Time capsule from 1950 unearthed outside NYU’s 370 Jay St.

Nicole Brown, Editor-in-Chief

A time capsule buried in 1950 was unearthed outside 370 Jay St., the former New York City Transit headquarters, on Oct. 1. The building will be renovated in 2015 by NYU and become home to the Center for Urban Science and Progress and many of the university’s incubators. NYU had hoped to recover a microfilm of the original building plans in this time capsule, but it was ruined by water damage and erosion.

A nickel and some newspapers were also found in the muddied capsule. New York City Transit President Carmen Bianco, Hudson Archival conservator Toya Dubin and New York City Transit Museum officials were at the unveiling. The capsule and the artifacts will be on display in the museum early next year.