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Spring break snapshots: Grassy getaways to snow-stuck trucks

WSN staff share photos from their first week of free time this year.

March 25, 2024

Spring break is one of the first real pauses that students have in the new year. It brings an opportunity to explore new places, get some rest and for a few unfortunate souls, study for impending midterms. Some of WSN’s editors took to photographing their week off, capturing snow storms, island sunshine, colorful insects and city skylines. 

Manasa Gudavalli — Editor-in-Chief

Two people standing on a hill in the background, and a man standing looking at the camera out of focus.
Editors Kevin Wu, Samson Tu Carmo Moniz at Governors Island. Somewhere on the other side of the hill, Krish Dev is running to get the best skyline photo.
Carmo Moniz stands in front of the New York City skyline.
Carmo Moniz at Governors Island.

My spring break goals were to prioritize rest and rejuvenation. I stayed in New York City to avoid the stress of traveling, yet I found myself taking multiple day trips to various locations outside of the Manhattan and Brooklyn city life. I semi-retired my digital camera and replaced it with a 35mm film camera to remember to take things slow and be intentional. Many of the people featured in my photos are the other photographers and editors contributing to this photo essay. I see them every day during the school year and I get separation anxiety when I’m away from them, so naturally, we had to spend spring break together.

People running a half marathon in Times Square.
The 2024 United Airlines NYC Half Marathon.

Julia Smerling — Photo Editor

A dog looks into the camera with its tongue out.


Over spring break, I spent time with my friends and loved ones — especially their adorable dogs — and spent a day with some of my Brazilian family members. We were making pastel, a type of Brazilian fried food, and I helped fold and shape the thin crusts and fill them. Cooking is a way that my family and friends can bond and connect with one another.

A person closing the edges of a pastel.
A person holding down a pastel with one hand while using a fork to press down the edges with their other hand.

Kevin Wu — Editor-at-Large

Two red chairs in an empty field with a house on Governors Island in the background.
A view of the New York City skyline from Governors Island.

Governors Island during off season is a gem hidden in plain sight. It’s a 10-minute ferry ride away from lower Manhattan, the perfect distance if you want to get out of the city without the hassle of actually getting out of the city. The island offers great views of the Manhattan and Brooklyn skylines without the typical New York crowdedness. For me, someone who stayed in the city for my internship during the break, Governors Island provided a much-needed change of pace and environment.

A field of oyster shells on Governors Island.

Carmo Moniz — Managing Editor

An orange butterfly sitting on the stem of a flowering plant.
A blue butterfly sitting on a web of branches.

I called my dad one of the nights we were in Toronto, and he told me he remembered going to a butterfly greenhouse in Montreal — our next destination — one time on a business trip. We had virtually nothing planned for Montreal, so we decided to check it out. The greenhouse was located inside the city’s Insectarium, which begins as a series of tunnels simulating an ant colony and ends inside a huge glass structure full of colorful butterflies and other, less aerodynamic insects.

A stick-bug hanging upside down on a branch with leaves.

Krish Dev — Multimedia Editor

The Niagara Falls with red lights and lots of birds flying around.
Niagara Falls
An overhead view of the Montréal Olympic Park.

brief migration north,

left the cold for more cold; still,

good friends bring the warmth.

The Toronto skyline at night.

Matt Petres — Photo Editor

The front bumper of a green Chevrolet with a sign on the license plate that reads “CHEVROLET BUILDING A BETTER WAY TO SEE THE U.S.A.”

These images are from a car show in South Pasadena, Florida. One of the highlights of my spring break was looking at cars that I don’t normally see in Manhattan. The slogan on the car’s license plate is a reference to Dinah Shore’s classic jingle, “See the USA in your Chevrolet.” The body is painted with 2005 Ford Mustang Green and the top with 2010 Ford Expedition Black. There is chrome on its bumpers, grille, wheel and window trim. The light green car with palm trees swaying in the background evokes the spring season, and is a nice change of scenery from the barren New York City foliage.

The back of a green Chevrolet that has the words “Monte Carlo” on the back bumper.

Samson Tu — Magazine Managing Editor

A snow plow truck plowing snow on a road.
A snowy road lined with cars and a Greyhound bus crashed into a guard rail.

Crashes on Interstate 87 on the way back from Montreal during a severe snowstorm on March 23. Make sure tires have treads. Steer smooth, go slow, drive safe, spring brake. 

A snowy road lined with cars and a pickup truck crashed into the side of the road.

Developed for web by Krish Dev.

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