Halloween 2019 Costume Predictions

What are NYU students going to be wearing this year?


A couple dress up as Harley Quinn and The Joker. As the new Joker movie came out earlier this October, the notorious DC Comic character became one of people’s top choices for Halloween costume. (Via Wikimedia)

Bella Gil, Beauty & Style Editor

There’s always a handful of costumes that stand out when Halloween rolls around. Whether you’ve been planning for months, or just succumb to whatever your group’s doing, pop culture favorites are usually the talk of the party. 

What do you think you’ll see on Instagram over and over again the morning of Nov. 1 based on what’s in right now? Here are four Halloween costume predictions based off of what everyone’s talking about in 2019.

Space Cowperson

Wigs are cute! And they’re fun! And it’s literally so easy to run to Party City on 14th Street to grab a wig and a cowboy hat and pair it with cow print or holographic clothing. With Old Town Road going certified diamond this week, the nationwide appreciation of yeehaw culture doesn’t seem to be stopping any time soon. This costume is probably going to be making the rounds this year not only because of its convenience, but because it doubles as a cute solo and group costume. 

Animal Print

If you don’t have animal print clothing in your wardrobe, call your mom, your best friend or your neighbor across the hall. Chances are, they’ve got something. It’s an easy costume this year perfect for those who tend to realize, “Oh shoot, Halloween’s tomorrow? Let me just wear my leopard print skirt with some ears to match.”  Pair ears with the aforementioned print, and boom, you’re that animal. And so is everyone else. 


Arguably one of the best — and most disturbing — horror movies of the year, Midsommar had particularly beautiful scenes and stellar attention to costume detail. The floral embroidery, delicate flower crowns and crown braids are sure to pop up at any bar around the city. “Yeah, my costume is pretty, but I’m not trying to be cute, I’m from Midsommar.”

Any Character from HBO’s Euphoria

Wherever you are at next Thursday night, you’ll probably run into a multitude of Maddys, Rues, Juleses — heck, even some Fezcos. The makeup is gorgeous and fairly simple to accomplish, and you basically just have to dress like you’re going to a party. (Or in Rue’s case, throw on some glitter and a pair of Converse). The drama took the summer by storm, but so did the costumes. That being said, you’re probably not the only one who’s been practicing their Maddy-inspired makeup since the finale back in August.

Honorable Mentions

Literally anything that has to do with wearing a fun colorful wig

Anyone from Bon Appétit’s Youtube Channel (please?)

The Joker

VSCO girl

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