New York University's independent student newspaper, established in 1973.

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New York University's independent student newspaper, established in 1973.

Washington Square News

New York University's independent student newspaper, established in 1973.

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Tatiana Velasco

Tatiana Velasco, Deputy Culture Editor

Tatiana is a junior in CAS studying Journalism and Politics. She is a California native who took a year off after high school to make sandwiches. She loves to read non-fiction books, experiment with photography, watch skin care videos on YouTube, drink tea, lift weights and talk about politics. Tatiana is always up for an adventure, whether it’s to Europe or the grocery store. When she’s not studying, you can find her on the Metro North line commuting from Connecticut. You can check her out on Instagram @tatianaashleigh.

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Multi colored perfume bottles line a windowsill. The WSN Culture desk is here to discuss some of their favorite perfumes. (Staff Photo by Bella Gil)

Culture Desk Faves: Signature Scents

The Culture Desk dish on their beloved perfumes.

If you asked someone, “What perfume are you wearing right now?” most people would be able to answer in a heartbeat.The Culture Desk dishes below on what scent defines them...

Mascaras come in all sizes and forms. Here are some of the culture desk’s favorite mascara picks. (Staff Photo by Chelsea Li)

Lashes For Days: The Culture Desk’s Go-To Mascaras

Volume, length and lashes, oh my!

Benefit Cosmetics’ “They’re Real!” Mascara  Great minds (and lashes) think alike.  Mascara was the first beauty product I began to wear on a regular basis. To this...

NYU students recommend some less well known beauty YouTubers. (Staff Illustration by Alexandra Chan)

Four Beauty YouTubers You Need to Watch

Discover four YouTubers who will help you achieve your best beauty looks.
Tatiana Velasco, Deputy Culture Editor February 4, 2020

Whether you are a newbie to the beauty community or a seasoned makeup artist, YouTube is where most people go to learn new tips and tricks. You may find yourself captivated by...

Despite a restful winter break, there were definitely some things the culture desk missed about the city. (Staff photo by Chelsea Li)

Culture Desk Faves: What We Missed About the City

Winter break doesn’t last forever.

It’s easy to get burned out in New York. Winter break is a great time to return home and recharge. As we eat in our hometown diners and visit old friends, a part of us still...

NYU students discuss their tips and tricks for saving money on school supplies for a new semester. (Photo by Min Ji Kim)

A Guide to Cutting Expenses On School Essentials

Seven tips on how to save money on books and other school supplies this semester.
Tatiana Velasco, Deputy Culture Editor January 28, 2020

The beginning of a new semester can be overwhelming. You have to get used to new classes, new routines — maybe a new roommate. Unfortunately, a new semester also means new expenses....

NYU students preparing for early vote. (Photo by Justin Park)

How NYU Students Prep for the Election Season

Political unease encourages these NYU students to prep early for the upcoming presidential election.
Tatiana Velasco, Deputy Culture Editor January 27, 2020

The new year typically prompts feeling of hope and optimism, but students struggle to shake their anxieties as the nation’s political climate remains muddled in turmoil. As students...

Autumn Samuels, steinhardt senior, who is the president of Fashion Business Association. She reflects on her style evolution from first year to senior year. (Via Instagram @itsautsams)

Fashion Business Association President Reflects on Her Style Evolution

A senior reflects on how her college experiences influenced her style since coming to NYU.
Tatiana Velasco, Staff Writer November 25, 2019

We’ve all been there: first-years carrying over their high school wardrobe into college. But could your wardrobe at 18 still reflect your style by the time you graduate? Throughout...

With new regulations on e-cigarettes and ban on flavored Juul products, students discuss the danger of e-cigarettes. (Photo by Aidan Singh)

Student Vaping Fears Intensify Amid Recent Wave of Illnesses

Students discuss e-cigarette culture on campus and how first-year students develop their addictions.
Tatiana Velasco, Staff Writer September 30, 2019

He was an NYU student who would never be seen without his Juul in hand. Nicotine was, unbeknownst to him at the time, something he was becoming dependent on. He thought he could...

Jack Dylan Sorenson, CAS senior, is a collector of vintage fashion from 1930 to 1949. (Photo by Tatiana Velasco)

Meet the CAS Senior With a 1930s Wardrobe

Travel back in time with Jack Dylan Sorensen’s collection of vintage menswear.
Tatiana Velasco, Staff Writer September 16, 2019

Walking around campus, you might catch a glimpse of him — wearing a pair of laced up Oxfords, high-waisted trousers, a long-collared button-down shirt, a Windsor knotted tie...


Pepper Spray, Switchblades and Safe Rides: How NYU Students Stay Safe on a Night Out

NYU students reveal how they stay safe while enjoying New York City’s nightlife.
Tatiana Velasco, Staff Writer September 4, 2019

With its myriad of nightclubs, late night comedy shows and 24-hour restaurants, New York City truly never sleeps. However, taking advantage of its nocturnal nature while staying...

Candice Wu, a Stern graduate student, dons a stunning red dress, a splash of color amidst the rustic Paris background. (via Instagram)

Five NYU Fashion Influencers You Need to Follow

These five NYU students are rising Instagram fashion influencers who you need to follow.
Tatiana Velasco, Staff Writer March 27, 2019

You came to NYU wearing your Adidas Stan Smith sneakers to find out that those are out and those chunky FILA sneakers are in. How were you supposed to keep up with the trends here...

NYU Spring Welcome sign in the Kimmel Center. (Staff Photo by Alina Patrick)

New Semester, Same Welcome

While Spring Welcome is more popular with spring admits and transfers, the events face low turnout from returning students.
Tatiana Velasco, Contributing Writer February 4, 2019

When LS first-year Alyssa Peyton transferred to NYU this January, she was excited yet intimidated to start at a new school during the spring semester. For Peyton, the thought of...