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Vanessa Handy

Vanessa Handy, Social Media Editor

Vanessa is a CAS sophomore studying Journalism and Media, Culture, and Communication. She's from New Jersey, and fueled by R&B and carbs. Aside from social media work, she writes stories focused on Black-American affairs and music. Find her @vanessabhandy on all platforms for unsolicited music reccomendations.

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People gathered in Union Square in 2015 for one of the many rallies for Black Lives Matter that occurred regularly throughout the year. Tisch Professors Andromache Chalfant and Donyale Werle recently resigned in protest tied to the Black Lives Matter movement, citing a lack of diversity within their department. (Photo by Christian Forte)

Tisch Professors Resign in Protest Over Lack of BIPOC Representation

Andromache Chalfant and Donyale Werle, professors in the Tisch Graduate Department of Design for Stage & Film, recently resigned in response to unmet demands from students and alumni for a more diverse faculty.
Vanessa Handy, Social Media Editor Aug 11, 2020

As the nation continues to reflect on demonstrations with the Black Lives Matter movement, many individuals are reflecting on their personal behaviors and role as activists and...

The arts desk is back with some recommendations of singles you may have missed this week. (Staff Illustration by Charlie Dodge)

Weekly Radio Roundup: Final Edition of the Semester

The most exciting tunes as you get ready to let loose in the summertime.

The end is near and the statement isn’t necessarily foreboding. The end suggests the completion of finals and the freedom to wander the streets freely for the first time in months....

Staff Rants and Raves: Self-Quarantine

Staff Rants and Raves: Self-Quarantine

Here’s our staff’s struggles and joys while in isolation.

Rants On Parents Jake Capriotti, Photo Editor Being home in Arizona under quarantine has me worried. Not only am I not allowed to leave the house because of quarantine,...

WSN is compiling resources that may be of help during this semester. (Staff Illustration by Alexandra Chan)

Coronavirus Outbreak Resources for the NYU Community

In the wake of the coronavirus outbreak, a lot of information can get lost in the panic. WSN has compiled a list of resources that could possibly be of use to the NYU community. Email [email protected] to help expand this list.

Many members of the NYU community have been irreversibly affected by the coronavirus outbreak, either because of the virus itself or the university’s response to it. Students...

Students with Teens Take Charge gather for a meeting. Teens Take Charge is a student-led organization advocating for educational equity (Photo by Vanessa Handy)

Teens Demand Educational Justice

A Steinhardt first-year and two members of the student activist group Teens Take Charge led a conversation about educational equity in the classrooms of Rubin Hall.
Vanessa Handy, Social Media Editor Mar 9, 2020

Candid conversation created an unexpectedly intimate atmosphere in a small Rubin Residence Hall classroom on Thursday. For 90 minutes, the space was transformed into a forum where...

Staff Rants and Raves: Oscars

Staff Rants and Raves: Oscars

Sunday’s Oscars was a historic night for film. Here’s what our staff has to say about it.

Rants On Viewer’s Etiquette Jake Capriotti, Photo Editor I did not know what to expect from my first Oscars party at NYU. I attended the Third North viewing with two...