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New York University's independent student newspaper, established in 1973.

Washington Square News

New York University's independent student newspaper, established in 1973.

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Nicole Brown, CAS, Journalism & Politics

Nicole Brown May 5, 2016

My favorite thing about New York is the skyline. Whether I’m riding the N train across the Manhattan Bridge, walking across Wyckoff Avenue in Bushwick or sitting on a Greyhound...

Who Represents You?

Who Represents You?

Nicole Brown, Editor-at-Large November 23, 2015
The Student Government Issue

How much influence do students have?

Nicole Brown, Editor-at-Large November 23, 2015

Student leaders at NYU are confident in their ability to influence changes on campus. Representing nearly 50,000 voices, the Student Senators Council sits on the university senate...

Pros, cons of being a tourist

Nicole Brown, Editor-at-Large February 26, 2015

Right when I arrived at the NYU Florence campus, I was given tips on how to not look or act like a tourist: Don’t go to any restaurants around the Duomo. Don’t order a cappuccino...

Video: Weekly Recap: December 1-4

December 8, 2014

Thank you for a great semester! The Weeks top stories: Rape through the lens of a survivor: Sexual...

The SOHO Sample Store, a holiday pop-up shop on Mulberry Street, offers discounted designer looks.

Photo: Concerns over labor at NYU Shanghai

John Ambrosio, News Editor December 3, 2014

The SOHO Sample Store, a holiday pop-up shop on Mulberry Street, offers discounted designer looks.

[UPDATED] Presidential Search Committee to narrow down nominations

Emily Bell and Nicole Brown November 17, 2014
The search committee has received over 200 nominations for the next president.
Construction workers lift the capsule out of the ground.

Time capsule from 1950 unearthed outside NYU’s 370 Jay St.

Nicole Brown, Editor-in-Chief October 2, 2014

A time capsule buried in 1950 was unearthed outside 370 Jay St., the former New York City Transit headquarters, on Oct. 1. The building will be renovated in 2015 by NYU and...

NYU President John Sexton addresses a student at the town hall on Oct. 1.

Town hall heats up over NYU Abu Dhabi

Kavish Harjai and Nicole Brown October 2, 2014
NYU President John Sexton held the first town hall of the semester on Wednesday.

Sexual assault policy changes imminent

Emily Bell, Nicole Brown and Casey Dalrymple September 25, 2014

The university will announce new sexual misconduct policies on Sept. 30 that will include redefining consent, increased support services through the newly formed Center for Sexual...

Shawn Paik/WSN

Letter from the editor

Nicole Brown, Editor-in-Chief August 24, 2014
A letter from WSN’s editor-in-chief, Nicole Brown.
Revived coalition brings labor issues to administration

Revived coalition brings labor issues to administration

Nicole Brown, Editor-in-Chief May 21, 2014
The Coalition for Fair Labor at NYU sent a petition to the administration requesting three changes to the university's labor standards.
Sexton sits down with WSN

Sexton sits down with WSN

Nicole Brown, Editor-in-Chief May 1, 2014
Sexton shares his views on university-wide issues including expansion and financial aid.
Letter from the editor

Letter from the editor

Nicole Brown January 27, 2014
A letter from WSN's new editor-in-chief, Nicole Brown.
Trisha Goyal | The Connector

Trisha Goyal | The Connector

Nicole Brown December 12, 2013

When Trisha Goyal ran against 10 other freshmen for underclassmen liaison of the Stern Inter-Club Council, she was the only one not wearing a suit. The Stern junior didn’t...


NYU Reacts: Nelson Mandela’s legacy

Nicole Brown, News Editor December 10, 2013
NYU reacts to the death of Nelson Mandela.

First Joint Committee meeting starts productive conversation

Nicole Brown, News Editor November 11, 2013
NYU's first Joint Committee met at the beginning of the month to discuss issues with governance.
William Martin/WSN

[UPDATE] FDNY rescues LS sophomore from between buildings

Emily Bell, Nicole Brown and Kevin Burns November 3, 2013
LS sophomore Asher Vongtau was trapped between Lafayette Street residence hall and a parking garage, before New York City Fire Department rescue workers removed him from the two-foot wide space this evening.
Nicole Brown for WSN

[UPDATE] SLAM protests student debt as university unveils Momentum Campaign

Nicole Brown, News Editor October 21, 2013
SLAM announced it's demands to NYU to stop increasing tuition and increase financial aid.
File photo by Jonathan Tan

NYU to sponsor Gordon Brown’s commission on human rights

Nicole Brown and Michael Domanico October 17, 2013
NYU is sponsoring Gordon Brown's efforts to re-evaluate the UN's Universal Declaration on Human Rights.
Courtesy of Duke University

Universities increase expansion abroad

Nicole Brown and Emily Bell October 16, 2013
NYU's Global Network University is similar to other universities' expansion.
File photo by Felipe de la Hoz

[UPDATE] SLAM meets with Marc Wais in response to letter; Calls for changes in apparel production

Nicole Brown, News Editor September 27, 2013
Student Labor Action Movement members met with Vice President for Global Student Affairs Marc Wais about the production of NYU apparel in Bangladesh.
Nicole Brown for WSN

Environmentalists protest against Keystone XL Pipeline

Nicole Brown, News Editor September 23, 2013
Protestors met in Battery Park on Saturday to voice their concerns about construction of the Keystone XL Pipeline.

Few students show pride at GMA, NYU pep rally

Nicole Brown and Michael Domanico September 10, 2013
Due to a lack of communication, many students missed the opportunity to attend a pep rally on Good Morning America.

Faculty committees make suggestions to influence university governance

Nicole Brown, News Editor September 3, 2013
In effort to increase shared governance, faculty committees submit reports to the administration about major university decisions.
[UPDATE] Momentum Campaign to bolster scholarships, endowment

[UPDATE] Momentum Campaign to bolster scholarships, endowment

Nicole Brown, News Editor August 28, 2013
After NYU President Sexton's email about a Momentum Campaign, Debra LaMorte expanded on the details of the university's six-year plan to raise more scholarship money for students.
Rachel Kaplan/WSN

No Confidence recap: administration moves to resolve tensions with faculty

Nicole Brown, News Editor August 25, 2013
After the votes of no confidence passed in five schools in recent months, the NYU administration have taken measures to work more closely with faculty to resolve governance issues.
File photo by Lauren Strausser/WSN

Welcome Week 2013 aims to bring together diverse community

Nicole Brown and Kayana Jean-Philippe August 25, 2013
In addition to the classics, Welcome Week 2013 will feature a new documentary of students' welcome week experience across the globe.
FAQ: Vote of No Confidence

FAQ: Vote of No Confidence

Nicole Brown, News Editor August 25, 2013
WSN gives you a crash course in the biggest story in university politics: the vote of no confidence.

NYU Poly merge with university expected to conclude at end of year

Nicole Brown, News Editor July 4, 2013
The timeline for the assimilation of NYU's Polytechnic Institute as the university's new engineering school has been set.
Rachel Kaplan/WSN

Silver School does not pass vote of no confidence, does pass separate resolution

Nicole Brown, Investigative Editor May 30, 2013
The Silver School faculty does not declare no confidence in President Sexton, but did write a separate statement to the Board of Trustees.

Improvements to Hayden will begin next year

Nicole Brown, Investigative Editor May 2, 2013
Renovations of Hayden residence hall will take place during the 2014-2015 academic year.
William Martin/WSN

Students start petition to remove some unpaid internships from CareerNet

Nicole Brown, Investigative Editor April 30, 2013
Concerns about violations of labor laws have sparked discussion of what internships Wasserman should post.

GPA cutoffs for Latin honors based on previous year’s top students

Nicole Brown, Investigative Editor April 26, 2013
Each year the cutoffs for the Cum Laude, Magna Cum Laude, and Summa Cum Laude awards change based on the prior year's top 30 percent.
 NYU-Poly dean explains NYU School of Engineering

NYU-Poly dean explains NYU School of Engineering

Nicole Brown, Investigative Editor April 25, 2013
NYU-Poly and dean Katepalli Sreenivasan answers questions about the future School of Engineering.
Rachel Kaplan/WSN

NYU student arrested for building air rifles in dorm

Amy Zhang and Nicole Brown April 23, 2013
Student arrested for allegedly building air rifles in his dorm and selling them online.
Courtesy of NYU

Steinhardt faculty to hold vote of no confidence

Nicole Brown, Investigative Editor April 22, 2013
Full-time faculty members held a special meeting this morning to discuss governance at NYU.

UPDATE: Steinhardt faculty governance discussions continue

Nicole Brown April 11, 2013
After a faculty meeting on Monday, the Steinhardt faculty still divided about NYU governance.
Courtesy of NYU

Students question fairness of Stern Venture Challenge judging

Nicole Brown, Investigative Editor April 9, 2013
The Cobalt Team, a group competing in the Stern Venture Challenge, is questioning the judging process of the competition.

All-university student council elections begin

Nicole Brown and Veronica Carchedi April 8, 2013
NYU will be hosting its All-University Elections from April 8 to April 12.
Rachel Kaplan/WSN

Sexton addresses issues of financial, social concern

Nicole Brown April 3, 2013
In the final town hall of the school year, NYU President John Sexton fielded questions that were posed by students in attendance.
Rachel Kaplan/WSN

LIVE BLOG: Town Hall Meeting with President John Sexton

Nicole Brown April 2, 2013
NYU students have the chance to ask President Sexton questions at the last Town Hall meeting of the year.
Rachel Kaplan/WSN

UPDATE: Tisch begins discussions of a vote of no confidence

Nicole Brown, Investigative Editor March 25, 2013
The Tisch faculty hope to decide on a vote by April.
Rachel Kaplan/WSN

NYU leadership divides faculty

Nicole Brown March 13, 2013
In the midst of the CAS faculty's no confidence vote, other NYU faculty members look into the Board of Trustees’ role in hiring NYU President John Sexton and the lack of fiscal transparency.
Courtesy of NYU

Faculty of Arts and Science begins no confidence vote

Nicole Brown March 10, 2013
The no-confidence vote against NYU President John Sexton opens today.
A photo of a doorway on campus with a blue accessibility button that reads Press to Operate Door to the right.

NYU supports lifestyles of students with disabilities

Nicole Brown March 6, 2013
NYU students with disabilities have many different support systems to turn to on campus and in the city.
Komal Patel for WSN

Studio art students call for renovation in Barney building

Nicole Brown and Komal Patel February 28, 2013
Ventilation and space issues are a major source of concern for students in Steinhardt's Studio Art program.
Chuck Kuan for WSN

Immigration reform talks give NYU students hope

Nicole Brown February 19, 2013
NYU international and undocumented students may benefit from President Obama's immigration reform proposals.

Obama sets agenda with State of the Union address

Nicole Brown and Veronica Carchedi February 13, 2013
In the first State of the Union of his second term, President Obama called for bipartisan agreement on a variety of issues.
Jacqueline Hsia for WSN

NYU Public Safety Crime report reveals safer campus

Nicole Brown, Investigative Editor February 12, 2013
Larceny on campus poses biggest threat to students according to Public Safety crime records.
Courtesy of Tom Bachtell Illustration and Mr. Fish

Discussing Hedges v. Obama

Nicole Brown February 7, 2013
"Every American should be concerned about this because it affects every American." - O'Brien
Rachel Kaplan/WSN

Staci Barton: the caregiver

Nicole Brown December 13, 2012
Steinhardt graduate student Staci Barton works to give the voice to the community of black and Latino men living in New York City.
Kaleel Munroe/WSN

City24/7 replaces pay phones with tablets throughout city

Nicole Brown December 5, 2012
“Smart Screens,” an invention pioneered by City24/7, Cisco and LG Electronics, seek to promote efficiency, provide breaking news, connect people to emergency services and track updates or changes in public transporation
Courtesy of Adam Ebnit

Volunteers help Sandy victims on Day of Action

Nicole Brown November 19, 2012
The Clinton Founation and Clinton Global Initiative organized a Day of Action on Sunday, during which students and other volunteers helped those affected by Hurricane Sandy.
Students forced to relocate from dorms

Students forced to relocate from dorms

Lily Altavena and Nicole Brown October 31, 2012
Students in select dorms evacuated as of 3 p.m. on Wednesday.
Courtesy of Esteban Mazzoni

NYU welcomes new biology professor

Nicole Brown October 11, 2012
Esteban Mazzoni returns to the university as a professor of biology after completing his doctorate degree.
Courtesy of Susannah B. Troy

SoHo locals criticize restaurants’ noise level

Nicole Brown October 10, 2012
Residents gathered at a Community Board 2 meeting to discuss the excessive late night noise coming from restaurants and bars surrounding Broome Residence Residential Hall.
File Photo by Rebecca Climenti

City announces plans for lane redesigns in Central Park

Nicole Brown October 8, 2012
The Department of Transportation revealed its lane redesign plans for Central Park to reduce congestion and collisions.
Amanda Randone for WSN

Protesters against NYU Law trustee unite for second demonstration

Nicole Brown September 20, 2012
After counter-protesters disrupted the protest last week, SLAM holds a follow-up rally on Wednesday.

New online database provides open access to undercover journalism

Nicole Brown September 13, 2012
NYU professor creates an open database of undercover journalism pieces.
NYC Taxi fares see an increase of 17 percent

NYC Taxi fares see an increase of 17 percent

Nicole Brown September 13, 2012
After the city's taxi drivers submitted a proposal to increase the fare three months ago, the Taxi and Limousine Commission has begun implementing a 17 percent fare hike.