Enjoy the Greenwich Village Street Fair While it Lasts

There’s lots to be found at Greenwich Village weekend street fair.


Alana Beyer

A summer street fair Greenwich Village.

Bella Gil, Contributing Writer

Dozens of little white pop-up tents have been lining Washington Square Park the past couple of weekends. With vendors selling everything from handmade jewelry to intricate art on huge canvases, many NYU students are taking advantage of this summer street fair while it lasts.

Concentrated on the intersection of University Place and Washington Square North, the Greenwich Village street fair caught the eye of one Stern first-year student, Juliana Wu. Wu, first captivated by a booth with palm readings, strolled about the fair, looking for any potential items to decorate her dorm with or to just bring home as a new unique trinket.

“I ended up buying a framed poster of a cover of the New Yorker. It was only 10 dollars,” Wu said. “But in retrospect, I probably could have bargained it down had I not still been in tourist mode.”

Her friend, coincidentally, found the same vintage steal. Though iconic New Yorker covers are a classic NYU dorm decoration, Wu laments the time constraints that curtailed her commerce creativity. “I just wish I had more time to stop and look around,” she said, but it won’t be her last chance to find something unique: “I do see myself going again.”

Another Stern first-year, Emma Lin, enjoyed shopping throughout the street fair with her family on move-in day. “I really liked this one tent with African goods selling fans and these pop-up baskets that I thought were just so cool,” Lin said.

Although Lin was fascinated with all the different items being sold, she didn’t end up buying anything.

“I hope the fair sticks around a little longer so I [can] have some time to browse and shop,” she said. “My mom was able to buy a fan that kind of looked like a peacock’s feathers when all fanned out, which was useful because it was so hot when we got here.”

Not limited to handcrafted goods and decor, the fair was also bustling with food of many cultures, from arepas to tropical fruit to falafels. Lin said, “I also saw baked goods being sold and some meat tents. I thought that was so interesting, and I look forward to going on the upcoming weekends.”

As summer is coming to an end, so is the warmer weather and the likelihood that the street fair will be sticking around for much longer. However, last weeked in the light rain, vendors were still going strong; shoppers were also lining up and down the streets.

Whether you’re looking for a unique visual spread for your coffee table or a simple ode to New York for your wall, the street fair is the place for you. Stop by on Saturdays or Sundays to support your local New York artists, chefs and creatives.


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