New York University's independent student newspaper, established in 1973.

Washington Square News

New York University's independent student newspaper, established in 1973.

Washington Square News

New York University's independent student newspaper, established in 1973.

Washington Square News

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A campus safety officer looks at a green wall which has posters and the words “WALL OF SHAME” on it.

Opinion: NYU needs to remove the wall at Gould Plaza

The installation of wooden boarding in front of the plaza, which was set up hours after the first Gaza Solidarity Encampment on campus was swept by police, shines a spotlight on NYU’s weak commitments to activism and meeting student demands.
Sebastian Cardena, Deputy Opinion Editor May 3, 2024

NYU claims to be a “campus without walls,” despite actively building barriers — both on campus and between students. Gould Plaza, a shared community space in front...

A group of protesters stand in front of Bobst Library holding purple signs with the words “SWAN HAS THE POWER. WHAT KIND OF POWER? UNION POWER!”

Guest Essay: Why NYU RAs are unionizing

Emma Burstein and Sasha DuBose are members of Students Workers At NYU.
Emma Burstein and Sasha DuBose April 26, 2024

Guest essays reflect opinions from writers beyond WSN. If you’d like to submit a guest essay for consideration, please email [email protected]. Resident assistants, like...

An across-the-street view of The Student Health Center.

Opinion: NYU needs better mental health services

Despite the increasing prevalence of mental health issues among the student body, the university’s resources lack personalized care, limit accessibility and respond inadequately to mental health crises.
Isabella Jambrina, Contributing Writer April 25, 2024

Growing up under the taxing burden of mental illness, my emotional health was my No. 1 priority in my first year at NYU. Weary of my newfound independence, I sought out university-based...

People are standing in front of the Washington Square Arch beneath a large Palestinian flag.

Opinion: The case for closing NYU’s Tel Aviv site

In addition to disregarding humanitarian concerns, NYU’s continued operations in Israel contradict the university’s commitment to academic freedom and equality for all students.
Mehr Kotval, Staff Writer April 22, 2024

WSN’s opinion section strives to publish op-eds, guest essays and letters to the editor that represent voices across the NYU community. If you’re interested in submitting an...

An exterior view of the Stern School of Business. The Tisch Hall building is to the right and the Kaufman Management Center is to the left. In the foreground is the Gould Plaza public gathering area.

Opinion: Stern has a designated ‘lunch hour,’ other schools should too

The Stern School of Business' "lunch hour" provides a much-needed break for busy and stressed students. NYU’s other schools should implement something similar.
Polina Tyurikova, Contributing Writer April 18, 2024

Ever rushed to eat lunch before hopping on a Zoom call, or skipped it altogether due to a packed schedule? NYU’s Stern School of Business has got you covered. The business school...

A purple sketch illustration of a sad girl. In the background are the words “Meal Swipes: 0” written repeatedly.

Opinion: NYU must stop heavily relying on student generosity to provide food security

Instead of depending on Swipe it Forward, the university should take responsibility for addressing food insecurity on campus.
Mehr Kotval, Contributing Writer April 17, 2024

NYU’s meal swipe donation program, Swipe it Forward, is at best a token gesture toward solving food insecurity. The program, which relies on students with meal plans to...

An illustration of a student government meeting. A person speaks behind a podium with an N.Y.U. flag behind them.

Opinion: NYU needs to take student government resolutions more seriously

NYU must better support resolutions passed by the university’s Student Government Assembly to appropriately address the needs and concerns of its students.
Jack Sloan, Staff Writer April 4, 2024

A few weeks ago, the Student Government Assembly passed a resolution requesting that NYU reopen the Grand Staircase in the Kimmel Center for University Life, which had been closed...

Hair products on display at a store.

Opinion: Sidestein should sell curly hair products

With such a diverse student body, it’s time NYU Eats started stocking essential items for curly-haired people in its university markets.
Abi Rivera, Opinion Editor April 3, 2024

Maintaining my hair is an essential part of my daily routine, and sets the precedent for my confidence and comfort on campus — a sentiment shared by a lot of curly heads. However,...

An illustration of an orange bobcat sitting in an inflatable pool studying.

Opinion: Spring break couldn’t have come at a worse time

The university’s spring break comes amid a heavy study period, making what is meant to be a relaxing time a stressful one.
Molly Koch, Opinion Editor March 13, 2024

Breaks at NYU are usually welcomed by students, who are craving a pause in the never ending cycle of assignments, exams, work and classes they go through for weeks on end. But...

A red poster reading “Vote N.Y.C.” sticks out of a box.

Opinion: NYU Votes needs to take more initiative this election season

The university’s voter engagement program has been notably absent, and needs to be revived this presidential election season.
Molly Koch, Opinion Editor March 11, 2024

With the presidential primaries currently running their entertaining albeit tedious course, there's one factor that has noticeably been missing in the eyes of the NYU community...

A person sitting in front of a laptop whose screen is displaying a sexual assault prevention training portal.

Opinion: NYU’s sexual respect training is inadequate

In the face of the vast disparities in sex education across states and schools, NYU’s sexual respect training falls short.
Mehr Kotval, Contributing Writer March 6, 2024

Graduating from a high school with abstinence-focused sex education, I felt ill-prepared to navigate the complexities of consent and healthy relationships when I entered college....

An illustration of several anthropomorphic white rabbits applying for internships, talking on the phone, displaying their resumes, and shaking hands with someone, in front of a black and yellow background.

Opinion: All NYU schools should offer embedded internships

Integrating embedded internships across the university’s schools would bridge the gap between theory and practice, enhancing students' career prospects.
Molly Koch, Opinion Editor March 5, 2024

Last semester, I had an embedded internship within my Gallatin School of Individualized Study’s seminar, “Coming Out Stories.” Not only was this my first internship opportunity,...