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A protester holding up a sign saying “NYU + Sabatini = Disgrace” in front of the NYU Langone Health Center. A black-and-white headshot of Sabatini is superimposed on the left.

Editorial: Do no harm, Grossman. Reject Sabatini.

Hiring biologist David Sabatini would display a gross disregard for sexual assault survivors on the part of NYU’s Grossman School of Medicine.
WSN Editorial Board May 2, 2022

Content warning: This article mentions sexual harrassment and abuse. A history of sexual harassment. Pushed out of three institutions following allegations of sexual misconduct....

An illustration of a woman with makeup, wearing glasses and a graduation cap and gown. She is smiling in front of a pink background surrounded by purple floating hearts.

Off-Third: Judith Heumann fans hassle NYU seniors for graduation tickets

Disability rights activist Judith Heumann, along with some random singer, will speak at NYU’s commencement ceremony. Desperate to catch a glimpse of their favorite disability rights activist, Heumann’s fans are trying to buy tickets from NYU graduates.
Jules Roscoe, Deputy Opinion Editor April 28, 2022

Avid Judith Heumann fans aggressively harassed NYU graduates on Twitter for graduation tickets following NYU’s announcement that she would speak at the university’s doubleheader...

A purple uniform patch with the logo of the NYU Department of Public Safety on the shoulder of a Public Safety Officer.

Guest Essay: Campus Safety dept. ‘a ship without a captain,’ officer says

An officer describes arrogant, disrespectful leadership and low morale among staff in NYU’s Department of Campus Safety.
an anonymous Campus Safety officer, Guest Contributor April 25, 2022

The author is an NYU Campus Safety officer. Their identity has been verified by WSN. As a longtime employee of the Department of Campus Safety, I am disheartened to see what...

An illustration of a woman wearing a teal blouse sitting on one of several green chairs below a clock on the wall. Floating text reads internship limbo.

Off-Third: Student excited at internship rejection: ‘I got a reply!’

Applying to one company in your job search is just not enough. Beware of the eight-letter word!
Shaina Vora, Contributing Writer April 22, 2022

G-H-O-S-T-I-N-G. For the past few months, almost every NYU student I know has participated in the rat race of sending out job and internship applications in bulk.  Note,...

An illustration shows a figure of a person with a blue shirt and blue pants crossing their arms as they stand among a group of four silhouetted people talking. Illegible speech bubbles representing their thoughts float in the air above them.

Off-Third: Why everyone at NYU is more talented than you are

Imposter syndrome doesn’t exist. You’re just not the smartest or the most talented or even the nicest person at NYU. (Off-Third is WSN’s satire column.)
Abe Shapiro, Contributing Writer April 19, 2022

First-year NYU students, plagued by insecurity and inexperience, often doubt their merit as members of the Violet community. In fact, a large portion of these first-years claim...

An illustration divided vertically into two sections. The left side shows two men and three women in suits against a gray background. The vertical right side has the words “NYU Publishing Panel Event” and “Learn More” against a purple background.

Opinion: NYU’s publishing program needs to diversify 

Representation matters in all avenues — including the professors and guest lecturers in the classroom.
Mika Chipana, Contributing Writer April 14, 2022

I am sure that all NYU students feel this way, but I honestly believe that I am in the best program offered by the university. NYU’s Masters in Publishing program lets us learn...

An illustration of an NYU transcript with a W grade for one course.

Opinion: For students’ health, a W grade on a transcript should be expungeable

The rigidity of the withdrawal policy may push students to prioritize grades over health.
Sophie Moller, Contributing Writer April 13, 2022

If a student withdraws from a course after the add/drop period, a W will appear on their transcript. According to guidelines from the NYU Division of Student Affairs, students...

The exterior façade of a college building with golden doors and clear decorated windows as the sun shines on half of the building and people walk on the sidewalk.

Opinion: NYU CAS shouldn’t require a foreign language

Forcing students to take four semesters of one language eliminates other avenues of educational exploration and wastes students’ resources.
Matthew Franco, Contributing Writer April 12, 2022

I honestly couldn't tell you what I learned in my Spanish classes. I can remember “me llamo,” “porque” and a couple of funny curse words. I can remember all the skulls...

On an easel, a poster with a dark purple background reads in pink font: “Donate up to 3 meal swipes per day at the following dining halls.” Below in white font, one under the other, it reads: “Downstein, Jasper Kane Cafe, Kosher Eatery, Marketplace at Kimmel, NYU Eats at Lipton, Peet’s Coffee, Palladium, NYU Eats at Third North.” Next to the easel the door of Kimmel Marketplace is open and a dining hall worker is seen in the back.

Opinion: NYU’s Swipe it Forward meal donation program could be great

The meal swipe donation program aims to combat food insecurity in our community, but its inconsistency and confusing logistics are hindering its potential.
Holly Kase, Contributing Writer April 7, 2022

We live in an expensive city, which means eating doesn’t come cheap. A 2019 NYU study surveyed 257 NYU students and found that 41% were experiencing food insecurity. That’s...

The atrium of Bobst Library as seen from its lobby. Visitors walk in and out of the building.

Opinion: Bobst Library is falling apart

Bobst is an iconic library, but it needs to be modernized so that it looks as good on the inside as it does on the outside.
Hannah Kim, Contributing Writer April 6, 2022

With springtime comes throngs of bright-eyed, turquoise-nametag-wearing high schoolers who can be seen sauntering around NYU’s campus. They’ll make stops at the Kimmel Center...

A group of protesters march through Chinatown. In the middle of the frame, one protester holds a cardboard sign with the words “Stop Asian Hate Crime” painted in thick black letters.

Opinion: Student gov’t statement supporting minority students falls flat, again

The Student Government Assembly's statement in support of NYU's Asian American and Pacific Islander population is a performative extension of support that lacks real action.
Jack Li, Contributing Writer April 4, 2022

On March 12, NYU’s Student Government released a statement in support of the university’s Asian American and Pacific Islander community and offered recommendations for addressing...

An illustration of a megaphone with a red handle. Written in orange on the megaphone are the words “Staff Rants.”

Staff Rants: NYU’s new masking requirements

Our staff shares their thoughts on NYU’s updated masking requirements.

On the case for old rules:  Srishti Bungle, Opinion Editor I think it’s a bad idea to go easy on the masks right now. The new BA.2 variant of omicron is already responsible...