certificates. Attorney Martin Lee Edelman, soul legend Aretha Franklin, Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan, all-star pitcher Mariano Rivera and Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen received honorary degrees in recognition of their contributions to society. After receiving her honorary degree, Yellen addressed the graduates, encouraging  them to enter the world prepared to face new challenges and even failure. “One’s response to the inevitable setbacks matters as much as the balance of victories and defeats,” Yellen said. NYU President John Sexton echoed these sentiments, challenging students to make their personal motto reflect the school’s motto — to persevere and excel — through hardwork and dedication. “The key to a joyful life is a fulfilling life,” Sexton said. “Doing one’s duty, being useful, showing up, putting in the hard work.” Concluding the commencement speeches was student speaker Corey Blay, who received master’s degrees from Stern School of Business and Wagner Graduate School of Public Service. Blay spoke to the graduates on perseverance and striving for success, stressing that, “It’s up to us to define our own success on our own terms.”

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