Culture Desk Faves: What We Missed About the City

Winter break doesn’t last forever.


Chelsea Li

Despite a restful winter break, there were definitely some things the culture desk missed about the city. (Staff photo by Chelsea Li)

It’s easy to get burned out in New York. Winter break is a great time to return home and recharge. As we eat in our hometown diners and visit old friends, a part of us still yearns to return to the Big Apple. There’s a magnetic quality about this city. In a place that has everything, everyone has something that keeps them coming back. Here are the culture desk’s:  

A Real Winter by Bella Gil

To be honest, I did not do a lot over break in the productivity department. I wore different versions of a legging/sweater combo every day (which I’m starting to call my California Uniform). To my shock, I missed the weather and being able to bundle up. Putting together different outfits and layering different types of clothing is like a math equation for me. Cut me some slack! I’ve never been able to layer like this and I’m taking advantage of it before I start getting really (and literally) sick of it. Nothing compares to a brisk walk down the street, listening to your favorite song or the feeling you get when it barely begins to snow. The cold city weather is a different experience all on its own that I can’t seem to get enough of. 

Caffe Marchio by Tatiana Velasco

Near the end of break, I really began to miss the city. I missed all the sights and sounds. I missed the bustling energy and the feeling that anything can happen here. But I also missed the small, quiet corners of the city — my favorite is Caffe Marchio, a little café on Park Ave. and E. 30th. As a commuter student from Connecticut, I love to stop here on my way to Grand Central, grab an espresso and study for an hour or two before officially heading home. This place is an absolute hidden gem. It’s relatively quiet, never busy, never short of seats or outlets and the coffee is great. I’m also in love with its warm lighting and Romanesque ambiance. This is a great spot to get work done or to just take a break from the city’s fast pace. 

Wandering Aimlessly by Divya Nelakonda

When I first got back from winter break, I caught the city in the perfect high 60s. The air was still crisp, but especially since I was coming back from California, the warm weather made for a much easier transition. Speaking of California, one of the first things I could not wait to do back home was drive around. But soon into break, I longed for the simple pleasure of leisurely walking through the streets of New York. I missed the small restaurants and thrift stores I would pass by in the East Village, the vendors and ladies gossiping in Chinatown and the brownstones I could only dream of living in on 6th Avenue. The first thing I did upon coming back to New York was take advantage of the weather and walk around the city. I used to think nothing could beat night drives while listening to music, but I can now confirm, a strut around the city is the perfect way to reset for the new semester. I’m counting down the days until it’ll be warm enough to stroll again. 

A Classic Taste of the City by Lauren Gruber

After a long winter in Suburbia, MA, I must replenish myself with decent Chinese food when I get back to the city. My go-to is Super Taste, a tiny hole in the wall on Eldridge St. and Canal St. that serves incredibly cheap and flavorful bowls of handmade noodle soups. My favorite is the spicy pork belly and cabbage and the 10 for $3 pork and chive dumplings. They also have some of my favorite soy sauce, seasoned with garlic and chili oil. It’s one of the best deals in the city and the perfect comfort food for chilly winter days.

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