New York University's independent student newspaper, established in 1973.

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New York University's independent student newspaper, established in 1973.

Washington Square News

New York University's independent student newspaper, established in 1973.

Washington Square News

Mikaylah Du

Mikaylah Du, Illustration Editor

Mikaylah Du is a first-year studying Media, Culture, and Communication. She's a fine art nerd and one of the few people that actually likes writing essays. Follow her art account on Instagram @mikaylahdoodles to see her post once in a blue moon.

All content by Mikaylah Du
Illustration of a laptop screen and red mug in front of a purple background, on the screen there are two women walking in a park kicking their legs out in sync.

Photo: Off the Radar: ‘Attenberg’ is a transformative repose

April 12, 2024

Attenberg is a 2010 Greek drama film written and directed by Athina Rachel Tsangari. (Mikaylah Du for WSN)

Illustration of a vinyl record and its sleeve with a blue and green swirl pattern. The words “SHERYL CROW in yellow calligraphy font are written in the center with neon green capital letters that says “evolution.”

Photo: Review: ‘Evolution’ proves Sheryl Crow is best when sticking to her roots

April 8, 2024

Sheryl Crow released her 12th studio album, “Evolution,” on March 29, 2024. (Illustration by Mikaylah Du)

A man with long hair and a mustache sings into a microphone, pink and purple lights outline him.

Review: Grouplove finishes tour with a celebration

Grouplove ended its 2024 tour at Terminal 5 this past weekend, closing with an electric performance.
Mikaylah Du, Illustration Editor April 5, 2024

Grouplove closed out its “Rock and Roll You Won’t Save Me” tour with a dynamic performance on Saturday, March 30 at Terminal 5. The tour’s essence was encapsulated by the...

(Illustration by Mikaylah Du)

Photo: 6 books to read this Women’s History Month

Camryn Loor, Contributing Writer March 28, 2024

(Illustration by Mikaylah Du)

An illustration of one woman running, one playing basketball and one kicking a soccer ball.

Photo: NYU students continue the fight for women in sports

March 27, 2024

(Illustration by Mikaylah Du)

Sign saying “YAO MODERN CANTONESE CUISINE” on a green, tiled wall. Under the sign are a bonsai tree and a small pool of water with rocks.

YAO: Where traditional Cantonese cuisine meets global innovation

This fine dining experience offers modernized Cantonese dishes that are as visually stunning as they are delicious.
Mikaylah Du, Illustration Editor March 15, 2024

An illustration of a black megaphone that reads ‘STAFF RANTS’ in white letters. There are black and white lines coming out of the megaphone. The background is red.

Staff Rants: Springing in and out of spring

It’s the beginning of March, which means spring is just around the corner! WSN staff shares their thoughts about the changing season.

On climate change: Abi Rivera — Opinion Editor  Spring? I think you mean false spring. Climate change is real.   On heroes: Sebastian Cardena — Deputy Opinion...

An illustration of a pan with deep fried battered vegetables, a dish with red sauce, a dish with green sauce and a pan with yogurt-covered dough balls.

Photo: Recipes for Ramadan: Dahi bara and vegetable pakora your mother would love

Maryam Babar, Contributing Writer March 5, 2024

(Illustration by Mikaylah Du)

An illustration of a record cover with two men in black outfits and one is riding a horse. A record is coming out of the cover.

Photo: MGMT’s ‘Loss Of Life’ is a reflective and emotional sonic journey

March 6, 2024

“Loss of Life” was released on Feb. 23, 2024. (Illustration by Mikaylah Du)

Three women perform on stage. The far right woman holds a cello while the woman on the far left has an acoustic guitar.

UltraViolet Live recap: 13 acts competed for $1,000 cash prize

NYU students competed at the final round of the university's annual Violet 100 talent competition.
Mikaylah Du, Illustration Editor March 4, 2024

An illustration of a white book cover with colorful squares and a person putting socks on. “GOOD MATERIAL” and “DOLLY ALDERTON” are written in the colorful squares.

Photo: Review: Dolly Alderton’s ‘Good Material’ turns heartbreak into comedy

February 21, 2024

“Good Material” by Dolly Alderton (Illustration by Mikaylah Du)

An illustration on a purple background of a crest with multiple shades of blue, with the words “FULBRIGHT TOP 8 PRODUCER” and “2023-2024” on it.

Photo: NYU ranks No. 8 for Fulbright U.S. Student Program

February 15, 2024

(Illustration by Mikaylah Du)

An illustration of a scientist in a white robe pouring liquids out of a glass flask. In front of the scientist is a shelf filled with laboratory equipments.

‘Punching above its weight’: NYU’s research revolution

The university’s growing focus on research has spurred significant spending increases, but has also led to better support for everyone from faculty to undergraduates.
Mikaylah Du, Illustration Editor February 11, 2024

An illustration of a laptop and a mug on a purple background. On the laptop is an image of a woman and a man eating noodles with chopsticks.

Photo: Off the Radar: Ramen, ambition and love in ‘Tampopo’

January 26, 2024

“Tampopo” is available through NYU’s streaming partners. (Illustration by Mikaylah Du)

The finance bro: An illustration of a man with brown hair wearing a black suit, white shirt and a blue tie standing in front of a red background. The Tisch girl: An illustration of a girl with red hair wearing a light blue shirt, a pair of dark blue trousers and a pair of white shoes laughs in front of a bright pink background. The Gallatin student: An illustration of a girl with dark blue hair wearing a light blue shirt, a pink vest, a long light purple skirt and a pair of dark blue shoes standing in front of a gray background. The film bro: An illustration of a man wearing a red hat, a white shirt with a dark brown jacket, a pair of dark blue trousers and a pair of brown shoes holding up a peace sign in front of a light green background. The It girl: An illustration of a girl with brown hair wearing a light pink hoodie, a pair of light pink sweatpants and a pair of dark brown shoes holding a green cup.

Photo: 5 students you're sure to run into this semester

January 24, 2024

(Illustration by Mikaylah Du)

A graphic of the first two pages of the university’s 2021 tax returns on a purple background.

New bill could cost NYU over $100 million in annual tax cuts

NYU and Columbia University stand to lose hundreds of millions of dollars worth of annual tax cuts if a bill recently proposed by New York state legislators is passed.
Adrianna Nehme, Krish Dev, Maisie Zipfel and Mikaylah Du December 14, 2023

Legislation recently proposed by state lawmakers could change the way NYU pays its taxes, stripping it of long-standing privileges that have allowed it to save over $100 million...

An illustration of red hands putting yellow pasta into a gray bowl filled with red.

Photo: Kimjang: paying homage to my halmeoni

December 12, 2023

(Illustration by Mikaylah Du)

An illustration of a woman with dark hair kneeling on the ground. She is wearing brown and looking down. The background is blue.

Photo: Review: Dove Cameron’s ‘Alchemical: Volume 1’ and the relationship between love and change

December 8, 2023

“Alchemical: Volume I” features tracks like “Sand” and “Boyfriend”. (Illustration by Mikaylah Du)

A collage of pictures of two men. The man on the left is wearing an olive-colored shirt and black blazer. The man on the left is wearing a blue gingham shirt with a gray blazer.

22 NYU professors named among world’s most cited researchers

The researchers included in Clarivate’s 2023 Highly Cited Researchers list came from fields such as economics, medicine and engineering.
Mikaylah Du, Staff Writer November 21, 2023

Twenty-two NYU professors were in the first percentile for the number of citations received in their fields over the past decade, according to Clarivate’s Highly Cited Researchers...

Wegmans exterior with a line of Citi Bikes in front of a red fencing.

Wegmans at Astor Place brings a taste of suburbia to NYU

Students weigh in on the popular supermarket chain’s first Manhattan location.
Krish Dev and Mikaylah Du November 2, 2023

Trader Joe’s no longer holds a monopoly over NYU students' grocery lists, thanks to Wegmans which opened its first Manhattan location at Astor Place on Oct. 18. Sophomore...

A person dressed as Jason Voorhees from the movie “Friday the 13th” holds up a prop knife in one hand and reaches out to the camera with their other hand.

New York Comic Con: An ode to pop-culture enthusiasts and cosplayers alike

This past weekend, the Javits Center showcased the vibrancy and creativity that New York Comic Con inspires.
Mikaylah Du, Contributing Writer October 17, 2023

A group of about 15 students holding a sign reading “Sunrise Movement N.Y.U.”

Student activists join thousands at March to End Fossil Fuels

Tens of thousands of protesters attended a climate march in Midtown on Sunday, demanding new legislation to combat climate change.
Krish Dev and Mikaylah Du September 19, 2023

NYU students and faculty joined tens of thousands in a midtown Manhattan march on Sept. 17, calling on President Joe Biden to end federal fossil fuel investments and declare a...