How Students Stay Stylish in the Rain

April showers bring stylistic dilemmas.


Jorene He

A woman wears a stylish water-proof PVC coat. (Staff Photo by Jorene He)

Bella Gil, Staff Writer

Navigating the sidewalks of New York City in the rain is unpleasant enough, but after your favorite white sneakers get drenched in dirty runoff water and your thrifted silk blouse gets water stains all over it, it becomes tough to not dread the next thunderstorm. Unfortunately, the spring rainy season is upon us, making it that much harder to formulate outfits that are both suitable for the weather and fashionable enough to be seen in traipsing around the city.

Luckily, a few ever-stylish NYU students shared a few solutions to the rain-related fashion riddle.

LS first-year Pierre Philippe Falcone explained his own aversion to the rain. As an Arizona native, having to worry about wet weather so often was a new experience. Falcone soon learned to use umbrellas to his advantage.

“I try to match my umbrella to my outfit,” Falcone said. “For example, one of my umbrellas is yellow so I love to coordinate it with these really bright yellow Hunter rain boots that I have.”

LS first-year Emily Glass agreed that umbrellas can actually elevate and complement an outfit in addition to protecting you from the precipitation.

“What can really make an outfit is a fun umbrella,” Glass said. “If I’m not wearing a lot of color, I’ll use my hot pink umbrella, but if my outfit is more bright I opt for a more muted one.”

A bright pop of color is not only an easy fashion statement but can help remind us that it’s still spring, despite the gloomy ambience. Stern first-year Daphne Cheng uses color to lift her own spirits, even during a downpour.

“I usually wear my rain jacket even when it’s not raining,” Cheng said. “It’s a periwinkle North Face, and it’s my favorite color.”

By manipulating their umbrellas and coordinating bright colors, these students stay both dry and fashionable. Other students on campus manage by wearing trendy water-resistant shoes like Dr. Martens, and others wear snapbacks instead of umbrellas. As the dreary weather continues, keep your spirits up by staying stylish and staying dry.

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