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The Housing Guide


Spring 2024

Letter from the Editors

We remember the feeling of walking into our first apartment — the smell of fresh paint, empty walls ready to be a canvas for endless decor and the sense of independence that comes with moving out of our college dorms.


Finding the perfect place and then making that place feel like a perfect home can be a daunting task — from stalking StreetEasy listings to hunting for the right furniture to fit into our New York City shoebox apartments, we know how difficult, yet worthwhile the off-campus housing process can be. We hope this edition of the WSN Under the Arch housing guide can alleviate some of the stress and assist you with finding your very own apartment.


This Under the Arch magazine would not have been possible without the help and support from the rest of the WSN staff. A huge thanks to Carmo Moniz, Gillian Blum, Emily Genova, Yezen Saadah, Juliana Guarracino, Andrea Lui, Sara Sharma, Shiphrah Moses, Julia Diorio, Anna Baird-Hassell, Katherine Welander and Tina Nejand, for helping write and edit the articles. Krish Dev and Alisia Houghtaling, we are so grateful for your work in coordinating the multimedia for this issue. Our deepest gratitude to Karina Rower and Mikaylah Du — your design skills and eye for detail are immaculate, and we couldn’t have done this issue without y’all. 


WSN is able to thrive due to your readership. Thank you for supporting us through another edition of our UTA magazine and another issue in print.

Manasa Gudavalli, Editor-in-Chief

Samson Tu, Magazine Managing Editor

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