New York University's independent student newspaper, established in 1973.

Washington Square News

New York University's independent student newspaper, established in 1973.

Washington Square News

New York University's independent student newspaper, established in 1973.

Washington Square News

Manasa Gudavalli

Manasa Gudavalli, Editor-in-Chief

Manasa Gudavalli is a super senior studying a super strange combination of psychology, mathematics, journalism, and chemistry. When they are not editing the Washington Square News, they are probably reading Freud, watching college football, or developing film photos. You can find them on Instagram @manasa.gudavalli and

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A photo of the Washington Square Arch.

Photo: NYU acceptance rate stays at 8% for class of 2028

April 8, 2024

(Manasa Gudavalli for WSN)

The Toronto skyline at night.

Spring break snapshots: Grassy getaways to snow-stuck trucks

WSN staff share photos from their first week of free time this year.

Four people on a stage playing instruments. A crowd watches them from the audience.

Photo: Q&A: Punchlove on its debut album ‘Channels’

Julia Diorio, Music Editor March 14, 2024

(Manasa Gudavalli for WSN)

A crowd of people dance on a dance floor with their hands up. A disco ball hangs from the ceiling, and the room is basked in pink-ish purple light.

From prom to Pier 60: Violet Ball brings nostalgia to the dance floor

The Violet Ball, NYU’s annual dance event, gave the class of 2024 a long-awaited celebration as they prepare for graduation.
Manasa Gudavalli, Editor-in-Chief March 5, 2024

N.Y.U. Grossman School of Medicine building. It is a red brick building. People are walking outside the building and a large sign with “NYU Grossman School of Medicine is in the front.

Photo: Sleep transforms daily experiences into lasting memories, Grossman study finds

April 5, 2024

File Photo: NYU Grossman School of Medicine. (Manasa Gudavalli for WSN)

Brynn Cartelli performing at Brooklyn Steel on Feb. 10, 2023. (Manasa Gudavalli for WSN)

Photo: Q&A: Brynn Cartelli on her debut album, ‘OUT OF THE BLUE’

Eliana Brown, Contributing Writer February 27, 2024

(Manasa Gudavalli for WSN)

A man in a maroon shirt with white graphics leans on the plastic rope-like border of a boxing ring. He wears a wrapped, black, velcro glove on his right hand, with his hands laced together in front of him.

Photo: From Bobst to boxing: NYU’s up-and-coming student-athlete

Jonathan Mak, Deputy Sports Editor March 1, 2024

(Manasa Gudavalli for WSN)

An illustration of an older man with a mustache and glasses, wearing a light blue shirt and navy blazer. Behind him are antiques and face designs.

Photo: Opinion: Renaming the Steinhardt school is long overdue

February 16, 2024

(Illustration by Manasa Gudavalli)

An N.Y.P.D. car parked outside N.Y.Us Alumni residence hall with groups of students standing by the building entrance.

Photo: Alumni Hall, 4 other NYU buildings receive false bomb threat

February 9, 2024

Students wait outside Alumni residence hall on Thursday night as the police and fire department search the premises. (Manasa Gudavalli for WSN)

A pink background split into two sides by a violet zig-zag. On the left side there is a red shirt with white text that reads 49ers and blue-denim shorts. On the right side there is a red hoodie with yellow text that reads CHIEFS, a gold chain and a football.

Photo: Blitz and ‘fits: A Super Bowl style guide

February 9, 2024

(Manasa Gudavalli for WSN)

Linda Mills in a black gown with silver trim stands behind a clear podium with a reflector in front of it. The silhouettes of the back of people’s heads are in front of her.

Photo: Mills inducted as fellow of social work honor society, Silver dean named president

February 1, 2024

President Linda Mills at her inauguration ceremony hosted at the Paulson Center. (Manasa Gudavalli for WSN)

Letter from the editor: On reflection

Letter from the editor: On reflection

Honoring my final semester at the Washington Square News, NYU’s independent student-led publication.
Manasa Gudavalli, Editor-in-Chief January 22, 2024

It’s my last first day of school. Today signifies the first page of the final chapter of my undergraduate years at NYU — a moment wrapped in nostalgia, accomplishment and the...

(Graphic by Manasa Gudavalli)

Photo: A look inside the student government’s budget

November 29, 2023

(Graphic by Manasa Gudavalli)

N.Y.U. president Linda Mills wearing a black gown with silver decorative patterning stands behind a podium. She is wearing a large silver medallion around her neck.

Photo: Opinion: The NYU Promise is not promising for all students

October 30, 2023

File Photo: NYU president Linda Mills at her Presidential Inauguration ceremony hosted at the Paulson Center. (Manasa Gudavalli for WSN)

Taylor Swift performs standing with a guitar in hand. Swift wears a pink mid-length dress with layered ruffles as she sings into a standing microphone.

Photo: Ranked: Taylor Swift’s vault tracks

October 25, 2023

File Photo: Taylor Swift performing her surprise songs at the Eras Tour concert in Boston, 2023. (Manasa Gudavalli for WSN)

A purple poster with icons of a mask and the daily screener placed on the glass door entrance of N.Y.U.’s StudentLink Center.

Photo: Opinion: COVID-19 still exists, despite what NYU seems to think

October 19, 2023

File Photo: NYU’s COVID-19 safety posters in front of the StudentLink Center in March 2021. (Manasa Gudavalli for WSN)

Linda Mills in a black gown with silver detailing stands behind a podium in front of a purple backdrop and seated rows of people. In front of her are the backs of John Sexton and Andrew Hamilton’s heads.

Photo: Mills announces free tuition for low-income students starting fall 2024

October 18, 2023

Former NYU presidents John Sexton and Andrew Hamilton watch current president Linda Mills give her inaugural address. (Manasa Gudavalli for WSN)

Fans sang, danced and cheered throughout the film. (Manasa Gudavalli for WSN)

Review: Taylor Swift brings the stage to the big screen in The Eras Tour concert film

In this cinematic cut, the Eras Tour “Hits Different.”

Since Taylor Swift last filled stadiums with her “Reputation” tour, she has released four new albums: “Lover,” “folklore,” “evermore” and "Midnights.” Due to...

A model wearing a baggy, red V-neck overshirt with two purple stripes on each sleeve and a purple letter W on the center walks on a runway. The model is wearing a long-sleeved purple shirt under the overshirt, and baggy, red leather-like pants. The model wears two stud earrings, and black shoes. A model wearing a floor-length, denim button-up overcoat with only the top two buttons closed and jeans with the fly unbuttoned walks on a runway. The model is pregnant, with the open coat revealing a pregnant stomach. The model wears brown lace-up boots, with thumbs hooked in the pants’ pockets. A model wearing a black, seemingly leather, crop top, closed in the front by two buttons, walks on a runway. The model wears a white beanie and baggy, purple pans with big pockets on both legs. The model’s boxers are slightly visible above the pants. The model wears small, gold-colored hoop earrings, and brown lace-up boots.

WHENSMOKECLEARS brings ‘Uptown Couture’ to the runway

WHENSMOKECLEARS exemplifies New York City fashion at Spring/Summer 2024 New York Fashion Week.
Manasa Gudavalli, Editor-in-Chief September 15, 2023

From left to right: a model wearing a yellow-and-purple plaid knitted vest and a yellow patterned knitted tie; a model wearing a white and red-and-mint shirt and a skirt of the same color; a model wearing a purple jumpsuit.

Parsons MFA ‘We Dem Kids’ show breaks away from the expected

Parsons MFA students debuted their NYFW Spring/Summer 2024 designs at the Brooklyn Museum.
Manasa Gudavalli, Editor-in-Chief September 14, 2023

The Master of Fine Arts program at The New School’s Parsons School of Design presented its New York Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2024 collection “We Dem Kids” at the Brooklyn...

Letter from the editor: On change

Letter from the editor: On change

Welcome to Washington Square News, NYU’s independent undergraduate newspaper.
Manasa Gudavalli, Editor-in-Chief August 4, 2023

Dear Readers, When thinking about my own first year at NYU, I vividly remember the mix of emotions that filled my heart — the excitement of meeting new friends and the thrill...

N.Y.U. Welcome Week ambassadors stand on the steps in the lobby of the Kimmel Center for Student Life waving and cheering to passersby.

What to expect when you’re expecting: NYU Welcome edition

Here’s our guide to preparing for your first week on campus.
Manasa Gudavalli and Naisha Roy August 4, 2023

In the days following the chaos and excitement of your dorm move-in, you’ll get to experience NYU’s version of student orientation — NYU Welcome. From Aug. 26 to Sept. 15,...

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