NYU Trend Report: New Decade Edition

Welcome back, Violets. What will we be wearing this semester?


Talia Barton

Replace the old-fashioned leather Moto jacket with a trendy leather blazer this winter. (Photo by Talia Barton)

Bella Gil, Culture Editor

As the decades come and go, to our Gen Z luck, certain forgotten trends ebb and flow. Items we never wanted to be caught wearing are now at the top of our lists, and those we used to be obsessed with fall to the bottom. What seems to be at the top — and bottom — at the turn of the decade (and the new semester)?


Sweater Vests

Arms cold? Too bad.

Maybe your mom forced you into a vest 10 years ago or maybe it was just a part of your school uniform. Either way, go digging for it because for some reason, sleeveless sweaters are back. Layer it in the winter, wear it by itself in the springtime and you’re all set to go. 

Knee-High Boots 

These boots were made for strutting.

Not riding boots and not duck boots, but think go-go boots; the more square the toe, the better. The just-below-the-knee height paired with super flared jeans or a mini dress gives Puss in Boots a run for his money. 


Head to toe, please.

Forget the leather Moto jacket. Get it out of your mind, it had its (very long) moment. Replace it with a leather trench coat, leather blazer, or hell, even a pair of leather pants. Next level leather? Looks good on everyone. 

Giant Headbands

Blair Waldorf who? 

Headbands as thick as they are tall and carefully emblazoned with studs or velvet are everywhere. Catch them while they’re still hot, and before they start giving you a headache.

Appropriately, most of these combined give off the idea you’re out to a classy evening. Any of these items with an extravagant collar makes it seems like the decade is off to a very preppy start.


As fast as it emerges, the hottest thing can become not-so-hot in the blink of an eye. 

Skinny Jeans

Not-so-together forever.

Remember when all you wanted in middle school was a pair of perfect skinny jeans? But now, if your jeans are not extremely high waisted and cut off at the bottoms you won’t even touch them. A moment of silence please, this one’s hard to part with.

Snake Print

Ssssssorry to see it go.

Leopard print asserted its dominance in the 2000s and again in recent years, snake print emerged, yet could not compete. It slithered right through our fingers and left the lingering question: which animal print will have its moment next?

A version of this article appears in the Monday, Jan. 27, 2020 print edition. Email Bella Gil at [email protected]