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I Tested Positive for COVID-19

I Tested Positive for COVID-19

By Alexandra Chan , Multimedia Editor September 28, 2020

I got a call on Friday, Sept. 18th at 8:47 p.m. from a 212 number when I was out trying to chase a story around Foley Square. “Your spit test from Monday Sept. 14 came back positive,” said a member...

NYU students sit distantly around Washington Square Park to complete classwork and to talk to friends. While physically distanced, students have found ways to socialize online. (Staff Photo by Manasa Gudavalli)

First-Years Face a New Social Scene

By Juliana Guarracino, Contributing Writer September 14, 2020

Zoom screens, Netflix parties and numerous group chats may not be how many first year students at NYU envisioned their first few days of college, but they are making the best of it. New safety protocols...

Being a world-renowned fashion event, New York Fashion Week brings thousands of attendees from around the world to the city every year. This year, with the ongoing pandemic situation, the Beauty & Style section at Washington Square News has decided not to cover the gathering. (Staff Photo by Alexandra Chan)

Why WSN Will Not Cover New York Fashion Week In-Person This Year

By Bella Gil, Culture Editor September 11, 2020

New York Fashion Week has historically brought thousands of attendees from around the world to the city every year, but 2020 is no ordinary year. With how the ongoing coronavirus pandemic in the United...

Tisch first-year Steven Zambon experiences his mandatory 14 day quarantine in his Lipton Hall. Students share and reflect on their experiences with the 14-day quarantine in NYU dorms. (Photo by Steven Zambon)

Students Reflect on Quarantining in NYU Housing

By Bella Gil, Culture Editor August 31, 2020

Move-In Day for students living in NYU’s residence halls this year was probably the most different it’s looked in NYU’s history — to say the least. Students returning to campus from hotspot areas...

Marie Claire Design Director Wanyi Jiang is a Gallatin Alumna. The creative has worked through multiple magazines and setbacks but keeps pushing forward. (Photo by Wanyi Jiang)

Wanyi Jiang Has Put in the Work but Makes It Look Easy

By Carol Lee, Editor-at-Large May 7, 2020

It’s hard not to fall in love with Marie Claire Design Director Wanyi Jiang. It might be downright impossible. If you’re not lucky enough to meet the NYU Gallatin School of Individualized Study alumna...

The Brooklyn Bridge shines brightly in the night. Since leaving the city when remote learning began, many students are thinking of their experiences in the city, such as witnessing views such as these. (Photo by Manasa Gudavalli)

Building a Home Away From Home

By Sara Miranda, Under the Arch Multimedia Editor May 4, 2020

Although NYU has prematurely closed its doors for the remainder of the academic year due to the coronavirus outbreak, its students are not letting that stop them from continuing their lives in New York...

The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon is a highly sought after internship by NYU students. The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic is reshaping the way students are looking for summer internships. (Staff Photo by Jake Capriotti)

The Uncertain Future of Summer Internships

By Addison Aloian, Deputy Culture Editor April 27, 2020

In the midst of COVID-19 and the uncertainties it has thrust upon the world, one of the biggest questions for students are the fate of their summer internships. Large media companies such as Buzzfeed,...

Ordering takeout and receiving one’s food by messenger is a common New York dining practice. With the COVID-19 crisis, new measures are being put in place to protect both messengers and customers. (Photo by Anna Letson)

How Student Takeout Habits are Altered by COVID-19

By Chad Evans, Staff Writer April 24, 2020

Using takeout and delivery services is a privilege that has shifted greatly in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic. The restrictions on in-restaurant dining in New York and beyond have caused food delivery...

Despite the lack of physical gatherings, those with March and April birthdays aren’t letting their party hats go to waste. Virtual parties hosted over Zoom have been many students’ go-to when celebrating their birthdays. (Staff Photo by Alexandra Chan)

How These Students Celebrate Birthdays in Quarantine

By Maria Olloqui, Contributing Writer April 20, 2020

Being with someone on their birthday in the age of the coronavirus may mean joining a Zoom party or celebrating at a safe distance. Though many traditional birthday celebrations have certainly been spoiled,...

Melissa Chiarella wears an old T-shirt that she repurposed into a face mask. As the scarcity of PPE persists, this quick craft could be a helpful addition to your list of quarantine activities. (Photo by Melissa Chiarella)

How to Make Face Masks Out of T-Shirts

By Nicole Chiarella, Deputy Copy Chief April 17, 2020

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, face masks carried a different meaning: when someone suggested making one, it was typically from dark chocolate or honey, not a t-shirt. However, with the worldwide shortage...

Red Dragon Society is the best-known of NYU’s historic secret societies. The organization is a coed group exclusive to CAS seniors that has been around since 1898. (Staff Illustration by Charlie Dodge)

CAS’ Red Dragon Society Emerges From the Shadows

By Sabrina Choudhary, Staff Writer April 13, 2020

Secret societies seem to belong only to the fictional or otherwise-mysterious realm of dark academia. They hide behind ivy-covered walls, candlelit dungeons and cultish chants. No NYU student would say...

Zoom isn’t just for academic classes; many students have used the platform to hang out virtually with friends. Through Zoom’s screen-sharing feature, friends are able to play online games such as Jackbox or Kahoot. (Staff Photo by Alexandra Chan)

How NYU Students Are Social Distancing

By Yusuf Husain, Contributing Writer April 6, 2020

It’s hard being back home after an abrupt end to the spring semester. It’s hard not being able to get Joe’s pizza after midnight. It’s hard not being able to spend time outside, and most of all,...