Archie brings classic lunch fare to St. Marks

Dana Reszutek

East Village’s newest joint, Archie & Sons, brings classic New York luncheonette fare back into the city’s dining scene.

Located on the corner of Third Avenue and St. Marks Place, Archie & Sons has already developed a fan base, even after just three weeks of its opening. From classic American breakfast items to hearty homemade soups and signature salads, the luncheonette provides comfort food at a reasonable price.

The space is simple, friendly and inviting. With cozy tables and counter seating inside, and a classic letter board sign outside, the restaurant oozes an inviting vibe for those looking for a great, classic lunch.

“Everything we offer here is the original recipe, quality and homemade,” said Howie Cohen, the owner of Archie & Sons. “Even the soups are made in-house.”

The signature salads offered take up the largest section of the menu. All salads, from the classic tuna salad to honey mustard chicken salad, are fresh and bursting with flavors.

Diners can choose to have them on either a sandwich, a wrap or as a tossed salad ($8 to $12). But no matter how you choose to eat it, the salad itself will steal the show.

Flavors of different varieties are distinct and strong due to the fresh ingredients. This freshness is Cohen’s main focus when

it comes to his dishes. The soups ($4 to $6) are fantastic as well. All classics, from chicken noodle to split pea, are soon to be a go-to purchase for many customers during the up- coming winter months. Spinach and egg soup, rich in vegetable flavor, is surely going to be- come a fan favorite at Archie & Sons.

Cohen is content with the location of Archie & Sons. The proximity to a major university and various businesses is a big plus.

“There’s a great amount of foot traffic here, and the area’s somewhat changing,” Cohen said. “It’s also a great location for students to stop by as well.”

CAS sophomore Nicole Suliteanu enjoyed the stir fry veggies pita ($8).

“Everything tastes so good and so fresh,” Suliteanu said. “And for the amount of food you get, the price is amazing.”

Cohen could not choose a favorite dish.

“Everything’s good here,” Cohen said. “That’s why it’s on the menu. We make simple, classic, food well.”

Archie & Sons brings New Yorker back to the basics and puts classic American fare at the fingertips of all East Village residents.

Archie & Sons is located at 23 Third Ave. 

A version of this article appeared in the Tuesday, Sept. 10 print edition. Dana Reszutek is a contributing writer. Email her at [email protected]