New York University's independent student newspaper, established in 1973.

Washington Square News

New York University's independent student newspaper, established in 1973.

Washington Square News

New York University's independent student newspaper, established in 1973.

Washington Square News

A portrait of Sydney Barragan.

Sydney Barragan, Sports Editor

Sydney Barragan is a senior majoring in Journalism and Public Policy. She spends her free time reading, rewatching the same TV shows, and talking about the Dodgers. Find her on Instagram @sydneybarragan.

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Photo of a street filled with people walking holding signs, and a yellow, green and red balloon floating in the back with the text “F.S.U.” printed on it.

NYU Paris students struggle to navigate citywide strikes

As protests escalate, students at NYU Paris face increasingly difficult commutes.
Sydney Barragan, Editor-at-large Mar 31, 2023

In Paris’ Latin Quarter, students are making their way to class on sidewalks lined by piles of trash left untouched by sanitation workers. It comes as no surprise to students...

A model in a gray turtleneck and a white skirt who is holding a black shoulder bag at the 2023 E.E.N.K. Paris Fashion Week show.

EENK’s latest collection presents an elevated take on classic silhouettes

EENK debuted its Fall/Winter 2023 collection in its second solo show with the theme “X for the letter X,” a representation of the unknown and undefined.
Sydney Barragan, Editor-at-Large Mar 7, 2023

EENK presented its 2023 Fall/Winter collection amidst the simple layout of La Salle Wagram, a historic auditorium. A two-piece, inflatable archway — the work of Korean sculptor...

An illustration of an elf wearing a red and white pointed hat and a long-sleeve red shirt with a white collar on top of the shirt. The elf stands in front of a military green background.

Off-Third: Is your Elf on the Shelf spying on you?

This is the future George Orwell warned us about.
Sydney Barragan, Under The Arch Editor Dec 8, 2022

Nothing says Christmas like garlands, gifts and the threat of constant surveillance. It all starts with Santa Claus. This fat white man wears a red tracksuit and shimmies his...

Sugar babies, secondhand saviors and window cleaners

Sugar babies, secondhand saviors and window cleaners

With limited time and money, NYU students find unique ways to finance their college lives.
Sydney Barragan, Under the Arch Editor Nov 23, 2022

Liz Argenziano, Joe Argenziano, and Nick Argenziano pose looking at the camera against a black backdrop. They are all wearing white NYU Athletics uniforms. Liz is holding a soccer ball on her shoulder.

It Runs in The Family

From kids to college students, sports and family have always been inseparable for these three NYU athletes.
Sydney Barragan, Under the Arch Editor Oct 20, 2022

A warped illustration of an iPad with a tipping screen displayed, with 25%, 35%, 45%, 55%, no tip, or custom tip available as options, against a blurred photograph of a Weinstein dining hall.

Off-Third: Weinstein should implement iPad tipping

If a self-serve frozen yogurt shop can ask me for a tip, why can’t Cluckstein?
Sydney Barragan, Under the Arch Editor Sep 29, 2022

Off-Third is WSN’s satire column. My two roommates and I went to 16 Handles last week, and after paying $15 for a small cup that I filled up myself, the Airpod-wearing teenage...

A portrait of Edoardo Marras with long wavy hair wearing a blue shirt and beige coat in front of the halal cart at Washington Square Park.

Eating around the world 

Sophomore Edoardo Marras is embarking on a journey to try cuisines from every country in the world.
Sydney Barragan, UTA Publishing Editor Apr 11, 2022

There are almost 200 countries in the world, and sophomore Edoardo Marras is determined to try food from each one. A benefit of living in a cultural hub like New York City is...

A student baseball player wearing a white uniform with the NYU logo and number 20 is throwing a baseball. The stadium has green seats and brown dirt on the field.

Violets baseball undefeated with 9-0 season start

Powerful offense and clean pitching yielded five wins in the Sunshine State for the Violets, who have now won their last nine games.
Sydney Barragan, UTA Publishing Editor Mar 22, 2022

NYU Violets baseball returned undefeated from a five-game spring break road trip to Florida for a perfect 9-0 start to the season.  Their trip started in Bradenton, Florida,...

NYU baseball player Grant Berman follows through on his swing after hitting a pitch. He wears a purple jersey and white pants cuffed at the knee to reveal purple socks. On the right, a catcher crouches on the ground in an all-white uniform.

NYU baseball comes out swinging 726 days later

After almost two years off the field, NYU Violets baseball returned with a dominant doubleheader sweep against John Jay College of Criminal Justice.
Sydney Barragan, UTA Publishing Editor Mar 11, 2022

On Saturday, the NYU baseball team opened its 2022 season against John Jay College of Criminal Justice in a doubleheader. It was their first return to action since March 9, 2020,...

An illustration of a woman shielding her face with her hand to hide her acne. She has long brown hair and is wearing a teal t-shirt.

Off-Third: The cosmetic case for mask mandates

The second-best university in New York City has lifted their mask mandate. As the No. 1 school in the city, we need to stand our ground.
Sydney Barragan, UTA Publishing Editor Mar 9, 2022

Columbia University announced last week that indoor masking will be optional on its campus starting March 14. Since we typically do what the other, worse Ivy League school in New...

The storefront of Newsbar at 107 University Place. The door is open and people are seated outside. Others walk past the cafe.


A personal narrative about turning people-watching into story-telling.
Sydney Barragan, UTA Publishing Editor Mar 7, 2022

It’s not mine, but I claim it anyway — the small, wooden half-bench-half-chair table tucked in the far corner of Newsbar on University Place.  I’m a born-and-raised Californian....

(Staff Illustration by Bridget Harshman)

Spread love and share opinions: What NYU students love on Valentine’s Day

We asked NYU students for their thoughts on all things Valentine’s Day, from flower preferences to public displays of affection. Here are their answers.
Sydney Barragan, Under The Arch Publishing Editor Feb 14, 2022

Chocolate or flowers? Chocolate: 48.4% Flowers: 51.6%  Good news for the local florists in the Village — NYU students are in the market for flowers this year. It’s...

Letter from the editors

Letter from the editors

Caitlin Hsu and Sydney Barragan Feb 14, 2022

Revamping Under the Arch has been on our minds since the beginning of this academic year. We wanted to take on new projects, like putting out a mini special issue we’ve never...

Sadie Jeans debut single WYD Now? was released on Dec. 10, 2021. (Photo by Sofia Ziman)

Sadie Jean on her debut single “WYD Now” and her music ambitions

Hailing from Orange County, California, Sadie Jean talks TikTok fame and launching a musical career in New York City.
Sydney Barragan, UTA Managing Editor Dec 10, 2021

Sadie Jean and I attended high school just 21 miles from each other, but it took going to a college 2,792 miles away from home for us to finally meet. Orange County, California...

As only a college student in her penultimate year of studies in Steinhardts Music Business program, Piper Page has already released four songs and a music video. (Photo by Anna E. Henderson)

Taking a ‘Risk’: Piper Page breaks into the music scene

Steinhardt junior Piper Page talks singing, songwriting, moving from town to city and her plans for the future.
Sydney Barragan, UTA Managing Editor Nov 22, 2021

Piper Page emerges onscreen in a floor-length red dress that looks like it was plucked from a 1920s movie premiere. Her lips are painted a coordinated shade, her hair styled in...

How venues and restaurants across NYC are enforcing the vax pass

How venues and restaurants across NYC are enforcing the vax pass

Since Aug. 16, indoor venues have been required to check customers’ vaccination statuses as mandated by the new city-wide policy referred to as The Key to NYC. Here’s how you can show your proof of vaccination.
Sydney Barragan, UTA Deputy Editor Sep 24, 2021

Proof of COVID-19 vaccination has been required for a variety of indoor activities across New York City as of Aug. 16. Full enforcement of the new mandate has been in place since...

Before and After: seniors give advice on their time at NYU

Before and After: seniors give advice on their time at NYU

Seniors reflect on their four years and give advice to future students.
Sydney Barragan, UTA Deputy Editor May 7, 2021

Although the demand for the COVID-19 vaccine exceeds its availability at NYU, there is still a noticeable hesitancy among Americans. Due to a long history of medical misconduct at the hands of the federal government towards Black Americans, the percentage of the demographic that would immediately take the vaccine is lower. (Staff Photo by Manasa Gudavalli)

Opinion: The CDC must grapple with its racist history

As vaccination efforts continue at NYU and across the country, the CDC must address its history in order to overcome vaccine hesitancy among Black Americans.
Sydney Barragan, UTA Deputy Editor Apr 21, 2021

On April 5, NYU announced that vaccine efforts would be amplified following the increase of vaccine stock. In an email sent by Dr. Carlo Ciotoli, executive lead of NYU’s COVID...

We need a spring break

We need a spring break

NYU cancelled spring break when students needed it most.
Sydney Barragan, UTA Deputy Editor Apr 8, 2021

On Oct. 20, President Andrew Hamilton and Provost Katherine Fleming announced that 2021’s spring break would be replaced with two three-day weekends. This academic year has...

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