Quarter Water Fall/Winter 2014

Ariana DiValentino and Dana Reszutek

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Setting itself apart from the overwhelmingly self-indulgent air that so often drafts through the fashion world, Quarter Water’s Fall/Winter 2014 debut was steeped in unpretentious enjoyment both in its presentation and design. Named “Bodega Dreams,” the menswear collection was primarily comprised of creative but direct interpretations of common sportswear, clearly hearkening to a sense of the urban and playful.

Framed with servings of yellow rice, drinks in classic New York coffee cups, and DJs as well as live singers performing R&B and hip hop, the collection channeled the Bronx-Dominican cross-cultural atmosphere drawn upon from designer Andrew Adames’ upbringing.

Inspired by a plethora of pop cultural references, from Warhol to Wise potato chips, designer Andrew Adames seemed to take the literal route in representing his motif through graphic images and embellishments. A graphic designer by trade, Adames placed custom images of his bodega inspiration onto simple cuts, including a sweatshirt and deconstructed basketball short combination with a version of the Arizona Tea logo displayed on the front of the two pieces. Another look, an all-white jacket and deconstructed short with an ice cream and milkshake motif, clearly presented Adames’ vision, while allowing the unique structural elements of the piece to stand out as well.

One piece, however, stood out for its structure rather than its print. A bronze, tailored pant, fitted at the ankle, with a single red patch on the leg, was presented by itself, a clear expression of the designer’s structural capabilities. Yet, nevertheless, this collection will be remembered for its loud, graphic designs, and 90s appeal.

The alteration of pop culture images, as well as a blatant representation of Adames’ inspiration, however, seemed to be too direct of a thematic interpretation. With corporate food logos and television references, the call to Adames’ youth was not portrayed with much grace or subtlety.

Despite its frank boldness, Quarter Water’s Fall/Winter 2014 collection played well upon its uncommonly urban flavor. The line’s signature quilted snapbacks were not only its most desirable and wearable pieces, but a memorable touch that is unique to the brand.

Ariana DiValentino is a senior editor, and Dana Reszutek is the beauty & style editor. Email them at [email protected] and [email protected]