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The Dinner Party


Spring 2024 Issue

Four people toast over dinner.

Letter from the Editor

When we first told the rest of the staff at WSN that we planned to do a dinner party-themed magazine issue, we were mostly answered with blank stares and questions of “what does that mean?” Some had assumed it would be a cut-and-dry food listicle, or perhaps a how-to on hosting a traditional wine-and-dine gathering. But while the title may suggest a superficial focus on food and dining, this issue delves deeper into the ways in which food brings us closer to one another. As WSN proudly presents its latest issue of the Under the Arch Magazine, “The Dinner Party,” we invite you to reflect on our relationship with food and how it permeates our connections with each other in day-to-day life. 


Food has a remarkable ability to bring people together, transcending cultural boundaries and fostering meaningful relationships. It serves as a universal language while speaking volumes about our individual traditions and heritage. For college students, food is a form of communication — whether that be through dining hall fast-friends, sharing a communal kitchen with roommates, cooking for friends and loved ones or just trying to make new memories in restaurants around the city. Through the pages of this magazine, we celebrate the role that food plays in our lives beyond mere sustenance. In these pages, you will find contemplations ranging from personal stories about food and relationships to recipes and restaurant recommendations. 


This issue could not have been done without the help of our talented staff at WSN and our supportive friends. We would like to thank our writers Sasha DuBose and Emily Genova, for translating our vision into words and sharing their stories, and Ishani Paul for sharing her delicious mocktail recipes. To our friends, Armaan, Yusef and Rehan — thank you for letting us use your beautiful brownstone as the backdrop of our photoshoot. 


A huge shoutout to our models, Alexander Danishmand, Alexandria Fulcher and Juliana Maniquis Hernandez, for taking the time to trek to Bed-Stuy and being the perfect dinner party guests. A tremendous thank you to our Dining Editor Andrea Lui and Music Editor Julia Diorio who had to be everything from production assistants to makeshift models to DJs on set — y’all made our jobs all the more fun and stress-free. 


So much gratitude and love to our Multimedia Editor Krish Dev, who entertained all of our ideas and shenanigans. This issue would not have been possible without your dedication and cooperation. And to the rest of the visual team, Mikaylah Du and Karina Rower — your talent blows us away. Thank you for designing this print issue.


To our Copy Chiefs, Anna Baird-Hassell, Katherine Welander, Tina Nejand and Karina Rower, and to the rest of the management team, Carmo Moniz, Gillian Blum, Emily Genova and Yezen Saadah — thank you for helping edit this issue and supporting our creative vision. 


And to our readers, WSN is able to thrive due to your support and readership. It’s been a while since WSN has produced a creative, conceptual magazine issue. The last time we did a magazine in print was 2019. This issue was inspired by those of our predecessors. We look to revive the energy and style of Fringe — our past biannual arts and culture UTA issues. One of our goals as a student-led publication is to tell stories that place student voices at the forefront and genuinely resonate with our readers. We hope this magazine issue does exactly that.


Enjoy the feast!

Manasa Gudavalli, Editor-in-Chief

Samson Tu, Magazine Managing Editor

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