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Dana Sun

Dana Sun, Editor-at-large

Dana Sun is a senior at CAS majoring in Computer Science and Journalism and minoring in Chinese. She's from Brooklyn, New York, and loves to listen to music, particularly EDM. You can find her on Instagram @danasunn.

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Helping out in the kitchen, having a  relaxing movie night, or writing to family members. Listen to the traditions that are keeping us sane in the middle of the pandemic. (Photo by Sammy Tavassoli, Alana Beyer and Alex Tran. Staff Illustration by Alex Tran)

Culture Desk Staff: The Traditions That Keep Us Grounded

It’s been almost a year since the start of the pandemic in the U.S., and life has been the same ever since. Check out the traditions our staff writers follow to keep themselves sane, especially over Zoom University.

  The Rhythm of Wontons Dana Sun, Culture Editor I’ve been wrapping wontons with my parents ever since I learned to walk. It’s usually just the three of us, standing...

NYU has a global study site in Florence, Italy. GLS students traditionally spend their junior year abroad at one of NYUs global study sites but are unable to do so this semester. (Photo by Sofia Bates)

Where Are the GLS Juniors Now?

NYU’s Global Liberal Studies program requires all of its juniors to spend their entire year abroad. However, because U.S. citizens are banned from entry to most of the countries NYU’s abroad sites are located in, students must find another way to navigate the year.
Dana Sun, Deputy Culture Editor Sep 21, 2020

Global Liberal Studies junior Madison Trpisovsky should be spending her school year in Paris. It’s a year that she should have spent living out her life as a true local Parisian....

NYU buildings set new safety regulations for entering into the buildings in preparation for some students returning to campus. NYU students were faced with the choice of whether to stay home or go back to campus for the fall 2020 semester.  (Staff Photo by Alexandra Chan)

Should I Stay or Should I Go?

Students discuss their thought processes of what influenced their decision to either come back to campus or stay home, and talk about how they are working to make the most out of their situation.
Dana Sun, Deputy Culture Editor Sep 8, 2020

The ultimate crossroad every NYU student has come across in the months leading up to this past week’s back-to-school kickoff is whether to stay home or to go back to campus....

Reading, roller skating, listening to true crimes podcast or making the best spicy fried chicken sandwich. We’ve all been there this quarantine season. (Photos by Scott Hogan, Guru Ramanathan, Leo Sheingate, Sasha Cohen. Staff Illustration by Alex Tran)

Culture Desk Faves: Our Quarantine Hobbies

WSN’s Culture desk shares the ways they found to cope with quarantine.

Having spent a majority of 2020 in quarantine, everyone’s had enough time on their hands to become a master baker, handwrite their autobiographies and watch every show Netflix...

GSAS Biology third-year Ashley Lyles was recently crowned winner of Miss New York International 2020. (Via Instagram)

RA, Grad School and Miss New York International — She Does It All

A recent winner of Miss New York International 2020, Ashley Lyles continues to work toward her goal as a cardiologist in grad school, despite her busy plans as an RA, AHA Ambassador and preparations for Miss International 2020.
Dana Sun, Deputy Copy Chief Oct 30, 2019

This month, Ashley Lyles was crowned Miss New York International 2020; she participated in Miss Manhattan and Miss Bronx; she plans to participate in Miss International 2020. But...