New York University's independent student newspaper, established in 1973.

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New York University's independent student newspaper, established in 1973.

Washington Square News

New York University's independent student newspaper, established in 1973.

Washington Square News

A portrait of Ania Keenan.

Ania Keenan, Features Editor

Ania Keenan is a sophomore double majoring in Journalism and Data Science. She is originally from upstate New York, but grew up in the Bay Area. She loves storytelling and research and is interested in covering stories related to politics and public health. When she's not reporting you can find her running on West Side Highway or listening to an episode of RadioLab. You can find her at @sky_Keenan on Instagram or contact her at [email protected].

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Excerpts from a racial discrimination lawsuit document with three phrases highlighted in yellow. The excerpt is on top of a background with a purple-to-black gradient.

Former employee sues NYU, alleging racial discrimination in Athletics Department

The plaintiff claimed that he was paid less than other directors in the department because of his race. The university denies the allegations.
Ania Keenan , Features Editor Sep 30, 2023

Former intramural Athletics Director Emery Mitchem is suing the university for racial discrimination that he claims resulted in at least $75,000 in lost wages over his roughly...

A graphic of former N.Y.U. Athletic Director Stuart Robinson and the logo of N.Y.U. Athletics against a dark purple background.

NYU breaks ties with athletics director after sexual harassment allegations

Stuart Robinson is no longer employed at NYU, according to an email from an administrator to the athletics department.
Ania Keenan, Features Editor Sep 27, 2023

Stuart Robinson is no longer employed as NYU’s athletics director as of Wednesday night following an investigation into allegations of inappropriate behavior, according to a...

A collage of three excerpts from a lawsuit against a gray background. The excerpts are highlighted to show the inappropriate comments made by Athletic Director Stuart Robinson.

‘Sexually crude and puerile’: suspended Athletics Director named in 2018 Title IX lawsuit

Ania Keenan, Features Editor Sep 22, 2023
Athletics director Stuart Robinson allegedly harassed an employee at the State University of New York, New Paltz’s Athletics Department prior to taking his current position at NYU, public records show.
Protesters walk down University Place holding large signs that read ”N.Y.U. OWES ADJUNCTS” and “UNION POWER.”

University denies foul play after adjuncts’ courses changed

NYU is attributing shifts in adjunct course assignments to pandemic-related enrollment and budget changes, but the union representing adjuncts says the university is undermining their job security.
Ania Keenan, Features Editor Sep 19, 2023

For many adjunct professors — part-time faculty that make up a large share of instructors at NYU — course assignments looked different this year. For some, assignments did...

A man in formal attire on the left and a logo of N.Y.U. Athletics on the right.

Athletics director placed on administrative leave after alleged inappropriate behavior

Sources told WSN that Athletics Director Stuart Robinson was placed on administrative leave due to misconduct accusations.
Ania Keenan, Features Editor Sep 19, 2023

As student athletes return to campus for the start of the fall season, Athletics Director Stuart Robinson — who has worked for the university since 2020 —  will be absent...

A group of people sitting in a room. Two speakers stand in front of the crowd, and one holds a microphone while pointing to the crowd.

‘Lessons were learned’: CAS vote revises election rules, but president-elect to stay

Schoolwide vote passes amendments to student government election code and affirms results of student council presidential race.
Ania Keenan and Bruna Horvath May 3, 2023

Sam McCormack was confirmed as the next president of NYU’s College of Arts & Science Student Council after a majority of the school’s students voted in favor of proposed...

Text reading “N.Y.U. Arthur L. Carter JOURNALISM INSTITUTE” on a white wall with a window above it.

Recipient of $12,500 NYU journalism award will report on climate crisis

Adam Willis, a reporter for the local news nonprofit The Baltimore Banner, received NYU’s Matthew Power Literary Reporting Award.
Ania Keenan, Features Editor Apr 25, 2023

NYU’s journalism institute has named Adam Willis, a city government reporter for nonprofit news website The Baltimore Banner, as the ninth recipient of its prestigious Matthew...

NYU Law assistant dean Michelle Cherande confronts students protesting in a room.

NYU Law dean confronts protesters for heckling Israeli politician

Dozens of pro-Palestine students protested an event hosted at NYU Law last Thursday that featured an Israeli politician.
Ania Keenan and Yezen Saadah Apr 24, 2023

A group of people sits around a purple table in the middle of a room with a podium at the center. A person is speaking behind the podium. Behind the purple table is a screen displaying the text “S.G.A. Land Acknowledgment.”

CAS student council to hold schoolwide vote on campaign rules

After a candidate was disqualified from the CAS Student Council presidential election last week, the council has decided that the student body should have the chance to vote on proposed election guideline changes.
Ania Keenan and Bruna Horvath Apr 20, 2023

NYU’s student government will let the College of Arts & Science student body vote on proposed amendments to the CAS Student Council election code — an extensive document...

Chair-elect Ryan Carney poses for a photo.

Ryan Carney elected next NYU student government chair

NYU’s Student Government Assembly elected Ryan Carney, a senior in Liberal Studies, as its new chair.
Ania Keenan and Bruna Horvath Apr 14, 2023

Ryan Carney, a senior in NYU’s Global Liberal Studies program, was selected as the next chairperson of the university’s Student Government Assembly, after winning a majority...

A group of people sitting in a room with a clock on the side. Two speakers stand in front of the crowd with one of them holding a microphone while pointing to the crowd.

CAS student council ousts president candidate from election

One of two presidential candidates for the CAS Student Council was removed from the election at a meeting on Tuesday after being charged with two campaign violations.
Ania Keenan, Features Editor Apr 13, 2023

Adiba Chowdhury hoped to become the next president of NYU’s College of Arts & Science Student Council. She filed to run, stood for election, and, according to a member of...

An illustration of the gray exterior of a building that reads “N.Y.U. School of Global Public Health,” with a purple banner that reads “N.Y.U.” on the right side.

NYU receives $2 million to study suicide prevention hotline

The National Institute of Mental Health awarded researchers at the university’s School of Global Public Health to study how suicide hotlines impact care.
Ania Keenan, Features Editor Apr 12, 2023

NYU’s School of Global Public Health received a $2 million grant from the National Institute of Mental Health to study the new suicide prevention hotline, 988. Researchers will...

Six people sit on a stage with a projector screen behind them displaying an online petition for the graduation walk for N.Y.U.’s Tandon School of Engineering. There is a speaker holding a microphone on the right.

‘It pains me that you are in pain,’ Tandon dean says to disgruntled graduates

Aggravated students from NYU’s Tandon School of Engineering, unhappy that they will not be able to walk across the stage at graduation this year, sat down with their dean at a town hall on Wednesday.
Ania Keenan, Features Editor Apr 6, 2023

NYU’s Tandon School of Engineering reaffirmed its decision not to let graduating students walk across the stage at its 2023 graduation ceremony during a town hall event held...

An illustration of a girl wearing a green t-shirt drinking from a plastic cup filled with purple liquids with a white straw.

‘Totally unpredictable’: NYU class discovers new fluid flow laws

A simple mathematics exercise turned into a three-year-long study as researchers discovered limitations in the laws of fluid dynamics.
Ania Keenan, Features Editor Apr 4, 2023

The act of sipping through a straw may defy long-standing laws of fluid dynamics — the study of the flow of liquids and gases — according to a recent NYU study. Researchers...

A rally attendee dressed in a gray mouse costume holding signs that read Democrat Rhino Politician and Trust me demonstrates in Collective Pond Park while two media personnel record the attendee from behind.

Trump rally outside Manhattan DA’s office sees scant attendance

A small group of protesters was surrounded by reporters outside of the Manhattan District Attorney’s office on Monday as they protested the potential indictment of former president Donald Trump.
Ania Keenan and Carmo Moniz Mar 20, 2023

A cargo loading dock with maintenance equipment and trash cans inside.

Acquired, stored, forgotten: NYU Dentistry’s collection of Indigenous remains

Ania Keenan, Features Editor Feb 6, 2023
How an NYU college came to possess the remains of over 200 Indigenous people, and how they were forgotten for 25 years.
The cheap labor of academia

The cheap labor of academia

Ania Keenan, Staff Writer Nov 3, 2022
How a string of student deaths in the early 2000s shaped NYU’s architecture, curriculum and mental health services.

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